smeg Coffee Maker Review

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The smeg drip coffee maker is everything we have come to expect from smeg; it is elegant as anything, full of smooth curves, and highly functional. It is a retro coffee maker that somehow makes a statement about any kitchen it is placed in. It is filter coffee as it was meant to be.

And the long and the short of it is that if you love other smeg products you will probably love the smeg drip coffee machine. This coffee machine is officially part of smeg’s 50’s retro style range which encompasses fridges, kettles, washing machines, coffee machines and more. These stainless steel kitchen appliances are all intentionally vintage in design and seek to be ‘appliances that embody the glamour and rounded forms of the 1950’s.’

And whether or not this is the right machine for you, you cannot deny that the Smeg drip coffee machine is a stunning looking coffee machine. I mean what other coffee maker can you buy in pastel green? So who is the smeg coffee brewer for? Does it’s functionality match its aesthetic appeal? Does it make good coffee? Will it last?

These are a few of the questions we will seek to answer in this smeg drip coffee machine review. 

Smeg Coffee Machine

Coffee with elegance

This Smeg drip coffee machine is about the mingling of fashion and functionality. It is a reasonably high quality drip coffee machine that functions well, has good capacity, and looks stunning. It also makes nice coffee when paired with the good coffee beans.  

About Smeg

Smeg is a well known and reputable Italian company that specialises in domestic appliances. They are particularly associated with the chic retro style design that characterises their products. Chances are that perhaps on some home renovation show you have seen one of their distinctive pastel coloured bubble fridges. Alll of their products intentionally match, each typically with pastel and vibrant colours, curvaceous lines, and smooth edges. 

As well as aesthetics, smeg is known for reliable and consistent quality across its product lines. Because they are heavily invested in various kinds of kitchen appliances they know how to make products that will last. As Italians of course they love coffee and over time headed into this market. An interesting fact for the coffee lovers out there is that smeg actually purchased the renowned La Pavoni coffee making company in 2019.

Smeg Coffee Maker Review

Specifications of the Smeg Drip Coffee Machine

  • Dimensions: 14 1/4″ x 9 10/16″ x 10 1/8″
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Power: 1050W
  • Capacity: 10 cups 
  • Reservoir Capacity: 6 Cup
  • Keep Warm Function: 60 minutes
  • Available colors: cream, pastel blue, red, black, white, pink 

Design and Aesthetics Of The Smeg Coffee Machine

Probably the greatest distinction between this and other drip coffee machines is in the aesthetic appeal. Does it make nice coffee? Yes. Is it intuitive to use? Yes. But what really sets apart the smeg coffee maker from other coffee makers is the unusual shape of the exterior design which somehow conveys both retro vibes and futuristic elegance. The Smeg drip coffee maker simply is a stunning looking coffee machine that will particularly appeal to people already attracted to the smeg brand and smeg products.

The smeg drip coffee maker is made of an entirely stainless steel exterior and other high quality materials. As with most smeg appliances it comes in a range of bold and pastel colors (which is rather nice as few other coffee makers can be found in such a wide range). This adds an appeal to those who are trying to showcase a certain color in their kitchen and are looking for a coffee machine to match. Need a bold red coffee maker? Try the smeg. Need a pink coffee machine? The smeg may be just about your only option. What about pastel green? No problem. Need a pastel blue coffee maker? Smeg has you covered! Need a white coffee machine? Well smeg will do although there are certainly more white coffee brewers than red coffee brewers out there. You get the picture. 

It simply is a coffee machine which will compliment any kitchen or coffee bar

Taste and Quality Of The Coffee

So as always, the question we always come back to is, what does the coffee it brews taste like? Assuming you are using quality coffee beans that is? The drip coffee maker can look a million bucks, and be well built as well as anything, but if it doesn’t brew coffee that tastes nice then we may as well stick with instant (shudder!). And the basic consensus on this is yeah the Smeg machine can make good-tasting coffee. It isn’t the best of the best, that award has to go to the Technivorm. But if you get all your coffee brewing ducks lined up then yes it will brew coffee that you will enjoy. Alternatively, if the Smeg drip coffee maker is not for you then check out Above Average Coffee’s Drip coffee machine recommendations

The key as always is highly quality fresh coffee beans and a reliable burr grinder. If you pair those two variables with this retro coffee maker, you won’t be disappointed. Customers have commented that the taste of the hot coffee is clean, consistent, and smooth. 

