Jura s8 Review

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The Jura s8 is a bean-to-cup machine that exudes quality. This espresso machine fits into an interesting space in the Jura lineup, combining the design of the compact machines with the features of the premium machines. 

We will take a look at the features on offer in the Jura s8 to help you determine whether this espresso machine is right for you. In particular, we will help you see the differences between this model and the best-selling Jura E8.

Jura s8 Overview

Jura s8

The Jura s8 is a mid-range bean-to-cup machine that offers many of the same features and build quality as the premium coffee machines but with a more affordable price tag. It brews delicious coffee drinks with the touch of a button and has a modern color touchscreen display. The main downside of this Jura coffee maker is the price, which is more than the popular Jura E8, while offering very few extra features. So unless a touchscreen is high on your priority list it is hard to recommend the Jura S8 over the Jura E8.

Jura s8 Review

Jura s8


  • Dimensions: 11.0″W x 17.5″D x 13.7″H
  • Weight: 22.1 lbs
  • Bean hopper: 9.9 oz / 280g
  • Water reservoir: 63.6 oz /1.9L
  • Boiler type: dual thermoblock
  • Specialty drinks: 15 pre-programmed beverages
  • Spent puck drawer: 16 pucks


The Jura s8 has a modern and striking design with clean lines and careful attention to detail. The machine is available in three different colors; silver, black, or chrome. While the coffee machine has a compact footprint, the layout of the machine has been carefully planned to still fit in a huge water tank and a large spent puck drawer. The drip tray and bean hopper are electronically monitored with the machine notifying you when these are due to be emptied or refilled. 

The s8 has two spouts, one for espresso and coffee, and the other for milk drinks. This means that you can make a latte macchiato or cappuccino with the push of a button without moving the cup. In addition, the spout is a dual spout giving you the option of making two drinks at a time.

Jura s8 one touch brewing


The Jura s8 is a feature-rich coffee maker ensuring it produces delicious espresso. Jura loves to invent complicated names and synonyms for all of their different technologies. Below we have highlighted and explained some of the s8’s key features.

Aroma G3 Grinder

The Jura s8 is fitted with the Aroma G3 grinder, a stainless steel conical burr grinder. Coffee beans are ground freshly each time to produce delicious espresso. The Aroma G3 grinder grinds consistently and precisely. In addition, the grinder is twice as fast as its predecessor, the G2. 

The grinder has 7 settings to adjust the fineness of the grind. As a side note; adjusting the grind size must be done when the grinder is running, which sounds counterintuitive, but this does help preserve the life of the grinder. There is also a bypass doser which is helpful if you want the option of brewing decaf coffee.

Finally, the coffee machine has a large bean hopper with a solid, airtight lid to keep the coffee beans fresh and the grinder noise to a minimum.

Intelligent Water System (I.W.S)

One of the distinctive features of Jura automatic coffee machines is the Intelligent Water System. With this system, a Claris smart filter is installed which the machine electronically monitors to notify you when it is due to be changed. While the use of water filters is not compulsory, this system does offer several compelling advantages. The Claris smart filter protects against scale build-up and extends the lifetime of the coffee machine. In addition, if you opt to use these filters you do not need to descale the coffee maker. Finally, the filter removes any chlorine from the water which makes a huge difference in coffee flavor.

Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S)- what a mouthful!

While this feature sounds complicated, in reality, it is quite simple. This is basically a pre-infusion function where a small amount of water is fed into the brewing unit to wet the coffee grounds before full extraction occurs. This feature helps to produce an even extraction and bring out maximum flavor and aroma from the ground coffee. Because the espresso machine offers varying dosing, from 5-16 grams of coffee, the machine automatically adjusts the amount of water to suit the amount of coffee being brewed.

Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P)

The s8 produces high-quality espresso and this can largely be attributed to the pulse extraction process. With the pulse extraction process, the coffee machine pulses water at high pressure through the coffee to ensure even extraction, and a rich, aromatic shot is pulled. 

Ease Of Use

As is typical of Jura coffee machines, brewing and even cleaning are all automated. The s8’s core feature is the large 4.3” color touchscreen at the center of the machine. From here you can select from 15 specialty drinks and customize and save new recipes. The espresso machine brews espresso, coffee, ristretto, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, latte macchiato, flat white, milk foam, hot milk, hot water and hot water for green tea. Each of the coffee drinks also have the option of single or double shots. 

Jura s8 Drinks

Programming drinks can be done via the touchscreen or via a smart phone if you purchase the smart connect accessory. The s8 does not offer wifi connectivity, but the smart connect accessory allows you to control the coffee maker via Bluetooth. If you choose to go down this route you can download the J.O.E app which allows you to prepare and program drinks from your phone, apple watch or even via Siri.  

