AeroPress Review

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The fact that you have found your way to this article is probably a good indicator that you have already seen an AeroPress in action or at the least are curious about this strange contraption. Perhaps you have seen your run-of-the-mill hipster boasting one of these on Instagram, or a hiker brewing with one in the rugged outdoors. This utterly unique coffee brewer has rapidly become both a staple for many committed coffee lovers and an icon of the specialty coffee movement.

So whether you are already in the know or know next to nothing, we want to introduce you to the world of AeroPress. Our goal in this AeroPress review is to help you understand the AeroPress and to figure out whether this coffee maker might be the next step on your coffee journey. 

Aeropress- Our Verdict

The AeroPress is an excellent single-serve coffee maker ideal for the traveler, hiker, or general coffee lover keen to try something new. It is easy and fun to use, portable, and best of all can make some superb-tasting coffee!

Classic Aeropress

What Is An AeroPress?

So what is an AeroPress and where did it come from? Well, the AeroPress is basically a manual brewer (non-electric) that produces coffee that sits somewhere between Espresso and French Press. The AeroPress is made up of three main components; a plunger and seal, a brewing chamber, and a filter cap. When fitted together these components look and act like a giant syringe. 

AeroPress Components

The coffee is extracted by a mixture of contact or ‘steeping’ time between the coffee grinds and hot water, and pressure. While there are about a billion variations, the basic coffee brewing method for the AeroPress is fairly simple. Fine ground coffee is placed into the brewing chamber (whether normal way up or inverted), hot water is added for a period of time, and then the plunger is gently pushed down forcing the hot water through the coffee grinds and paper filter into the cup or carafe. 

This unique coffee maker was the brainchild of Stanford University Lecturer and Inventor Alan Adler. Adler has more than 40 patents to his name in fields as wide-ranging as optics, electronics, aerodynamics, and of course coffee brewing. The AeroPress came into existence in 1994 as a result of Adler’s quest for a brewer that could make strong coffee in a short period of time and that was aimed at single serves rather than large batches. Needless to say, we believe Adler absolutely nailed his goal!

In fact, the AeroPress has become so popular in the world of specialty coffee that there is even an annual world AeroPress Competition!!

AeroPress Models

In the past year, Aeropress has added a couple of extra brewers to their lineup. While they all have the same design, each has its unique selling point.

Classic AeroPress

The classic AeroPress is constructed from Polypropylene with a light grey tint and white lettering. It has a 295 ml / 10 oz capacity and comes with the AeroPress coffee maker, a scoop, a stirrer, and a set of 100 paper filters. Notably, the most recent model no longer includes the filter holder and funnel in the box.

AeroPress Go

Aeropress Go

The AeroPress Go, introduced in mid-2019, is a compact version of the AeroPress that is designed specifically to be used for travel. The main differences between this and the original brewer are that it has a smaller brew chamber, and a travel mug that connects to the AeroPress, and all the parts now fit together more compactly. So if you intend to use your AeroPress primarily for travel then the AeroPress Go is worth at least considering.

AeroPress Clear

Aeropress Clear

In 2023, the AeroPress Clear made its debut, featuring a more visually appealing design. Crafted from shatterproof Tritan, it emulates the look of glass without fragility, allowing coffee lovers to watch while they brew coffee. This sleek AeroPress is not only display-worthy but also rugged enough for on-the-go use. Additionally, the AeroPress Clear is both resistant to staining and dishwasher-safe. Despite its striking appearance, there are a couple of drawbacks to note: it carries a slightly higher price tag and offers fewer accessories compared to the original model.

AeroPress XL

Aeropress XL

Finally, there is the AeroPress XL, a much-anticipated brewer that coffee enthusiasts have been waiting for. This version retains the iconic Aeropress design but boasts double the capacity, making it ideal for serving multiple cups of coffee. The AeroPress XL is basically the same as the original model but everything is bigger. It has a 590 ml / 20 oz capacity and comes with a 20 oz carafe made from Tritan.

AeroPress Review

Why We Love The AeroPress

There are a lot of reasons to love the AeroPress. Here are a few of the reasons it has become one of the most popular coffee makers in the specialty coffee world.

Easy To Use Yet Hard To Master

One of the things that I have come to most appreciate about the AeroPress is that it is remarkably easy to start getting good results. I purchased an AeroPress a while back but had hardly used it, so decided that this would be the summer of the AeroPress. It was the only coffee brewer I took on holiday with me and I tried to use it at least once or twice a day for the Christmas period. And what I loved, was that literally from my first attempt I was able to brew coffee that tasted good and that I enjoyed. And that is part of the genius of the AeroPress; that it is simply easy to use even for those who are completely new to it. 