Smeg Coffee Maker

Functionality Of The Smeg Drip Coffee Machine

Another key consideration when buying any drip coffee maker, is how intuitive is it to use.  A good test is the so-called ‘6 am test.’ Basically, it asks, could a bleary-eyed, slightly-irritated, just-rolled-out-of-bed version of me navigate this coffee machine at 6 am? And the answer for the smeg drip coffee machine is a clear yes. This is a very simple coffee machine to use with basic functionality. Most of the features are accessed through the small screen. There are a total of four buttons with two on either side of the screen as well as a switch on the side. In addition, this coffee maker utilizes a permanent filter. So there is no need to constantly stock up on paper filters and then dispose of them afterwards which can be a pain with other coffee makers.

The LED screen has a handy little backlight which isn’t too bright. It is through this screen that you can access the water level inside the pot, the time, if your water quality or water hardness is an issue, as well as the ‘keep warm’ and ‘aroma intensity’ functions. One of the nice features of the smeg in terms of functionality is that it does tell you the time and can be set to start warming up at a certain time (a real pro for the 6 am test!). 

The other thing worth noting regarding the functionality of the coffee maker is the question of maintenance. Drip coffee makers just like most things in life need care if you want them to last. There are two main aspects of this in terms of the smeg coffee machine, regular cleaning which isn’t too hard. And semi-regular descaling. The LED screen will notify you when the descaling is required and the process isn’t too arduous. 

Noteworthy Features Of The Smeg Coffee Maker

There are really two noteworthy features that come with the Smeg drip coffee machine. The first is the auto shut off or keep warm function. Basically, this means that for 60 minutes after your brew is finished, the warming plate under the coffee pot will retain heat and keep your coffee warm. So if you get caught up in some housework or a gripping episode of The Office and forget about your pot of coffee, no worries, as long as it is not over an hour it will still be hot and good to go. This is a fantastic feature for convenience especially if you like to make large pots of coffee and then drink them over some time. 

The other handy function to be aware of is that you can make a half-brew with the smeg. What that means is that if understandably you don’t need a full pot of coffee, you can set the machine to make a half-batch of 4 cups (which equates to 1-2 regular sized mugs). Again a nice feature to have. And for this feature it still uses the same permanent filter.

Smeg coffee maker review

DCFO2 vs DCF01 Smeg coffee maker Models

You might have read in a few other reviews conflicting accounts about how long the auto shut-off lasts, how loud the machine is, and functions around the clock. The reason for this is that there are actually two different models of the smeg coffee machine, the original model the DCF01, and the newer model the DCF02 which this article reviews. There were a number of common complaints that followed the older model. The most common of these was that the 20-minute auto shut-off was too short and that the beeping was too loud (probably a complaint by people trying out the 6 am test). 

To their credit smeg took these complaints seriously and released a new version of the Smeg drip coffee maker that sought to remedy these issues. The upgrades included: a 60-minute auto shut-off function, the option to turn sounds on or off, the option to switch the clock from 12 hour to 24 hour time, and a lid that opens more easily. And smeg seems to have done a good job of this. The newer model is clearly superior and does show the commitment of the company to interact with the experience of their customers. 

Summary: The Smeg Coffee Machine

So in summary the smeg drip coffee machine is a great drip coffee maker that functions reliably, makes good coffee, and simply looks stunning. So particularly if you are a homemaker who is in the pursuit of elegance without compromising on quality, the smeg drip coffee maker might be the brewer for you. 

If you already like or own other smeg appliances but have some concerns about the quality of this one, then rest assured, if you do your part and put good coffee in, you will get good coffee out. 


  • Looks amazing
  • Comes with automatic shut-off feature
  • Is very easy to use and maintain
  • Makes nice coffee


  • Fairly expensive 
  • Limited features
  • Large footprint
Smeg Coffee Maker

Happy buying!

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