Nespresso Lattissima

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The Nespresso Lattissima series contains a range of machines that feature one-touch brewing and automatic milk frothers. Within the lineup are the Nespresso Lattissima One, Lattissima Touch, Lattissima Pro, and the Gran Lattissima. These machines allow you to produce the perfect latte or cappuccino with the push of a button, no skill required, making them great for beginners or the coffee lover wanting convenience.

We will look at the key features of the Nespresso Lattissima machines and then briefly look at the differences between the different models to help you decide if a Nespresso Lattissima is suitable for you and which one to opt for.

Nespresso OriginalLine vs VertuoLine

Within the Nespresso range, there are two lines of capsule-based machines. The first is the Original Line machines, which include the Nespresso Lattissima. These machines feature the original Nespresso technology, namely a 19-bar pump which is the key to perfectly extracting coffee from the capsules. The OriginalLine machines produce espresso-like coffee. The other advantage of the OriginalLine machines is that they are compatible with more affordable third-party capsules.

The VertuoLine machines feature newer technology, known as centrifusion, to spin the capsules at high speeds, which blends the coffee and produces thick, foamy crema. These machines make coffee in a range of sizes; both espresso-like coffee and drip-style coffee. There are 5 cup sizes- Espresso (40ml), Double Espresso (80ml), Gran Lungo (150ml), Mug (230ml), and Carafe (535ml). If you want the flexibility to brew a range of cup sizes it is better to opt for a VertuoLine espresso machine. The downside of these machines is that they use specialized Nespresso capsules with barcodes which the machine reads to tailor the flow and volume of water. As such these machines are only compatible with Nespresso brand capsules. 

Nespresso Lattissima


The Nespresso Lattisima series is one of the standouts among the OriginalLine range. These machines all feature integrated milk frothers which deliver frothed milk directly to the cup. The other main feature they offer is the ability to brew specialty drinks with the push of a single button. 

The machines all have a sleek, modern look and compact footprint. Being one of the more top-end models in the Nespresso range they are well-built with a premium finish. The Nespresso Lattissima comes in a variety of neutral colors; black, silver, and white to fit with most kitchen aesthetics. 

Ease Of Use

The Nespresso Lattissima machines utilize a capsule-based system to produce coffee, which is simple and convenient. The machines take around 40 seconds to warm up (although some of the more premium models are faster than this). To brew a cup of coffee you simply insert a coffee capsule, fill the milk reservoir, and select which type of beverage you want. With the push of a button, the espresso machine will produce a perfect cup of coffee and deliver frothy milk directly to your cup. 


The Nespresso Lattissima machines all produce a range of one-touch beverages. The more basic machines in the series will produce an Espresso (40ml), Lungo (110ml), Cappuccino (90ml), or Latte Macchiato (165ml). While the more premium range offers a larger number of drinks including Flat Whites, Lattes, and Warm Milk. While all the beverages are pre-programmed, they can be reprogrammed according to your tastes.    

The espresso produced is not authentic espresso, but very similar to it. The 19 bar pump helps extract the delicate flavors and premium aromas from each coffee capsule. There are a huge variety of coffee capsules available in different intensities and flavors. The other advantage of the Nespresso system is that it is easy to produce consistently good coffee, which isn’t always the case with a traditional espresso machine. 

Milk Frothing

The Nespresso Latttissima machines all come with a removable milk container known as a rapid cappuccino system. This one touch milk system will automatically heat and froth the milk to the desired level before adding it to the cup. After use, the milk container can be removed and any leftover milk stored in it in the fridge.

While the milk frother is easily operated, the foam produced lacks quality when compared to that produced with a manual steam wand. With the Nespresso Lattissima machines, you get thick, frothy milk rather than micro-foam.

If you are wanting a Nespresso machine to produce more cafe-style milk it would be better to opt for one in the Nespresso Creatista range. These have automatic steam wands, known for producing superb quality micro-foam milk. 

Nespresso Lattissima Milk Frother

Cleaning/ Maintenance

Like most capsule machines, the Nespresso Lattissima machines are fairly easy to clean and maintain. The drip tray and used capsule container need to be emptied and cleaned on a regular basis. The water tank should also be rinsed and refilled regularly. 

The Rapid Cappuccino System can be difficult to maintain. Thankfully all the components are safe to wash in a dishwasher. Nespresso recommends that the Rapid Cappuccino System be washed in the upper level of the dishwasher at least twice a week. If you do not have access to a dishwasher the components can be washed by hand, which Nespresso recommends be done daily. If done by hand all the components should be soaked in hot, soapy water for 30 minutes then washed and dried before being reassembled. 

Descaling is the other task that must be performed on a regular basis. Nespresso recommends this be done every 3 months or 300 capsules used. The Lattissima machines all have a descaling alert (an orange light) to notify you when this is due. Descaling is fairly straightforward as all the Nespresso Lattissima machines have a descaling program. The only thing to note is that this process takes around 20-30 minutes to complete. See our article on Nespresso Descaling for an in-depth guide to how this is done. 

Nespresso Lattissima Models

There are four different models in the Nespresso Lattissima series which we will outline below.

Nespresso Lattissima One

  • Dimensions: 6.1 x 12.8 x 10.1”
  • Removable Water Tank: 33.8 oz
  • Used Capsule Container Capacity: 8-10 used capsules
  • Milk Container: 165ml / 5.57 fl oz 
  • Beverages: Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato

The Nespresso Lattissima One is the base model in the series and the best-value machine. The Lattissima One has a compact footprint and a premium design with subtle gloss and matte line patterns. It comes in two elegant colors: White and Black. The espresso machine warms up in just 25 seconds if you are brewing espresso or 40 seconds for milk beverages. 

