L’OR Coffee Machine

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The L’OR coffee machine is essentially a cheaper, more versatile Nespresso machine.

The L’OR coffee maker is compatible with almost all coffee pods bar Keurig and comes at a competitive price. It is the latest in a range of coffee pod machines aimed at maximizing convenience without compromising on flavor. 

This article will evaluate the L’OR barista coffee machine and note who ought to seriously consider this coffee maker. 

L’OR Coffee Maker Review

LOR Coffee Maker


  • 11″ tall x 7″ wide x 16″ deep
  • 40 oz water tank
  • Two-year warranty

Design Of The L’OR Coffee Maker 

The L’OR coffee machine looks somewhat unique among pod machines both for its size and twin sprouts. The L’OR coffee maker is a big machine that dwarfs your average Nespresso machine. They tend to be both long and high. Especially if you factor in the top lid that is opened to insert pods, this is a high coffee maker that may struggle to fit under cabinets.

We personally quite like the aesthetics of this machine. While the design has a lot of plastic, it comes across as sleek and elegant with gentle curves. The logo on the front panel is also a nice touch. Because of the plastic, it doesn’t necessarily feel premium, but it certainly doesn’t look ugly either.  

The machine was produced by the French company L’OR coffee in association with Phillips and so does feel similar to some of Phillips’ other appliances. 

The L’OR coffee machine is very intuitive to use. Brewing coffee is as simple as inserting a coffee pod into the pod chamber, closing the lid, and then pressing one of three buttons depending on the size of coffee you desire. Following the brew, you simply lift the lid to the pod chamber and the pod falls into the pod container below. 

The machine has a large water reservoir at the rear of the machine. The L’OR coffee maker can be purchased with or without a milk frother. If milk drinks are your thing we recommend opting for the milk frother bundle which costs about $40 more but allows you to brew hot and cold milk drinks.

As is becoming increasingly important to check, the L’OR coffee maker does have a pod recycling program. The program is called podback and is simple to use to help keep ecological waste at a minimum. 

Performance Of The L’OR Coffee Machine

There are a few things to note about the performance of the L’OR barista coffee machine. As noted above, one of the things that sets apart this coffee machine is its twin spouts. This was a deliberate design decision so that you can make two espressos at once. This is in line with L’OR coffee’s proprietary double-shot pods. Basically, the L’OR coffee machine can deal with coffee pods of different sizes. L’OR coffee has designed a double shot pod so that the user can either have a double shot of espresso like you get at a cafe, or else you can make two single shot espressos at once. These double-shot pods are larger in physical size and can only be used in a L’OR coffee maker. However, this is a fairly ingenious idea that certainly does hold appeal for households with multiple coffee drinkers.

Double espresso on LOR coffee maker

The coffee machine itself is powered by dual capsule recognition technology whereby the machine recognizes the pod being inserted and brews accordingly. As noted, a major strength of this coffee maker is that it is not restricted to L’OR coffee pods. Instead, it can deal with Nespresso pods (OriginalLine only), as well as third-party pods such as Starbucks and Lavazza. It CANNOT however take Keurig K-Cups.

Another major strength of the L’OR coffee maker is that it can brew either Nespresso-style espresso or Keurig-style drip coffee depending on the type of pod inserted.  

The L’OR coffee machine has four buttons on the back where the coffee maker is operated. There is a larger power button and three smaller buttons that govern size; Small (Ristretto; 5 oz coffee, 1.04 oz espresso), Medium (Espresso; 8 oz coffee, 2.7 oz espresso), and large (Lungo; 12 oz coffee, 3.7 oz espresso). 

The machine heats up quickly and brew time is around 30 seconds for espresso and 1 minute for coffee. It is also worth noting that L’OR Coffee is known for superb customer service.  

And just to state the obvious, the L’OR barista coffee machine is able to make a delicious cup of espresso or coffee! The actual taste and quality of the brew will of course depend on the pods you use. However multiple users have noted that the espresso is at least as good as that which they were getting from their previous Nespresso machine. 

Who Is The L’OR Barista Coffee Maker For?

So who should get a L’OR coffee machine? 

There are a few different groups that this machine is particularly designed and ideal for. You should buy the L’OR coffee maker if you are looking for a pod coffee maker and: 

  • You drink both coffee and espresso
  • You are in a family where multiple people drink espresso at the same time
  • You are looking for a cheaper and yet quality alternative to Nespresso 

So if you are in the market for a pod machine, as opposed to an espresso machine, and that sounds like you, then the L’OR barista coffee machine could be a brilliant option for you. 


  • Can brew both espresso and coffee
  • Can use a wide range of pods including the L’OR proprietary double-shot espresso pods 
  • Competitive price 


  • Fairly large footprint 
  • Milk frother costs extra

L’OR Coffee Maker Review- The Verdict

While the L’OR coffee maker is not perhaps as well known as either Nespresso or Keurig, it really should be! This is a brilliant little pod machine with surprising versatility and innovation. It was clearly designed by those who understand the pod coffee machine niche with its needs and quirks. 

If you are in the market for a pod coffee maker we strongly recommend L’OR coffee as the place to look.

LOR Coffee Machine