Keurig K Elite Review

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The Keurig K Elite is one of Keurig’s higher-end, single serve coffee makers. This particular model is highly programmable and customizable. However, is it worth the cost? 

Continue reading to discover how the Keurig K Elite performs in appearance, programmability, brewing experience, and cleanup. 

Keurig Elite

The Keurig K Elite is a popular Keurig Coffee Maker with a sleek design and simple controls. But perhaps its best feature is the customization available. Users can select between multiple cup sizes, alter the strength and temperature of the coffee and also brew iced coffee. 

Keurig K Elite


The Keurig K Elite is a sophisticated and elegant-looking coffee machine. The brewer is situated at the center of the apparatus, with two sleek side panels on either side. 

A massive 77 oz water reservoir tucks discreetly into the right-side panel. Overall, the K Elite brewer looks chic, symmetrical, and impressive on any countertop. 

The exterior of the K Elite is made primarily of plastic. However, the drip tray grate is made of metal. The K Elite is available in brushed gold, brushed silver, and brushed slate. Although the colorways are limited, the options are versatile enough to fit the aesthetic of most kitchens. 

The K Elite stands at a staggering 13.1 inches tall, 9.9 inches wide, by 12.7 inches deep. When the K-Cup Pod holder is open, the height increases to 16.5 inches. Although the device is significant for a single serve coffee maker, it can fit comfortably under a cabinet. 

However, it can pose an issue for kitchens with limited counter space. 

Keurig K Elite

Verdict on Appearance: 4 out of 5

The Keurig K Elite single serve is a stylish coffee machine. Thanks to its symmetrical design and elevated colorways, the brewer can look fantastic in several kitchen styles. 

Unfortunately, a point was taken off for its bulky design, as it could pose problems for coffee drinkers with limited counter space. 


A unique feature of the Keurig K Elite coffee maker is its programming abilities. Directly under the power button of the K Elite, there is a small LCD screen showcasing the time. The settings button is on the left of the screen. On the right are up and down arrow buttons. These buttons give the K Elite customizable programming functionalities. Let’s take a look:

Before entering into the programming menu, the up and down arrows have no functionalities. The time is displayed. 

If Automatic Start and Automatic Off functionalities are already set on the device, the LCD will show it as a sun icon for on and a moon icon for off. 

To begin with, the first option in the programming menu is time. Users can adjust the time with the up and down arrows.

The second programming option on the K Elite single serve is for Temperature Control. Users can set their preferred brew temperature using the up and down arrows. The temperature options range from 187°F to 192°F. However, users should note that the temperature of the mug will significantly affect the temperature of the coffee. 

After Temperature Control, the following setting on the programming menu is the Automatic Start feature. Users can turn the Automatic Start feature on or off and set a time for when to start it. Unfortunately, the Automatic Start feature doesn’t actually brew a cup of coffee. Instead, the feature only turns the machine on. 

Following the Automatic Start feature, the programming menu offers an Automatic-Off feature. With this setting, users can set a time for the machine to turn off automatically after the coffee is brewed. With the Automatic-Off option, the device can be programmed to turn off anywhere between 15 minutes to two hours after brewing a cup of coffee. 

Finally, the programming menu offers a binary feature for Altitude brewing. This feature adjusts for atmospheric pressure and temperature discrepancies when brewing in high altitudes. 

Single Serve Coffee Maker- Keurig K Elite control panel

Verdict on Programmability: 4 out of 5

Keurig offers a slew of valuable and unique programming features with the K Elite single serve. Features like Temperature Control and Altitude Brewing can be key selling points for some users. 

On the other hand, the Automatic Start feature, which does not actually brew a coffee, doesn’t seem helpful. 

Brewing Experience

When turned on, the Keurig K Elite single serve takes a few minutes to warm up the device before it can brew coffee. Unfortunately, the device does not have an indicator light or sound that tells users when the K Elite is ready to brew. However, users can still determine when the brewer is ready by listening for the heating apparatus to finish. 

Once ready, users can select coffee or hot water on demand. The hot water option is helpful for tea and cocoa lovers. Although there are K cup pods are available for several teas and cocoas, allowing users to use their own tea bags is a nice touch. The hot water function can also be used to make instant soups and oatmeal.

The Keurig Elite uses K cup pods to brew coffee. This system allows you to brew a single cup of coffee with the touch of a button, so is very convenient to use. The brewed coffee tastes similar to filter coffee. There is a huge array of different flavors of k cup pods to choose from. The Keurig Elite is also compatible with the my k cup reusable coffee filter, giving users the option of using their own ground coffee. This reusable coffee filter is sold separately though.

