Kalita Wave Recipe- Iced coffee 

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As surprising as it sounds, one of my favorite times for enjoying coffee is in the middle of a scorching hot summer day. And the reason is that I have come to love the refreshment of an icy cold brew.

Now I realize that the most common way to make cold brew is by leaving coarsely ground beans in cold water for 12-24 hours. However, I personally think that the resulting flavor is suboptimal, especially in the world of exciting single-origin beans. 

And so, from a few years ago, I now almost exclusively make iced coffee using our Kalita Wave 185. This is a beautiful coffee dripper that Seattle Coffee Gear sells. 

Kalita Wave Dripper

I use hot water to extract the flavor nuances of different beans and find the resulting cup far more complex and delicious than standard cold brew. This is a method that I first discovered from James Hoffman, and I have been tweaking it for a few years.

Kalita Wave Recipe- Iced Coffee


  • Beans: 16g ground medium 
  • Water: 150g
  • Ice: 100g plus however much you want to place into your cup 
Kalita Wave brewing equipment


Step One – Preparation

  • Pre-rinse the Kalita Filter. This should be done directly over the sink rather than over the carafe. 
  • Ground 16g of quality fresh single-origin beans to a medium grind size
  • Bring at least 200ml of water to the boil 
  • Add ground beans to the now rinsed Kalita Wave 
How to brew Kalita Wave

Step Two – Set Up

  • Add 100g of filtered ice into the carafe or cup being used. 
  • Place coffee carafe and Kalita Wave on a scale (we use the Hario v60 drip scale)
  • Add ground beans to the now rinsed Kalita Wave and give a gentle shake so the grinds are not a mound
  • Tare the scale 
Kalita Wave with Ice

Step Three – Bloom 

You now want to ‘bloom’ the beans just as you would with a standard Kalita or V60. Pour around 45g of water in concentric circles around the grinds bed. Give a gentle swirl to ensure all the beans are evenly saturated. Wait for 45 seconds. This long bloom helps extract more from the beans. 

Step Four – Pouring 

Following the bloom, aim to pour the remaining water in around 2-3 pours, again in concentric circles. The total water weight should be 150g. The idea in this step is basically to try and stretch out the extraction time to 2-3 minutes if you can. Because only half the water goes through the beans, you need a greater extraction. 

Step Five – Enjoy

Once all the water has been used and the drawdown is finished. Take off Kaltia and responsibly dispose of the grinds and filter. 

Place 2-3 ice cubes (or a single large ice cube) in your cup of choice and then pour the cold brew over the ice and enjoy!

Iced Coffee With Kalita Wave

Tips for Brewing

There are a few extra things that I do that I have found to enhance this cold brew.

  • The first is to place the glass I want to drink from in the fridge before brewing. This means that when you drink the cold brew, it is from an ice-cold glass. This is only a minor point but adds substantially to the refreshment of the drink.
  • The second tip is to use a metal mesh filter below the paper filter in the Kalita Wave. This is only necessary with the Stainless Steel Kalita Wave models but again helps extraction. I got this tip from Scott Rao, who recommends cutting a tea strainer into a small circle to fit into the bottom of the dripper. 

So now you are equipped for an epic summer of iced coffee! Get out that Kalita Wave or if you don’t have one, grab one from Seattle Coffee Gear and give it a try!

Kalita Wave Dripper

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