Toddy Cold Brew Review

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The Toddy Cold Brew System is a name that has become synonymous with cold brew, and for a good reason. This retro brewer dates back to 1964, when chemical engineer Todd Simpson created it. Since then, the toddy system has been used and loved by individuals and coffee shops alike. Thanks to its simple design, large capacity, and the delicious brew it produces.

Toddy Cold Brew

Large Capacity Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The Toddy cold brew system is one of the most popular cold brew coffee makers on the market. It is easy to set up, simple to use, and clean. It has a considerable capacity, yielding one to two weeks’ worth of cold brew at a time. This brewer has stood the test of time and is a worthwhile investment if you love Cold Brew.


The Toddy cold brew is a no-frills brewer that will certainly not win any design awards. Some users have gone so far as to call it an eyesore. But what it lacks in fashion, it makes up for in functionality. The kit consists of a plastic brewer (essentially a bucket) with a handle and a hole at the bottom, a rubber stopper, a lid, two reusable felt filters, and a glass carafe with a lid. 

The plastic brewer is sizable and will take up a decent chunk of counter space when in use. However, the silver lining is that the Toddy cold brew system can brew large batches of coffee at a time. The brewed coffee can be stored in the glass decanter in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. The decanter looks elegant and is easy to pour from (although some users report some spillage as you get to the bottom of the carafe). 

The Toddy cold brew system is straightforward to use. There are two main brewing methods; the Toddy Dual Filtration or the Toddy Classic. In short, the Dual Filtration method utilizes a paper filter in addition to the felt filter, which makes quick work of cleaning. We will go into the different brewing methods in more detail below.

The final thing to mention about the design is that some users have an issue with the rubber stopper. This needs to be carefully removed, ensuring the brewer is situated over the decanter, so you don’t end up with coffee spilling all over your bench. Some Toddy fans recommend decanting in the sink to prevent any mess. 

The Toddy cold brew system comes with unique felt filters explicitly designed for this coffee maker. The felt filters produce a perfect cup of coffee with next to no sediment. Each filter is reusable and can be used ten times or for up to 3 months. Additional filters can be purchased at an affordable price.

Toddy Cold Brew System
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs
  • Dimensions (W x D X H): 7.2 x 7.2 x 12.5 inches
  • Capacity: brews up to 48 ounces of cold brew concentrate
  • Time to brew: 12-24 hours


The Toddy Cold Brew system has a large capacity. They have two models: the standard one for home use or a larger one for commercial use. If you use 12 ounces of coffee to brew your batch, the Toddy will typically yield around 36 ounces of coffee concentrate. This needs to be diluted down before drinking. How many cups you get out of it will depend on how strong you like your coffee, but if you do the recommended 1 to 3 dilution, it comes to around 14 cups of coffee. 

Ease of Use

Perhaps the best thing going for the Toddy Cold Brew system is how simple it is to use. Anyone from the seasoned barista to the coffee newbie can produce a solid batch of brew. All that is needed is coarse coffee and room temperature water. There are two main brewing methods; the Toddy Dual Filtration or the Toddy Classic. 

Toddy Dual Filtration Cold Brew Method

This method uses both felt and paper filters and is the recommended method if you want an easy cleanup. It tends to produce slightly more cold brew per batch.

Coffee Measurements:

  • 12 oz. (340g) coarse ground coffee
  • 7 cups (1.65L) water


  • Insert the stopper into the bottom of the plastic brewer.
  • Wet the felt filter and insert it into the bottom of the brewer.
  • Open the filter bag and insert it into the brewer. 
  • Pour 12 ounces of coffee into the filter bag
  • Pour in 7 cups of water
  • Stir the grounds gently with a spoon
  • Twist the top of the bag to close it and place the lid on the brewer
  • Leave to steep at room temperature for 12-24 hours (the longer you leave it, the richer your coffee will be)
  • When brewing is complete, carefully remove the stopper and let the coffee concentrate drain into the glass decanter. 
  • Place the lid on the carafe and store the cold brew in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. 
  • Remove the filter bag with used grounds. Clean the brewer.

Toddy Classic Cold Brew Method

This is the original method, using only the felt filters. It produces a smooth concentrate with virtually no sediment. 

