Mr Coffee Frappe Maker

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The Mr Coffee Frappe Maker is the ultimate solution to those thousands of dollars spent at Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Mcdonald’s. The Mr Coffee frappe is delicious, refreshing, smooth, and a serious competitor to any frappe you might get from the local chain.

This coffee maker from Mr Coffee is particularly vaunted as being the complete package for the coffee enthusiast. It is often termed the Mr Coffee Frappe 3 in 1 as it has capabilities to brew frappes, iced coffees, and hot coffee. 

It certainly promises much; hot well-brewed coffees, smooth and delicious frappuccino’s, and refreshing iced coffee. But does it live up to the hype? 

This review will examine and evaluate the Mr Coffee frappe maker and some of its key strengths and weaknesses. 

Mr Coffee Frappe Maker

This versatile frappe maker has a wide range of functions but particularly shines in the execution of frappuccino’s. It has a built-in blender and can brew frappe, iced coffee, and hot drip coffee. It is a one-of-a-kind machine that certainly isn’t for everyone but will appeal strongly to the frappe lover. 

Mr Coffee Frappe Maker Review

Mr Coffee Frappe Iced and Hot

When you unbox your Mr Coffee frappe hot and cold, one of the first things that will strike you is the thoughtfulness of the design. It is evident that the design decisions were carefully made with the customer in mind. 

Just a few of these decisions include the clear instructions on the blender and brew head, the intuitive coffee scoop and clip, the well-built double-walled tumblers, and the removable drip tray.

On the front of the machine, there are five clearly labeled buttons that control the functionality of the frappuccino maker. You have the power button on the top left, and beneath it, ‘hot brew’ and ‘over ice.’ Over ice is used for both iced coffee and frappes, while hot coffee, of course, is for hot drinks. The difference between these functions is simply that ‘over ice’ brews for a little longer. On the right, you have controls for the built-in blender and the option for either the automated blend or else to pulse it manually. 

Considering the range of drinks it can make, it is impressive how compact the Mr. coffee frappe maker is. It really isn’t huge (which you would expect with an inbuilt blender). This will easily sit on most countertops and benches. 

Similarly, the black exterior with gentle curves makes it easy to fit with most decors. However, if the black doesn’t do it for you, you can always opt for lavender, sake, navy blue, or cool gray. 

Finally, probably the best thing about the machine is the inbuilt blender. This is vital for homemade frappes but is surprisingly rare. The blender is well built, easy to operate, and designed for durability. The blender itself can quickly come off and click back in.

Does it make a nice Frappe? 

Probably the most asked question regarding this frappuccino machine is does it actually make a nice frappe? Because while it can do iced coffee and hot coffee, this coffee maker is clearly targeted at the frappe lover. I mean, it is even called the Mr Coffee Frappe Maker 3 in 1. 

If iced coffee was your thing, or you were looking for a generic drip machine, this probably shouldn’t be the coffee maker you are considering. 

So is the Mr Coffee frappe maker worth writing home about? And the answer is that it can be. What I mean by that is that, yes, this coffee maker can make a mean frappe, but that will in part depend on the quality of the ingredients used and the correct usage of the coffee maker. 

With high-quality ground coffee or coffee beans and extra additives, you can replicate almost any frappe with this machine, from the classic Mocha Frappe to a vegan cookies and cream frappe. In fact, on this page, Mr coffee gives the recipes to 10 different frappes, many of which will be familiar to you. 

Similarly, it has to be commented that the blender performs admirably. The automated ‘blend’ does a great job turning ice, coffee, and additives into a smooth and refreshing drink. 

Is it as good as Starbucks? Some would say yes. I personally would say no. I find those sorts of claims somewhat absurd for most home coffee makers. A home machine will seldom quite compare to a commercial level machine. 

However, this is not to detract from the Mr Coffee frappe 3in1. It is a superb frappe maker to create drinks at home which will save you a lot of money and hassle. It will still make you a thoroughly enjoyable frappuccino for those hot summer days. 

So is the Mr Coffee Frappe nice? Yes, it is. It is nothing short of delicious when using high-quality coffee, filtered ice, and the correct additives!

Mr Coffee Frappe Maker Feature Image

Does it make nice Hot and Iced Coffee? 

What about iced and hot? Part of the appeal and price tag comes back to the fact that this is a multifunctional coffee machine. Are the other two for show, or are they actually reliable? 

