Welcome to The Coffee Folk!

Hey there, our names are James and Amy Hyslop and this website is the next step in our journey of passion (and perhaps addiction) for great coffee! Our love for coffee began soon after getting married and quickly grew into the active hobby of trying out as many cafes as we could in the elusive quest for the perfect coffee. This hobby quickly rose to a whole new level as we moved to Melbourne and came to realise why this city is renowned for its coffee scene!

It was really at this stage that we began to ask what was stopping us from having barista quality coffees at home! While we love taking the kids out to a café (and still do!) why couldn’t we have great well-brewed coffee sitting on the couch at home, or made into a KeepCup for that long road trip? And so we bought our first proper espresso machine and began the exciting, challenging, sometimes frustrating but very rewarding journey of brewing great coffee at home. We can still remember with amusement those first few attempts when our lattes looked more like milkshakes, and our best attempts were on par with cheap instant coffee. And while we haven’t arrived yet, thankfully we have made progress and have only grown in our love for everything coffee.

But while we love coffee for its taste, it is also more than that to us. Great coffee to us is about memories made, time spent with those we care for, and the journey as much as the destination. Our Mission for this site is to ignite in you a greater passion for coffee and help you on your journey to the perfect home brew. All the content that you will find on this website has been written by us. As fellow coffee lovers we try where possible to try out the various coffee gear and write out of our own experience. However, this is not always possible and so we also rely on online feedback from real customers and do the research so that you don’t have to! We want to share our love of and journey with coffee with you and as part of that we want this to be a website you can trust.

Whether you are just beginning your coffee journey or have been on it for years we will do our best to make this a website that:

  • Gives you quality reviews of a wide range of coffee and brewing gear
  • Helps you to grow in your skills and expertise in brewing great coffee at home
  • Kindles and develops your love for great coffee 

So if you love great coffee, are passionate about brewing it, and want to grow and develop in your coffee journey then this site is for you. 

Happy Brewing!

James and Amy Hyslop