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As a coffee lover, there’s a good chance that you can rattle off at least two or three coffee franchises with household name recognition. Coffee is a billion-dollar industry, no matter where a company falls within the supply chain. The industry has a captive audience and devoted customers. 

In our Volcanica Coffee review, we discuss everything you need to know about this unique brand of coffee.

What Is Volcanica Coffee?

Volcanica Coffee founder and President Maurice Contreras recognized an immediate difference in the taste of coffee in the United States to his native country, Costa Rica. After back and forth trips between Costa Rica and the United States, Maurice discovered coffees in the US tasted a bit flat and bitter. In comparison, Costa Rica coffees were crisp with equitable flavors. 

Volcanica Coffee comes from all over the world; it turns out, some of the best coffee beans have a common thread—volcanic soils. There are also two other critical factors to cultivating a premium coffee bean, elevation, and climate. However, some coffee tree species produce a better bean if grown closer to the equator, where temperatures hover in the seventies and eighties.

Volcanica Coffee

Volcanica Coffee Review

No matter how you grow it, coffee is a delicate plant thriving in unique environments perched at the base or higher up on active volcanoes. This is the reason agricultural centers have centuries of cultivation on active conal volcanoes.

Understanding the Volcanica Coffee Selection Process

Volcanica Coffee carefully selects coffees from around the globe at specific elevations. Depending upon your coffee preference, altitude could be a determining factor since it’s a critical factor in the cultivation of coffee beans. For Volcanica Coffee, it means every farm is a certified grower, be it a fair trade producer, Jamaica Blue Mountain, organic, rainforest, or shade-grown.

Volcanica Fair Trade Coffee

Buying Volcanica Coffee

When it comes to shopping for coffee online, Volcanica Coffee designed its site for all audience types. Web visitors can scroll through a visual collage of categorical coffee interests for everyday coffee drinkers, environmentally responsible coffee drinkers, or the sophisticated coffee palate. Each section found on the homepage is listed below.

Volcanica Coffee

Selecting coffees by region allows you to choose the area that closely matches your desired taste. The same is true if you wished your favorite coffee bean or grower to hold some certification. The only difference is what credentials, or certifications, you would like coffee growers to have and how their coffee ranks. Just remember, all coffees sold by Volcanica Coffee hold a certification, whether it relates to sustainability, agricultural boards, or fair trade.

Volcanica Coffee Top Picks

To help you in your selection process Volcanica has a top picks list. From that list, you can review product descriptions and visit product pages of great interest to you. You can read reviews to help you with the selection process. But for some shoppers, it may all come down to price. To help you along, here is a breakdown of Volcanica’s top picks by region.

Volcanica Coffee by region

Africa And Arabia

Nineteen coffee varieties originate from the African and Arabian regions, priced for sale as low as $16.99 up to $39.99. The top two picks from this region are the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and the Kenya AA coffees. The Yirgacheffe coffee bean lists as Volcanica’s #1 Best Seller and earns a fair trade certification, while the Kenya AA Coffee is rainforest certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

The Americas

From the Pacific islands of Hawaii through Central America into South America, coffee has a long, robust history. From the Americas come 41 coffee beans ranging in price from $16.99 up to $129.99. Among those coffees, there are eleven that make Volcanica Coffee’s top pick list.

  • Brazil Estate Coffee trees are grown inside a nature preserve for wildlife animals and birds.
  • Bolivia Peaberry Coffee, Organic cultivation, and fair trade certified.
  • Colombia Geisha originates from Ethiopia and thrives at elevations of 4,900 to 6,200 feet.

The Caribbean

For two centuries, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee has held the title of the “Rolls-Royce of coffees,” according to Volcanica Coffee. Connoisseurs worldwide seek out the bean for its delicate richness and silky texture with nutty and floral notes. The coffee bean is carefully cultivated and infrequently harvested, further hindered by limited agricultural space for growing the bean.

Therefore making it the rarest and most expensive coffee bean in the world, selling for as little as $5.62 an ounce for a five-pound bag. For this list’s purposes, this bean sets a bean apart, warranting the notoriety it deserves. Of the seven Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee products, Volcanica’s selected two top picks with price points of $59.99 to $99.99. For a complete list of prices, visit Volcanica’s collection of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffees.

  • Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, Wallenford, 100% Certified
  • Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Gift Box Barrel, 100% Certified, Clifton Mount Estate, 8-ounce

Remaining Top Sellers in the Caribbean

Volcanica also has an affordable range of top-selling coffee beans coming out of the Caribbean. It should come as no surprise that 57% of the remaining Caribbean cultivated beans on Volcanica’s top seller list originate from Costa Rica—the home country for the Founder and President of Volcanica Coffee, Maurice Contreras.

  • Costa Rica Original
  • Costa Rica Coffee – Original
  • Costa Rica Decaf Tarrazu Coffee
  • Geisha Coffee Costa Rica
  • Guatemala Antigua
  • Guatemala Antigua Reserve Coffee, Dark Roasted
  • Nicaragua Mango Honey Process

Indonesian and Pacific

Volcanica’s final top pick originates out of Indonesia. A reasonably priced bean, starting at $19.99 up to $89.96, the Sumatra Mandheling Coffee is certified organic.

Volcanica Coffee An Excellent Online Option

No matter how you roast it, Volcanica Coffee has you covered. They offer a wide selection of beans from around the globe and have completed all the due diligence you need to make a final decision. They offer all the perks of shopping locally by roasting, packing, and shipping the same day to preserve the bean’s freshness and aroma for you. 

If you’re looking for a new brand of coffee, go no further than your living room to obtain the highest quality coffee bean with all the freshness and aromatics you seek by visiting Volcanica Coffee!

Volcanica Coffee

Happy Buying!

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