The Jura s8 allows you to program the temperature, coffee strength, amount of coffee, and milk level for each beverage:

  • Amount of coffee- varies depending on the beverage but for common milk-based drinks, you can choose from 25-240 ml of coffee.
  • Coffee Temperature: 3 levels- low, normal, high
  • Coffee Strength: 10 levels
  • Volume of milk foam is adjusted in seconds

From here, brewing is as simple as selecting your drink and watching while the automatic coffee machine creates the drink in front of your eyes. If you happen to select the wrong setting, it is easy to cancel or adjust the setting as the machine brews.

Cup Quality

The Jura s8 produces a decent shot of espresso that is rich and bold. This is largely due to the high coffee dosing of up to 16 grams which is not common on super automatic espresso machines. The fact that the machine uses freshly ground coffee also contributes to the delicious espresso.

The Jura coffee maker is also one of the few machines that adjusts the order in which a drink is made, for example for a latte the espresso is added first then the milk foam, whereas for a cappuccino the milk is added first, and then the espresso. 

Jura s8 Espresso Quality

Milk Frothing

Another area the s8 excels in is in producing finely textured milk foam. The s8 is fitted with the HP3 milk frothing system, which is basically a tube system that sucks up milk from any container and heats and froths it before delivering it directly into the cup. The fine foam technology allows you to adjust the type of foam according to the drink. So for a latte, it produces a fine foam, whereas for a cappuccino a more airy froth.

The only gripe users have with the milk frothing system is that it doesn’t come with a milk container, this must be purchased separately. While it is not necessary to have one, it is a bit disappointing that a machine at this price point does not come with one included. 

Jura offers two types of milk jugs, a glass milk container that can be stored in the fridge, or a fancy cool control refrigerated milk container that keeps the milk cool and allows you to store it on the bench.


Cleaning a Jura machine is largely automated with the machine having built-in cleaning cycles and automatic flushing of the milk system. Regular cleaning tasks include emptying the drip tray and coffee grounds container and rinsing them out. Rinsing the water tank and refilling it. The outside of the machine should be wiped down regularly to keep it looking sleek and shiny.

As is typical of Jura machines, the brew group is built in which means that unfortunately you can’t just take it out and rinse it under the tap. Instead, cleaning is automated by running regular cleaning cycles using Jura cleaning tablets to keep the brew group spic and span.

If you opt to use the Claris smart filters you will be relieved to hear that descaling is a thing of the past! 

Value For Money

The Jura s8 falls at the pricier end of the scale in the lineup of Jura super automatic espresso machines and the price varies depending on which color you opt for. The Black machine is the cheapest, while the Chrome comes in at the most expensive with a huge $400 difference (don’t ask me why!). 

The other thing to consider is that the s8 is essentially the same as the more affordable Jura E8 with a few minor differences. Both machines offer virtually the same features, range of drinks, and cup quality. The Jura s8 simply has a more modern operating system, with a touchscreen and a few extra programmability settings. So you need to consider whether it is worth paying the extra money for the convenience of a touch screen. 

There is another option you could consider, and that is to opt for a refurbished Jura s8. There are usually a few of these available on 1st in coffee and they are almost $1000 cheaper.  These machines have been serviced and fixed up and still come with a 1-year warranty so are well worth considering if you want to get a good value deal.  


  • Large touchscreen display
  • Produces high-quality espresso
  • Professional fine foam frother produces exceptional milk texture
  • 15 pre-programmed drinks
  • Large amount of programmability
  • Bypass doser for ground coffee


  • Expensive for an automatic coffee machine
  • Very similar to the more affordable E8 
  • Fixed brew head difficult to fix 


Jura E8

Jura E8

The most obvious alternative would be to opt for the more affordable Jura E8. The Jura E8 offers many of the same features, and in fact, has more drinks on offer (17 compared to 15). The Jura E8 does offer slightly less customization settings with only 8 strength settings and 2 temperature settings. It also does not have a touch screen, but rather a color LED screen with manual buttons on either side. Despite these differences, the Jura E8 produces high-quality drinks and offers better value for money, coming in at around $400 cheaper. If you can live without the convenience of a touchscreen the Jura E8 is well worth considering.

Delonghi Dinamica Plus

Delonghi Dinamica Plus

The Delonghi Dinamica Plus is another excellent value machine that is over $1000 cheaper than the Jura s8. The Dinamica Plus features a compact footprint, touchscreen, and 12 pre-programmed drinks including iced coffee. The machine offers the ability to customize the grind size, coffee strength and quantity of coffee brewed. 

Where the Dinamica really shines though, is in the espresso it produces. The espresso is complex and delicious with a thick layer of crema. The machine comes with an automatic milk frother which doesn’t perform quite as well as the Jura s8 but still produces decent milk. The Dinamica also has a removable brew group which is another point in its favor. All-in-all this bean-to-cup machine performs exceptionally well considering the price. 

Jura s8 | Final Thoughts

The Jura s8 is a mid-luxury machine that is packed full of features. It offers a large number of pre-programmed drinks, the ability to customize or brew easily with a touchscreen, and brews high-quality drinks. The machine is very similar in the features it offers to the popular Jura E8, which is a more affordable model. So you will need to decide whether the addition of a touchscreen is worth paying the extra money.