However, and this is another reason that the AeroPress is so great, while the Aeropress is easy to use it is surprisingly hard to master. My experience was that while it was easy to make good coffee with it, it actually took a lot of hard work and careful experimentation to make great coffee with it. As well as being easy to use, this is a great device to play around with if coffee is your thing! The AeroPress is simply fun to use and can transition almost too easily from coffee maker to hobby. 

This makes it a great coffee brewer for a wide range of people from those who are new to specialty coffee to professional baristas and those heavily invested in coffee.

Brewing with an Aeropress

Can Produce Delicious Coffee

Of course, this is what really makes or breaks any brewer. If the coffee doesn’t taste good then any other advantages or strengths are merely incidental. So does AeroPress coffee taste good? And what might it be comparable to?

This is actually a surprisingly hard question to answer because of the sheer amount of ways it can be used. To give you a sense of its flexibility, the coffee expert James Hoffmann produced a set of AeroPress dice which could produce a staggering 7,776 different AeroPress recipes all of which would taste at least slightly different. So it does depend in particular on which recipe you choose to use.

So caveat aside, what does AeroPress coffee taste like? Well, when brewed with a short brew time (as I recommend) it is most similar in taste and texture to pour over coffee. Because it also uses a paper filter, it produces a very clean cup of coffee with no silt, few coffee oils, and a texture that is almost similar to tea. The brewed coffee is very light and bright and is particularly good at showcasing the different flavor profiles of single-origin coffees. So I used a range of both Ethiopian and Columbian beans over the summer and was able to produce some coffees that I found delicious and which were comparable to say a Kalita Wave

However, if you use a recipe with a longer brew time the resulting AeroPress coffee comes out more like French Press coffee which is a lot stronger, richer, and heavier. Particularly if you choose to use a metal filter rather than a paper filter the coffee will be very similar to French Press with both some silt and more of the coffee oils. See our article on AeroPress filters for a guide to the most popular paper and metal filters.

So can it brew delicious coffee? Well, its global popularity is probably a good clue to the answer to that question. Its flexibility means that however you like your coffee, chances are that the AeroPress brewer can do it. So yes absolutely the AeroPress can and does produce superb coffee.

Is Portable And Durable

Another reason that I love the AeroPress is that you can literally take it almost anywhere. It is made of BPA-free polypropylene which is basically strengthened plastic, that is nearly unbreakable. This makes it a great brewer either for traveling or camping. It is relatively light, can fold up small, and because it is plastic won’t crack and can deal with a fair amount of wear and tear. There are even hand grinders, like the 1Zpresso Q2, designed to fit into the AeroPress so that you can grind coffee beans on demand wherever you and your AeroPress find yourselves. 

Inverted Aeropress

This makes it a great coffee maker to own not just for home use but also for business trips, camping trips, or just visiting those relatives who don’t know how to properly brew coffee. It is also intentionally designed to be able to be used in places where you have minimal gear, all you need is hot water and fine ground coffee. The plunger doubles (surprisingly well) as a water pourer and the brewing chamber has numbers along the side so that you can figure out how much hot water to add even if you don’t have scales on hand. 

I took this on various road trips and camping trips and was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to use with next to no additional gear. This is perhaps the go-to coffee maker for the coffee lover when you need to brew coffee away from the comfort of your home. 

Easy To Clean

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable moments of using an AeroPress is ironically the cleaning process. This seems utterly counter-intuitive even as I write it. But it’s true. Cleaning the AeroPress is literally so easy that it brings a strange satisfaction, especially if you are used to cleaning an espresso machine or even a French Press. Once you have finished brewing the coffee, you hold the AeroPress over a rubbish/compost bin, take off the filter cap, and then push down the plunger. The coffee and used filter paper are then ejected as a puck into the bin (which is somehow immensely satisfying!). You then simply leave the brewing chamber and plunger together, run the rubber seal under hot water, and leave it out to dry. 

Aeropress Puck

This is my usual cleaning process and then maybe once a week or fortnight I would take the rubber seal off the plunger and wash each of the components in hot soapy water. And so the AeroPress is just really convenient in how easy it is to clean.

Quick To Use

This leads to another thing that I have come to love about the AeroPress which is that it is quick to brew with. Now the exact length of time it takes will depend on several factors such as whether you grind your beans (highly recommended!), what type of grinder you use (hand or automatic), and which recipe you choose to use. So for me, I found it took around five minutes to brew coffee, from grinding the beans in a hand grinder to clean up. If you use an automatic grinder or pre-ground coffee beans then you could realistically be done in under 2-3 minutes! This makes it a great coffee maker for when you are short on time as well as when you have the time to play. 

