Keurig K Supreme Plus Review

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The Keurig coffee makers are very popular among casual coffee drinkers. Their ease of use, simple design, and straightforward maintenance give customers a stress-free way to make their morning beverage of choice. What’s more, some of them even play music from a customized Spotify playlist while they brew your java!

While there are several Keurig models on the market, one of the newest ones to hit shelves is the Keurig K Supreme Plus. What makes this single serve coffee maker different from the others? What unique features does the K Supreme Plus single serve possess that the other models don’t?

In this comprehensive review, we will outline the pros and cons associated with the Keurig Supreme Plus. Additionally, we will highlight its intended audience and the premium features that it comprises.

Keurig K Supreme Plus Highlights

At first glance, the K Supreme Plus looks like a standard, no-nonsense machine that does little more than turn out a generic cup of coffee. However, looks can be deceiving. Even though the device looks very low-level, it actually has several features that may surprise you.

After looking a bit further, you can see that the K Supreme Plus has a stainless steel design and a large 78 oz removable reservoir. One of the top complaints about the traditional Keurig is how frequently you have to refill the tank. A perk of the K Supreme Plus is that it is suitable for 12 cups before needing to be filled.

Another perk is that the K Supreme Plus model’s brew time is much faster than its predecessors. This element has slowly become better as new models are introduced, but in the beginning, it was painful to wait for your cup of coffee to be brewed each morning due to the length of time it required.

Keurig K Supreme Plus

Other highlights associated with the K Supreme Plus single serve coffee maker are:

  • Iced Coffee Capabilities
  • Low Noise Operation
  • Slim and Modern Design
  • High-Quality Bean Extraction
  • K Cup Pod Compatibility
  • Custom Keurig Spotify Playlists That Play While Brewing
  • Multi-Stream Technology
  • Temperature Control Settings
  • Brew Strength Adjustability

While there are plenty of positive features that go hand-in-hand with the K Supreme Plus, there are a few that users find to be subpar. The top concerns with the K Supreme Plus single serve coffee maker include:

  • The multi-stream technology has many pins that can get clogged over time
  • The cost of K Cup Pods can be expensive and wasteful
  • Replacing the water filter can be complicated
  • Each removable part of the K Supreme Plus are hand-wash only

There’s no doubt that as Keurig advances in its features and design that the company will address these issues. However, for the time being, these are the key complaints that come from using the device.

Materials and Design

One of the nice things about the Keurig K Supreme Plus is the stainless steel design. Not only does it provide a sleek look to accompany your home decor, but it holds up exceptionally well over time. 

In addition to the high-quality materials, you can’t beat the size of the K Supreme Plus. At just 12 inches in height and eight inches in width, the amount of counter space needed for the coffee maker is minimal. Additionally, at just 13 inches in depth, it doesn’t protrude out very far either.

Another design perk that you will love is the simplistic set of buttons atop the device. With minimal options to select, the chances of feeling overwhelmed by choices are limited. However, even with having only a few select buttons, you can alter your settings to get the strength and temperature of your choosing.

Keurig K Supreme

Machine Performance

The standards for measuring the quality of a cup of coffee will depend on what part of the coffee enthusiast scale you reside in. For instance, if you want to have expertly crafted espresso every morning, this device isn’t for you. Not only does it not create espresso, but the internal capabilities don’t lend themselves to the precise extraction needed for espresso.

However, if you are the type that is looking for something a step up from your traditional drip coffee machine, then the performance of this Keurig K Supreme Plus will be just what you’re looking for in a device. 

The K Supreme Plus doesn’t market itself as a specialty coffee maker that can turn out artisan drinks. The machine will produce a cup of coffee that meets the standards of many and will start your morning off on the right foot.

User-Friendly Operation

As we briefly mentioned above, the ease of use that comes with the K Supreme Plus is appreciated by many who purchase the device. Having only a small set of buttons atop the machine, the chances of getting overwhelmed during the drink-making process are minimal.

When you look at the selections, you will see a circle design with seven buttons. Two of these buttons speak to the temperature and strength you desire for your beverage. The five remaining selections allow you to choose the size of drink that you want to make.

Above the circle design are three presets that you can use as a quick save for your most frequently created combinations. To the right of those is the button to make iced coffee. When you select each button, you will see what you have chosen on the small digital screen above.

The only other button on the interface is the power button.

Keurig Supreme Plus

All in all, the process is exceptionally streamlined and operates in the following way:

  1. Open top lever
  2. Insert desired K Cup Pod
  3. Close Lever
  4. Select preset OR
  5. Select drink size
  6. Establish temperature (optional)
  7. Choose strength (optional)
  8. Select over ice (optional)
  9. Brew

Other models will come with more complex options and features. However, the K Supreme Plus single serve coffee maker isn’t built with the intention of creating specialty drinks with detailed elements.


While the cost of coffee makers often fluctuates due to the introduction of new models and frequent sales and promotions, the Keurig K Supreme Plus comes in at the higher end of the spectrum for a single serve coffee maker. 

For the same price as the K Supreme Plus single serve coffee maker, you could instead purchase:

Ninja Specialty 10-Cup Coffee Maker

Ninja Coffee Maker

At just slightly less than the Keurig Supreme Plus, the Ninja offers the ability to brew in various sizes, including a whole pot. Additionally, you can create espresso shots, iced coffee, and specialty drinks. Last but not least, the device comes with a milk frother to top your beverages with after brewing.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus

Nespresso Vertuo Plus

As a machine that is rapidly growing in popularity, the Nespresso Vertuo makes both coffee and espresso. Like the Keurig, this device uses specialized pods to create the beverage of your choice. Additionally, for less than the cost of the K Supreme Plus coffee maker, an Aeroccino milk frother comes included in the purchase of your Nespresso.

