Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker

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Who doesn’t love a good refreshing iced coffee!? Whether it is a hot summer’s day or a cool day in fall a good refreshing iced coffee somehow always hits the spot. The mix of that hit of caffeine, the milk and creamers, and the smooth finish is a deadly danger to the waistline and the wallet. 

But what if there was another way? Enter the Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker. This highly anticipated iced coffee machine has made some pretty ambitious claims. At the center of their advertising is the claim that this iced coffee brewer has the potential to replace your daily trips to Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts and so save hundreds of dollars each year. 

So does it live up to its claims? Can it really create refreshing iced coffee so good that you can kiss Starbucks goodbye? Is the coffee brewed really comparable to the local coffee shop?

Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker

The Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker has a small footprint, a sleek design and is simple to use. It is an affordable way to make a refreshing iced coffee in those summer months.

Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker Specifications

  • Dimensions :14.57 Inches (H) x 10 Inches (W) x 7.3 Inches (D)
  • Weight: 3.85 pounds
  • Capacity: 22 Ounces
  • Includes: Coffee grounds Scoop, Instruction Manual, Coffee Travel Mug, Removable Filter Basket
  • Colors: Matte Black, Cool Grey, Warm Burgundy, soft lavender
  • Coffee Type Used: Ground Coffee
  • Wattage Output: 700 watts
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Battery: No Battery Used
  • Care & Cleaning: Dishwasher-Safe Parts
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty. 

What is an Iced Coffee Maker?

An iced coffee maker is really a drip coffee maker that is specifically designed to drip hot coffee over ice. As such it is very similar to most drip coffee makers in design. An iced coffee maker will usually be composed of a water reservoir, a coffee grounds basket, and a high enough design to fit a tall tumbler underneath. 

The tumbler is filled with ice, and then the water saturates the coffee grounds and drips onto the ice cubes thus melting them and producing a perfect iced coffee. 

Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker Review 

General Overview

Mr Coffee is a coffee company that has been around for years now and produces a wide range of different coffee and espresso machines. The idea behind the Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker was an iced coffee maker that is affordable, compact, and quick to use

This is a single serve iced coffee maker and so is intended for individual use rather than larger batches of iced coffee. What really sets apart this iced coffee maker is what they have called their “rapid chill technology.” This is intended to help the coffee cool before it even hits the ice to ensure a cup of coffee that is actually ice cold rather than a disappointing tepid. 

The other major upside to the Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker is the speed in which it creates refreshing iced coffee. The entire process from when you hit the start button to when your own iced coffee is good to go is less than 4 minutes! This makes it incredibly convenient for the coffee lover who often finds themselves in a rush. 

It comes in four different designs to cater to different kitchen decors; Matte Black, Cool Grey, Warm Burgundy, and Soft Lavender. It is also intentionally compact to fit easily on most benchtops without dominating the counter space. It is also worth noting that many customers have loved the 22 oz. reusable tumbler that comes with the Mr Coffee iced coffee maker. This comes with a lid and straw and is great for using on the go! 

Ease of Use

One of the things that most appeals to me about the Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker is how ridiculously simple it is to use. Basically you add water, add coffee grounds, put some ice cubes in the tumbler and then push a button. That’s it. Wait a few minutes and you have a delicious cup full of ice cold coffee to get you through the day. The process is simple and foolproof. It also helps that Mr Coffee opted to go with a reusable nylon coffee filter rather than paper filters so you don’t even need to buy a supply of filters. 

Iced Coffee Maker

How to use the Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker

  1. Fill the tumbler with water to the water line and pour into coffee maker
  2. Place grounds basket in coffee maker and add 1 scoop of ground coffee
  3. Place spa free tumbler full of ice cubes under the spout
  4. Push start and wait for concentrated coffee to come out
  5. Add any additional milk, creamers, or sugar 

Quality of Coffee

So before you swear you will never need to go to Starbucks again, you probably need to know does it actually create brew flavorful iced coffee? Because if it doesn’t then it is simply a nice looking waste of space and money.

So how good is the coffee? And the answer is that by and large customers have loved the Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker. I suspect the reason for this is that it is a coffee machine that is really designed only to do one thing. It is not a multifunction coffee maker but instead an iced coffee maker.

And so the coffee produced by the Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker has been highly rated by most customers. Again the specific flavor will depend on the coffee beans you use, but customers have found the ice coffee maker gives consistent results, is as quick as advertised, and does produce coffee that is sufficiently cold. 

From a technical point of view it does also help that iced coffee tends to be more forgiving than hot coffee. So yes, it does create refreshing iced coffee. On the flavor of the coffee brewed, it is a massive tick.

Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker

Tips for making the Best Iced Coffee

So here are a few tips to make not only good coffee with the Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker, but coffee that can compete with the local Dunkin’ Donuts!

  • Use Filtered Water – Because iced coffee is mostly made up of water, an easy way to ensure high quality is using high quality water. So if possible, rather than using tap water, make sure the water used for the water and ice is filtered.
  • Make Large Ice Cubes – Part of the process of using the Mr Coffee is filling the tumbler with ice cubes. However, if you only use small ice cubes they will almost all be melted as the coffee drips down. As such customers have found that for better results make larger ice cubes so that there is still ice in your final drink.  
  • Use High Quality Coffee Beans – One of the reasons that Starbucks often tastes so much better than anything you make at home is that they use better coffee beans. So if you want iced coffee that really does taste top notch, don’t just invest in this iced coffee maker. But invest in some delicious coffee beans that you enjoy. In fact if starbucks is your thing then you can even buy a bag of ground coffee from them. The better the coffee used, the better your refreshing iced coffee will taste. Also if you are able to grind your coffee beans yourself then this too will add to the flavour.
  • Use Additives – there is something wonderful about a delicious cup of black iced coffee, cold brew style. However, for most people additives do help amplify the coffee experience. As such try different additives with your flavorful iced coffee. Try milk, try various creamers, try adding extra flavours. Find what you love. 

Summary of Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker 

So should you buy the Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker? And our answer is that if you are already spending more than you would like on refreshing iced coffee then absolutely! This iced coffee machine looks elegant, is operated simply, and is able to produce superb iced coffee.

It is a simple coffee machine with a simple purpose, to make flavorful iced coffee well. And we believe it does this. As we mentioned above the only thing we wish was different was that the tumbler does need to be hand washed. But that is a sacrifice we are willing to make! 

To Love

  • Incredibly simple to use
  • Very affordable
  • Can make delicious flavorful iced coffee 

Not To Love

  • Reusable tumbler isn’t dishwasher safe 

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