Coffee Measurements:

  • 12 oz. (340g) coarse coffee grounds
  • 7 cups (1.65L) water


  • Insert the stopper into the bottom of the container.
  • Wet the felt filter and insert it into the bottom of the brewer.
  • Add 1 cup of water to the brewer, followed by half the coffee
  • Slowly pour three more cups of water over the grounds in a circular motion
  • Wait a few minutes, then add the remaining coffee, followed by the last of the water.
  • Do NOT stir- as this can clog the filter.
  • Lightly press down on the grounds with the back of a spoon to ensure all the grounds are wet.
  • Leave to steep at room temperature for 12-24 hours
  • When the brew is complete, carefully remove the stopper and let the coffee concentrate drain into the glass carafe. 
  • Place the lid on the carafe and store the cold brew in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. 
  • Discard the used grounds and clean the brewer. 

Both these methods will produce a perfect cup of coffee. The Dual Filtration method is slightly superior, simply because the setup and cleanup are more straightforward. The Toddy cold brewing system can also be used to steep tea leaves for cold brew tea.

Quality of Cold Brew Concentrate

So now for the all-important question: how does toddy cold brew coffee taste? The Toddy cold brew system brews a rich and smooth coffee concentrate. This is largely due to the reusable felt filter which many users swear by. Given that the recipe calls for a whole 12 oz. bag of cold brew coffee beans, the resulting brew is strong and should be diluted before drinking. Toddy recommends 1 part concentrate to 3 parts water or milk

If you haven’t tried cold brew before, we highly recommend it. The long brew time and lack of heat mean that the coffee produced is sweet, smooth, and low in acid. This makes it an excellent option for those with a sensitive stomachs. 

Toddy Cold Brew System


Cleaning the Toddy cold brew system is a piece of cake. First, you dispose of the used grounds (these make excellent compost if you are into gardening). Then remove the felt filter and rinse or soak it in hot water. The felt filter should be stored in a sealable plastic bag in the freezer between uses to prevent any ‘off’ flavors from developing inside the filter. 

The brewing container, decanter, lid, and rubber stopper are all dishwasher safe. However, Toddy does recommend hand washing these parts for the most extended lifespan. And that’s a wrap!


The Toddy cold brew system retails at around $40. This is on the pricier side for a cold brew coffee maker, considering you can brew it in a mason jar or French press. But we would say it is worth the money. The Toddy is simple to use and produces a strong concentrate (which some cheaper brewers struggle with). The large batch size also means you don’t have to brew as frequently. We highly recommend the Toddy cold brew system for cold brew lovers.


There are a few alternatives to the Toddy Cold Brew System. For a complete guide, see our article on the best cold brew coffee makers.

Takeya Cold Brew

The Takeya Cold Brew is an entry-level cold brewing system. It has a simple, minimalistic design. The ground coffee sits in a mesh filter that is removed at the end of brewing. The coffee produced from this brewer is a fair bit weaker than what you get from the Toddy cold brew system but is still a good option for a beginner.

Oxo Cold Brew

The Oxo Cold Brew is another popular cold brew system. It is slightly easier to use with a brew release switch you can push to drain your coffee. This coffee maker also has a rainmaker top to distribute water evenly over the coarsely ground coffee and a reusable mesh filter. This is another excellent brewer, but it does only yield around 24 ounces of concentrate.

Toddy Cold Brew System- The Verdict

The Toddy Cold Brew System may not be much to look at, but it produces a great coffee. The cold brew concentrate is strong, rich and smooth- everything you are looking for! We highly recommend this coffee maker for the cold brew lover. It is durable, simple to use, and produces a large batch size. 


  • Creates delicious coffee
  • Simple to use and clean
  • Fair price
  • Large batch size
  • Uses reusable felt filters


  • Not aesthetically appealing
  • Takes up a lot of space
Toddy Cold Brew

How Do You Serve Cold Brew?

Cold brew coffee is usually brewed in a concentrated form, so it must be diluted before drinking. We recommend diluting one part concentrate with two to three parts water, milk, or ice.

There are hundreds of different ways to drink cold brew coffee. If you like black coffee, you can add 1 part concentrate to 1 part cold water and pour it over ice for an iced coffee. If Frappuccinos are your thing, you can add the cold brew to blended ice with a dash of milk and syrup. You could also use hot water if you are in the mood for a hot coffee. Alternatively, milk or milk alternatives like soy, almond, or oat milk make a delicious drink. You can add a dash of flavored syrup if you have a sweet tooth to sweeten it up. Toddy has a recipe guide here if you are after some ideas.

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