And again, the answer is surprisingly positive. The Mr Coffee frappe maker uses a very simple coffee brewing process. To brew, you open the top of the machine and add however much water you need. There are four clearly marked steps for 6, 8, 12, and 16oz. However much water you pour in will be how much coffee is brewed. The machine uses all the water you put in, which is a rather nice feature. From there, you simply put in the requisite amount of coffee in the reusable coffee filter, close the lid and push the brew button. 

The point is that the process is simplified to the point of being idiot-proof. It is pretty hard to stuff up the process, unlike many other coffee machines. 

The brew shower head seems to do a relative job of soaking the grind’s bed, making for an even extraction. And so the long and the short of it is that it produces relatively good coffee. Will it compete with a top-of-the-line Technivorm? Of course not. But it doesn’t need to. 

The iced and hot coffee, like the frappes, are still very nice and certainly drinkable. As noted above, the only thing you will have to watch is that when brewing hot coffee into a smaller cup, there may be splashing due to the height of the brew head. 

Using Mr Coffee Frappe Maker

How to Use the Mr Coffee Frappe Maker 

Rather than taking you step by step through how to make each of the three drinks (that is what a user manual is for!), I will simply outline the process to make a frappuccino, so you get the idea.

To make a frappe on this frappuccino machine is relatively straightforward. 

  1. Add water to the blender pitcher up to the marked line and pour into the reservoir
  2. Use the large side of the scoop to put two scoops of ground coffee into the filter basket
  3. Add milk to the pitcher up to the milk line 
  4. Add ice to the pitcher up to the ice line
  5. Place pitcher under brew head and push the ‘over ice’ button
  6. Once the coffee is finished dripping, add any coffee syrup or other additives
  7. Lock the pitcher lid and lock it onto the blender
  8. Push the blend button
  9. If further blending is needed, do so with the pulse button
  10. Pour into Mr coffee tumbler and enjoy!

It really is that simple. A few basic steps that are clearly marked and labeled, and you have a delicious frappuccino at your fingertips! So a big tick on the usability.

Who is the Mr Coffee Frappe 3 in 1 for? 

So who should consider investing in a Mr Coffee frappe maker? And the answer is really in the name. This is a coffee maker targeted at the frappe drinker. So if you are a regular at Starbucks for their frappes and feel the pressure on your wallet, then the Mr Coffee frappe is for you. 

While it is 3 in 1 coffee maker, it really is all about the cool drinks. Especially if hot coffee is your thing, then don’t buy this machine. There are far better and more affordable drip coffee makers like the Bonavita Coffee Maker, which will meet your needs. 

However, if you love iced coffee and love frappes, this is probably a sensible option. It is nice that it can do both iced and frappe, and it is also nice that it means that you won’t need to get out the kitchen blender every time you want a drink.

We would highly recommend the Mr Coffee frappe maker for the lover of iced coffee and frappes!


  • Coffee maker can make a range of different drinks
  • Very intuitive to use
  • Well made
  • Small footprint 
  • Brews coffee in under 4 minutes 


  • No beep or light to indicate brewing is over
  • Coffee can splash when not brewing into the tumbler
  • Some users have found this coffee machine messy to use

Alternatives to the Mr Coffee Frappe Maker 3in1? 

To be completely honest, there simply are not that many good home frappuccino makers on the market. There are some, but our pick for a frappuccino machine would always be the Mr coffee model.

So if you are looking for a suitable alternative, we would recommend investing in a decent drip coffee maker and then buying a blender. Yes, it will be a hassle to get it out every time. Yes, it will mean another thing to clean. But this is by far the cheapest and probably best alternative available if you decide the Mr Coffee Frappe maker is not for you.  

Nutri Ninja Blender

The Nutri Ninja Blender is a good alternative to the Mr Coffee Frappe Maker. Its extractor blades quickly pulverize ice. The Nutri Blender makes it easy to create delicious Frappes and enjoy them on the go.

Mr Coffee Frappe Maker- In Summary

In summary, we have been pleasantly surprised by the Mr Coffee frappe maker. This compact frappe machine is intuitive to use, well-built and excels in bringing frappes and iced coffees from the store into your own kitchen. 

The Mr Coffee Frappe hot and cold coffee maker can make a delicious hot or cold coffee and really does simplify a sometimes daunting prospect. Highly recommended! See our guide to what is a Frappuccino for some brewing tips and flavor suggestions.

Mr Coffee Frappe Maker

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