Brewista Smart Scale II

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The Brewista Smart Scale II fills the gap in the scale spectrum between affordable entry-level models and the feature-packed premium models. The Brewista Smart scale is a competent scale that has been designed with espresso in mind but can be utilized for manual brewing methods as well. It is compact, affordable, water-resistant, and has multiple modes for use. 

About Brewista

Brewista was founded in 2014 by a group of engineers and coffee enthusiasts. The company focuses on designing and producing innovative coffee gear. Most of their range is focused on the specialty coffee movement, so they make gear like gooseneck kettles, scales, hand grinders, and accessories. Their scale line-up has the basic Brewista Ratio Scale and then the more advanced Brewista Smart Scale II, which we will be reviewing. 

Brewista Smart Scale II Review

Brewista Scale


  • Dimensions: 12.7 x 10.7 x 1.8 cm
  • Weight: 230g
  • Capacity: 2000 g
  • Accuracy: 0.1 g
  • Units: grams or ounces
  • Battery: USB rechargeable
  • Easy to read backlit LCD and rechargeable battery
  • 6 easy to use modes


The Brewista Smart Scale has a practical design, where the function is prioritized over style. The scale itself looks pretty generic; the addition of the black silicone pad gives it a heavy-duty feel. 

And that is a word we would use to describe the Brewista Smart Scale- it is solidly built. The scale itself is coated in a water-resistant nano-coating. In addition, the silicone pad protects against heat and water. 

Being designed for espresso, the Brewista Smart Scale is compact enough to fit on a drip tray. Measuring 12.7 x 10.7 x 1.8 cm, it is comparable in size to the Acaia Lunar. While small in stature, the Brewista can still comfortably hold a Chemex or other brewer without obscuring the display or buttons. It comes with a clear protective case for storage or travel. Alternatively, the plastic case doubles as a weighing plate. 

The Brewista runs on a rechargeable battery that can last months with regular use. The battery is charged via a micro USB cable. The USB cable is not included with the scale, as Brewista assumes most of us have a bunch of them lying around. The only other thing of note about the battery is that it should not be overcharged (i.e. charged overnight), or it can be damaged. 

Brewista Scale


Despite the underwhelming exterior, the inside of the Brewista Smart Scale is packed full of features (hence the name ‘smart’). The ‘smart’ part does not refer to Bluetooth capability or ios/Android connectivity, instead the six weighing modes built into the scale. 

Weighing Modes

1. Fully Manual– user tares and starts/stops the timer manually.

2. Auto-tare and Auto-timer- scale tares automatically when the cup is placed on it and then starts the timer. There is a slight delay of 1-2 seconds in this mode before the timer starts, so you can line it up with hitting the start button on the espresso machine. 

3. Auto-tare and Manual timer- scale tares automatically when the cup is placed on it; the user starts the timer simultaneously to starting the shot.

4. Auto-tare only- scale automatically tares only; the timer is not active.

5. Auto-tare and Auto-timer with timer starting when liquid hits the cup- scale tares automatically when the cup is placed on it; however, the timer only starts after the first drops of liquid hit the cup.

6. Pour Over Brewing mode- Scale auto-tares when the brewer is placed on it. After adding coffee grounds, the user manually tares the scale, then starts pouring. The timer starts automatically when water hits the brewer.

Once you have finished brewing, the final time and weight remain displayed on the scale for a further 5 seconds before resetting. As you can see from the modes, the scale is aimed at espresso brewing with five espresso modes and only one manual brewing mode.

The Brewista Smart Scale has four buttons through which you navigate the different modes and functions. There is the on/off and Mode button on the left and the Tare and Timer button on the right. A split LCD screen in the middle displays the time on the left and the weight on the right. The mode and battery level are also indicated on the screen. The LCD screen itself has an orange backlight making it easy to read. The Brewista also has an auto-off function set at a default of 180 seconds but can be changed to 120 or 60 seconds or disabled entirely. 


When investing in a coffee scale, precision is the most important consideration. The Brewista Smart Scale is accurate down to 0.1g, giving you the accuracy required to dial in shots or perfect pour-overs. Scales often lose accuracy with temperature fluctuations; however, this is not the case with the Brewista scale due to the silicone pad that protects it. The Brewista scale does not start weighing until 1-1.5 grams have been added (in comparison, the Acaia Lunar reads after 0.1 grams) and has a maximum capacity of 2000g.

Asides from precision, the other key factor to consider is responsiveness. Basically, is there a time lag when the scale is in use? Any time lag can affect the accuracy of your brew. The Brewista Smart Scale slightly lags when manually taring, but the actual weight sensitivity is pretty good. Obviously, it is not on a par with the Acaia Lunar, which is a lot more expensive. If you are used to using the Lunar, you will find the Brewista Smart Scale is slower than the Acaia by about a second. Also, there is a slight lag when using the auto-timer. Surprisingly, the Brewista scale is faster at starting up than the Acaia. A time lag is a common issue with coffee scales and is somewhat expected at this price point. 

So overall, the Brewista Smart Scale is very accurate but has an adequate but slower operating speed. 

Who Is The Brewista Smart Scale For?

The Brewista Smart Scale is an affordable (if less attractive) alternative to the Acaia Lunar. This is an excellent option if you want an espresso scale but don’t need Bluetooth capability. It shares a lot of similar modes to the Acaia, is compact and water-resistant. 


  • Compact
  • Water-resistant
  • Accurate to 0.1g
  • Six weighing functions
  • Built-in timer


  • Slower response time than Acaia Lunar
  • Won’t display weight until 1-1.5 grams added

Final Verdict

The Brewista Smart Scale II is an excellent value scale. It offers accuracy down to 0.1 gram. Has a compact and water-resistant design. Offers a built-in timer and multiple different weighing modes. And above all, it comes at an excellent price point. Overall, a perfect option if you are looking for an espresso scale. Alternatively see our recommendations for the best coffee scale.

Brewista Scale

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