The Nespresso Lattissima One has a unique milk system compared to the other models. The milk carafe is single-serve with markings on the side to indicate the quantity required for each beverage. Once you have selected your drink the machine will automatically froth the milk directly into the cup. This system uses all the milk in the jug, meaning there is no milk wastage. And when it comes to clean up, the milk carafe is dishwasher safe, which is a bonus. 

The Lattissima One has a simple operating system, with three buttons to select either espresso, lungo, or a milk drink. While it doesn’t offer the scope of drinks some other models offer, the Lattissima One will easily churn out an Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, or Latte which covers most of the bases. Overall, we think the Nespresso Lattissima One is the best value machine in the range, offering a range of drinks to cater to most needs.

Nespresso Lattissima Touch

  • Dimensions:10.2 x 13.5 x 8.1”
  • Removable Water Tank: 30 oz
  • Used Capsule Container Capacity: 10 used capsules
  • Milk Container: 0.35L / 11.8 oz
  • Beverages: Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Hot Milk, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato

The Nespresso Lattissima Touch offers many of the same key features as the other machines in the line-up. A fast 40-second heat-up, a removable milk jug with a knob to adjust milk froth texture, and a one-touch system for brewing different drinks. The Lattissima Touch offers six different beverage options including Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte, and Hot Milk. 

The machine comes in three sleek colors; black, silver, and white. The Lattissima Touch is a mid-range machine that doesn’t really have any special features to elevate it above other models. It offers a wide range of one-touch beverages and has a large milk carafe so you can make multiple drinks back-on-back.

Nespresso Lattissima Pro

  • Dimensions: 7.6 x 13 x 10.8”
  • Removable Water Tank: 43 oz
  • Used Capsule Container Capacity: 13 used capsules
  • Milk Container: 0.5L /16.9 oz
  • Beverages: Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Hot Milk, Hot Water

The Lattissima Pro is one of the more premium models in the range, with several distinctive features. The first is that the Lattissima Pro offers a wider range of beverage options, with seven different options; Lungo, Espresso, Ristretto, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Warm Milk, or Hot water. There is a button for each of the seven beverage options on the display, providing one-touch control. 

The Lattissima Pro comes with a detachable milk jug that has a knob on the top allowing you to adjust the milk froth texture according to your preferences. It is also equipped with a touchscreen, which makes it easy to select and program your favorite drinks. The Lattissima Pro is slightly larger than some of the other Lattissima models and comes in only one color;  brushed stainless steel. The machine takes 40 seconds to heat up. 

While the Lattissima Pro does have the advantage of a touchscreen, the benefits acquired from this are hard to justify the high price tag. 

Nespresso Gran Lattissima

  • Dimensions: 7.9 x 14.4 x 10.8”
  • Removable Water Tank: 33.8 oz
  • Used Capsule Container Capacity: 14 used capsules
  • Milk Container: 0.5L / 16.9 oz
  • Beverages: Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Caffe Latte, Flat White, Hot Milk, Hot Foam

Finally, we have the Nespresso Gran Lattissima, which is the top of the line machine. The Gran Lattissima has a stunning design and premium finish. The machine comes in two beautiful colors; white and black. It has a few unique design features including the fastest warm-up time, taking only 25 seconds. It also has a sliding drip tray allowing you to use different-sized cups. 

The Gran Latttissima offers nine different beverages; Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Caffe Latte, Flat White, Hot Milk and Hot Foam. These are all selected via a one-touch button on the top of the machine. The milk system creates the perfect foam for any drink whether it is a flat white or cappuccino. With a wide range of drink options, large milk carafe capacity, and stunning design this is a good option for a large household.

Which Lattissima Is Best?

So which Lattissima is the best? We think that the Lattissia One is the best value machine in the range. It is affordable, can produce a variety of beverages with the touch of a button, and has a modern design. 

Alternatively, if you are wanting a premium model, the Gran Lattissima is the top in its class. This beauty has a stunning design, offers a huge range of beverages, and has a large milk carafe capacity. However, it does come with a premium price tag.

Nespresso Lattissima | The Verdict

The Nespresso Lattissima machines focus on one thing; producing quality one-touch beverages. With the touch of a button, you can produce an espresso, latte, or cappuccino and the machine will even deliver frothy milk directly into the cup for you.

Given this, the machines are all geared toward being simple to use and require no skill. The downside of their design is that the automatic milk frother can be difficult to maintain and the quality of foam produced is lacking compared to some other models like the Nespresso Creatista. 

Overall though the Nespresso Lattissima range is a good option if you are looking for convenience and simplicity. Creating cafe-style drinks has never been easier.

The two stand-out machines in the range are the Latttisima One and the Gran Lattisima. The Lattissima One is affordable while producing a basic range of drinks. In contrast, the Gran Lattissima has a premium price tag but offers nine impressive drink options and a large capacity. Both these machines are well-built, have stunning designs, and will serve you well.


  • 19 bar pump pressure
  • Solid construction
  • Stylish design
  • Creates one touch milk drinks
  • Compatible with 3rd party capsules
  • Simple to use


  • Milk Frother difficult to maintain
  • Milk froth quality is not as good as other machines