Cuisinart Premium Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Maker

Coming in at a bit less than the Keurig Supreme Plus, the Cuisinart Premium offers the same features as its competitor but with a more extensive menu screen and a charcoal water filter. Both machines utilize K Cup Pods and have a fast brewing capacity. 

Additional Price Considerations

When you are entertaining the idea of purchasing a new coffee maker, it is vital to consider the additional expenses that are required. These costs don’t just apply to the Keurig brand as all makes and models have different needs.

Suppose you want to purchase a machine that you find on sale. Before finalizing the transaction, be sure to research the following:

  • Cost of K Cup Pods (if required)
  • Cost of Cleaning Materials
  • Life Expectancy of the Machine

While some machines have the ability to utilize reusable cups or coffee filters, most single serve coffee makers require the use of a new (and costly) K Cup Pod with each drink. Additionally, you can regularly maintain many devices with standard household products. However, some require the use of specialized cleaning agents.

K Supreme vs. K Supreme Plus

When it comes to selecting the best option for your coffee-drinking needs, how do you know which K Supreme model is for you? With the K Supreme and the K Supreme Plus, both offer a variety of standard features, but the Plus throws a few more into the mix.

K Supreme vs K Supreme Plus

K Supreme

When you choose the Keurig K Supreme single serve coffee maker, you receive the following:

  • Four Brew Sizes
  • One Strength Control Level
  • Iced Coffee Setting
  • Multi-Stream Technology
  • 66 oz Water Reservoir (Removable)
  • Multi-Position Reservoir
  • Travel Mug Compatible

The K Supreme utilizes K Cup Pods and does not have a digital display screen or programmable presets. You also won’t have temperature control options with the K Supreme.

K Supreme Plus

In taking the route of acquiring the K Supreme Plus, you gain access to the following features:

  • Five Brew Sizes
  • Three Strength Control Levels
  • Three Temperature Control Levels
  • Iced Coffee Setting
  • Three Programmable Presets
  • Multi-Stream Technology
  • 78 oz removable reservoir
  • Travel Mug Compatible
  • Digital Display Screen
  • Stainless steel design

While the K Supreme offers a multi-position water reservoir that allows you to place it on the side or the back of the machine, this functionality is not available in the Plus version. The only change this offers is the amount of space the device takes up on your counter, as one will increase the depth, and the other will alter the width.

Keurig Buying Guide

When choosing between the different Keurig models available on the market, take time to compare and contrast the components below. Each type of Keurig, including the K Supreme and K Supreme Plus coffee maker, will vary in what elements are necessary for operation and storage.

  • Taste and Strength Preference
  • Temperature Settings
  • Size of Water Reservoir
  • Available Counter Space
  • Hand Wash vs. Dishwasher Safe Parts
  • Iced Coffee Feature
  • Compatible with K Cup Universal Reusable filter
  • Cleaning Agent Requirements
  • Digital Display
  • Noise Level
  • Specialty Drink Functionality
  • Established Preset Ability
  • Serving Size Settings

This list comprises a few key features to consider before purchasing a Keurig single serve coffee maker. As new features are added, and new versions of Keurig’s are created, this list will expand to include new technology and innovations.

Keurig K Supreme Plus Feature Image

Who Is the Keurig Supreme Plus For?

When you are considering whether or not the K Supreme Plus is a good fit for you and your coffee drinking habits, you need to explore what you are looking for in a machine. Both the K Supreme and the Plus are best suited for those who aren’t overly picky about bean extraction and coffeehouse taste. 

While both machines have an extraction process above the level of other Keurig models with its Multi-Stream technology that punctures the capsule five times instead of one, it isn’t on par with what you would receive from a professional-grade device, like Delonghi or Breville. 

Those machines are fine-tuned to offer the highest quality of espresso pulls and extraction that can’t be replicated in a single serve coffee maker, like Keurig. Keurig was created to provide coffee drinkers with a streamlined approach to obtaining a quality cup of coffee with consistent flavor. Therefore, the machine’s internal parts don’t correlate well to specialty drink needs.

In the end, if you are looking to have the ability to produce specialty drinks or you are particularly picky about taste, the Keurig will not prove to be a good fit for you. However, if you are looking to have a cup of coffee every morning that is consistent in quality and taste, then the K Supreme Plus will provide that for you day after day.

Keurig K Supreme Plus- In Summary

The Keurig brand has been around for years, with many different models and versions popping up along the way. While they can’t produce the coffeehouse-style beverages that many know and love, as a single serve coffee maker they offer quick access to a standard cup of joe every morning. 

Whether you are rushing to get out the door for work or you have exactly two minutes before the baby wakes up and you need a boost of caffeine, the Keurig K Supreme Plus can have your drink fully brewed and ready quickly when you need it the most. The large capacity reservoirs guarantee that you won’t have to stop to refill the tank every day as well.

Knowing that the K Supreme Plus accommodates travel mugs in its design, you can have a warm cup of coffee brewed in minutes that will still be warm an hour later when you’re trying to finish it up. The Keurig Supreme Plus provides well for its customers and has their needs at the root of their design. 

K Supreme Plus

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