The brewer also has a Strong button for those who enjoy more robust coffee. This option brews coffee for slightly longer to increase the extraction of coffee from the beans. 

With the Keurig K Elite, users can also select the volume of their brewed coffee or hot water. With the push of a button, users can choose between brewing 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, or 12 oz cups of coffee. Unfortunately, the controls are labeled icons instead of volume size, which can be confusing. 

Finally, the K Elite single serve coffee maker also has the option to brew hot over ice to create Iced Coffee. This option brews a smaller volume of strong coffee at a lower temperature, which is key to ensuring that your iced coffee won’t taste watered down. Once the coffee is brewed, users can pour it over a glass full of ice and enjoy it.

Keurig Elite Iced Coffee

Verdict on Brewing Experience: 4.5 out of 5

All in all, the Keurig K Elite single serve coffee maker has a fantastic brewing experience. The volume and strength customization allows users to enjoy their coffee exactly how they like it. Thanks to the hot water on demand, this machine can be enjoyed by both coffee and tea drinkers. 

Unfortunately, half a point was taken off the overall score thanks to two minor inconveniences. Firstly, the coffee machine doesn’t have an indicator light to show that it’s ready. 

Secondly, the volumes are not printed near or on the buttons. Although these aren’t major issues, they take away from the overall experience. 


Cleaning the Keurig K Elite brewer is very easy, thanks to its efficient design and removable parts. Let’s take a look at the cleaning process. 

The machine’s menu bar has a Descale indicator light, letting users know when it’s time to scale. Typically, you need to use Keurig’s Descaling Solution to run through the machine. However, you can use white vinegar in a pinch. 

As mentioned earlier, the K Elite has a large 75oz removable water reservoir. Unfortunately, the reservoir isn’t dishwasher safe. However, the K Elite is easy to clean with a sponge in the sink, thanks to its size. Users should refrain from using a trying cloth to prevent lint from entering the chamber. 

You can also remove the K-cup receptacle and the drip tray for easy cleanup. Unfortunately, like the water reservoir, neither is dishwasher safe. 

Verdict on Cleaning: 4.5 out of 5

In summation, the Keurig K Elite is very easy to clean. All of the messiest components are removable and can be easily cleaned in the sink. Of course, it would be nice if the parts were dishwasher safe. However, it’s still straightforward to maintain as-is. 

Who Should Buy the Keurig K Elite

The Keurig K Elite is a fantastic coffee machine for coffee drinkers with the following characteristics:

Coffee Drinkers with Varied Interest

The Keurig K Elite single serve coffee maker has a phenomenal array of functionalities from cup size to brew strength. The machine also makes full flavored iced coffees and teas. For this reason, the Keurig K Elite is ideal for a person who enjoys a range of drinks; coffee, tea, hot cocoa. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a milk frother, so if you are wanting to create cafe style drinks you would be better to consider another Keurig model like the Keurig K Cafe.

Coffee Drinkers Who Are Short On Time

The Keurig K Elite has a warm-up time of 2 minutes and a brewing time of approximately 1 minute for a standard cup of 8 oz coffee. The average busy bee can enjoy a cup of Keurig coffee in as little as 3 minutes. But actual busy bees can also shave those initial 2 minutes by enabling the Automatic Start option.

Coffee Drinkers with Ample Counter Space

The Keurig K Elite is a large single serve coffee maker. One would need ample space on the counter for a large coffee machine. Fortunately, this stylish coffee machine looks impressive in any kitchen for coffee drinkers who can spare the countertop real estate. While the coffee maker is rather bulky, it does only produce single serve drinks so if you are after a machine that is a better fit for a family you could consider the Keurig duo, which brews both single serve and carafe coffee.

Keurig K Elite- Final Verdict

Overall, the Keurig K Elite is a fantastic K Cup pod brewer. Its sleek, symmetrical design and versatile colorways, like brushed slate and brushed silver, make it easy to pair with any kitchen. 

The programming abilities of this brewer are astronomical, with features like Temperature Control and Altitude setting. The coffee brewing experience with the Keurig K Elite is brilliant, as the volume and strength settings allow users to enjoy their coffee exactly how they like it. As an added bonus, the K Elite is also very easy to clean, thanks to its removable components. 

All in all, the Keurig K Elite is a fantastic buy for coffee drinkers looking for a convenient caffeine hit.