Very Affordable

Finally, the AeroPress is simply as cheap as chips. This is a huge advantage over say an espresso machine which can easily cost up to $500 for a decent entry-level machine. In the box, you get the AeroPress coffee maker, a scoop, a stirrer, and a number of paper filters. This is an affordable coffee maker even for those who are on a strict budget. This is also helped by the fact that, while they help, you really can get away with minimal extra coffee gear with the AeroPress. This is quite different from say a Pour Over which requires a gooseneck kettle, coffee scales, and a burr grinder at a minimum. 

The AeroPress is an affordable way to brew coffee for almost anyone and acts as a great doorway into the world of specialty coffee. 

What We Don’t Like About the AeroPress

So what don’t I like about the AeroPress? Well, as hopefully the rest of the article has shown, not much. Overall, I have come to deeply appreciate and enjoy the AeroPress. However, while I have next to no complaints, there are a few aspects of using it that some people might not love.

Requires Focused Attention

Some people may not love how much effort is required to brew coffee with an AeroPress. Unlike some coffee brewers such as a Keurig or French Press, the AeroPress really does require your complete attention throughout the brewing process. You can’t just push a button and go do some other things but instead, need to be focused on the brewing process. This might be one negative for people who usually brew coffee on the run.

Takes Hard Work To Get The Best Results

The other negative for some people is that the AeroPress is designed to be played and experimented with. This means that while it can easily make a relatively good cup of coffee, if you want the best results you need to put in the effort. So for those looking primarily for ease and consistency, the AeroPress may not be the best option.

Only Single Serve

Another limitation of the AeroPress is that it really is a single-serve coffee maker. It works a treat if you are making a cup of coffee just for yourself, but is rather annoying if you are trying to make coffee for multiple people. My experience is that it can brew coffee for two at a stretch, but any more than two requires multiple batches which takes extra time and effort. However, AeroPress has recently released the Aeropress XL with twice the capacity. So if you are looking for a coffee maker for larger groups of people then the AeroPress XL is the way to go, or you could opt for something like a French Press.

Aeropress Coffee

AeroPress Review

So who should buy an AeroPress? Well based on my experience I would say that the AeroPress is for coffee enthusiasts who enjoy playing around with coffee gear. If this sounds like you then chances are that, like me, you will come to love the AeroPress. It is fun to use, satisfying to experiment with, and can make a delicious cup of coffee. 

The other main type of person the AeroPress might appeal to is the coffee lover who is looking for a coffee maker to take traveling or camping/hiking. This is the go-to coffee maker to brew coffee on the go. It is portable, sturdy, and can be used with minimal other gear. 

So if you fit the bill for either of these categories or are simply looking to expand your coffee arsenal, then the AeroPress is likely for you.

Aeropress and Accessories

How to Use the AeroPress

Because this is a review rather than a how-to guide, I will not go in-depth into how to use it. If you want a more comprehensive guide see our article on how to use an AeroPress. But a great and simple place to start is James Hoffmann’s video:

Extra Attachments for the AeroPress

Another great feature of the AeroPress is that there is now a whole range of different accessories that can be used with or alongside the AeroPress. The following are some of the most popular among coffee enthusiasts.

Fellow Prismo

Fellow Prismo

The Fellow Prismo is a pressurized valve that connects to the brewing chamber of the AeroPress instead of the plastic filter cap. It works similarly to a double-walled or pressurized portafilter basket and increases pressure to brew coffee that is more like espresso. It also comes with a metal filter that is actually really helpful for AeroPress if you like your coffee with more of the coffee oils. However, it is worth noting that while the Prismo does create stronger coffee it is still a long way from Espresso. Nonetheless, the Prismo can be a nice addition to change up the way you use your AeroPress.

Puck Puck Cold Brew Attachment

Puck Puck Cold Brew Attachment

Another great attachment is the puck puck cold brew adapter. This is an attachment you connect to the top of the brewing chamber which makes cold-brew coffee for you. The way that it works is that you put your ground coffee in the brewing chamber and cold water in a vessel above connecting it to the Aeropress with the puck puck attachment. The adapter allows the cold water to slowly drip over the ground coffee creating a rich and smooth cup of cold brew in 2-3 hours. Again this is a great way to change things up and try something new. Alternatively, you can try this Aeropress Cold Brew Recipe.

Able Disk Filter

Aeropress metal filter

If you are a fan of a rich and smooth cup of coffee similar to a French Press, you will want to invest in a metal AeroPress filter. The Able Disk is one of the most popular options. Made of high-quality stainless steel, the disk fits perfectly into the AeroPress cap.

The company produces two filters; the standard which is thicker and more robust, and the fine, which is thinner with smaller holes. The standard is your typical metal filter, while the fine filter produces a cleaner cup with less sediment. These two filters can be purchased together for an affordable price.

AeroPress- The Final Verdict

Well, I hope that you have found this review useful in helping you decide if the AeroPress might be the right coffee maker for you. This iconic coffee maker is versatile, portable, fun to use, and best of all really can make a rich and smooth cup of coffee!

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