Jura E8 Review

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The Jura E8 is a popular bean to cup machine. This sleek super-automatic espresso machine offers one-touch brewing and produces a decent cup of coffee, all wrapped up for a reasonable price. If you are looking for a convenient and straightforward way to get that morning hit, the Jura E8 might be the machine for you. 

About Jura

Jura is a Swiss company that has been in the coffee industry for 90 years. They are well-known for their super-automatic espresso machines for both domestic and commercial use. The company focuses on producing high-quality, stunning machines. They offer an array of super-automatic machines ranging from the beautiful Jura Ena 8 to the premium Jura Z6. The Jura E8 falls in the middle of their range and offers espresso and milk-based beverages. See our article on the best Jura Coffee Makers for a guide to their best models.

Jura E8 Review

Jura E8


  • Grinder: stainless steel conical burr
  • Grind Settings: 5
  • Water reservoir: 1.9L
  • Bean hopper: 280g
  • Coffee grounds container: 16
  • Milk system: automatic
  • Weight: 9.6kg
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 28 x 35.1 x 44.6 cm


The Jura E8 can only be described as luxurious. From the sleek, glossy finish to the color LCD screen- it really is a stunning machine. The eye-catching design also caught the eye of the red dot committee- leading to them winning the reddot design award in 2021. The Jura E8 is available in three color options: black, white, or chrome. It measures 28 x 35.1 x 44.6 cm, so it is not a small machine, but it is considered pretty compact by super-automatic standards. 

With the compact size, the Jura E8 does have a smaller water tank, which will require regular refilling (particularly with the cleaning cycles that have to be run). One unique feature of the Jura E8 is that it comes with a smart filter (or intelligent water system) to remove minerals from the water and prevent scale build-up. The machine can sense when the filter is installed and notifies you when it needs to be changed. In addition to the filter, the drip tray and used coffee compartment are also electronically monitored, with the machine notifying you when they need to be emptied. 

The Jura E8 comes with a built-in stainless steel conical burr grinder. The grinder has six settings allowing you to make minimal changes to the grind size (6 grind settings is likely not enough to satisfy most espresso enthusiasts). There is also a by-pass doser for pre-ground coffee, which is a handy feature commonly used for decaf coffee. The Jura E8 also offers a significant degree of customization when it comes to dose. You can choose from 10 coffee strength settings, altering the dose from 5 grams up to 16 grams. 

Jura E8


The Jura E8 features a color LED screen which makes the machine easy and intuitive to use. The screen is navigated by six buttons on either side, corresponding to what is on the screen. Alternatively, it can be controlled via an app on your smartphone. There are various drink options to choose from; ristretto, espresso, coffee, cappuccino, flat white, latte macchiato, espresso macchiato, hot water, or frothed milk. Each drink can be produced with the push of a button and without moving your cup. There are dual spouts on the front to dispense espresso or a spout on the right to dispense both espresso and frothed milk. The spouts have adjustable height settings accommodating cups from 65 to 153mm.

Under the Expert mode, you have the option to customize the drink to your liking; this includes adjusting the coffee strength (10 settings), the volume of espresso extracted, or the temperature level (3 settings). The ristretto, espresso, and coffee modes also have the option of producing 2 cups at a time.

Brewing System

The Jura E8 brewing system utilizes cutting-edge technology to produce well-extracted espresso. We will break down a few of its key features below. 

Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P)– The Jura E8 is the only espresso machine to offer this technology. Basically, rather than extracting coffee at a consistent pressure, it forces water through the grounds in short pulses. This extracts a stronger, more intense shot of espresso while shortening the overall brew time.  

Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S)– as mentioned above, the Jura E8 allows you to adjust the dose of coffee used from 5 to 16 grams. The pre-brew aroma system pre-infuses the grinds before brewing to ensure the best extraction. 

Intelligent water system– Using Clearyl water filters, the Jura E8 ensures the highest quality of water is being used to make your coffee. It also aids in protecting the machine against the build-up of limescale. The filter cartridge is detected by the machine, which notifies you when it is due to be changed out. 

Single thermoblock system– Unfortunately, the Jura E8 only utilizes a single thermoblock, so there is a delay between brewing and steaming. 

Overall, the Jura E8 is capable of producing a decent espresso. It is strong and full-bodied, topped with a thick crema. The level of customization available is excellent, allowing you to tweak each recipe to your liking. 

Jura E8

Milk System

The Jura E8 also features an automatic milk frother. The milk system uses a silicone tube to draw the milk up; it then heats and froths it, delivering it directly into the cup. There is a dial on the frother, allowing you to adjust the density of froth produced. You can also customize the volume of milk produced for each drink (this is done in terms of time). There is no option to adjust the temperature. The Jura E8 produces thick and creamy frothed milk at a perfect temperature, and the best part is that it requires zero effort. 

Jura also has a few accessories to aid in milk frothing, including a refrigerated carafe or an insulated carafe. These are a good idea if you are going to be brewing multiple drinks a day. Alternatively, you can just draw milk straight from the container or a cup.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Super-automatic espresso machines are notorious for requiring a lot of upkeep. Jura has done their best to keep the cleaning as simple as possible. The Jura E8 automatically runs through rinse cycles when turning on and after brewing. The drip tray and used grounds container need to be emptied and cleaned regularly. The other main task is cleaning the milk system. The fine foam frother, including the milk pipe, needs to be cleaned daily using Jura cleaning products. While important, it is easy to see that this could be quite burdensome. 

The machine will prompt you every few months to run a deeper clean cycle.

Jura E8

Value For Money

While the price tag for the Jura E8 may seem exorbitant to some, it is not unreasonable for a super-automatic espresso machine. In fact, the Jura E8 is pretty affordable in the grand scheme of things. The Jura E8 is a well-made machine, offering a lot of customization and one-touch brewing. It is reliable, easy to use, and produces a decent coffee. Overall we would say that the Jura E8 does offer good value for money. If the price puts you off, there is also the option of buying a refurbished Jura E8 from 1stincoffee, which is more affordable. 

Who Is the Jura E8 For?

The Jura E8 is an excellent espresso machine for the coffee lover, wants convenience and customization. The Jura E8 offers a vast selection of drinks available at the push of a button. It is super easy to use and produces better-tasting coffee than you would get from a pod or Keurig machine. If you also want the option of brewing cold drinks you could upgrade to the more premium Jura z10.

The Final Verdict

If you are on the market for a super-automatic espresso machine, the Jura E8 is a decent offering. It is well-made, relatively compact, and affordable. It is packed full of features and will produce a reliable cup of coffee day in and day out. 

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