Grounds and Hounds Review

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There is a rising demand from consumers for corporate responsibility, and that’s just what Grounds and Hounds Coffee delivers. The company partners with nonprofit organizations throughout the country that rescue animals. With every purchase, 20% of the proceeds go to saving dogs in need. 

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Ground and Hounds makes organic coffee in various blends. From cold brew to seasonal releases, the company offers plenty of options for every caffeine lover. If you’re a fan of quality coffee and cute canines, the company’s products are worth checking out. 

The Grounds and Hounds Mission

Grounds and Hounds Coffee strives to provide fair trade, sustainable coffee while reducing the number of dog euthanizations in rescue shelters.

By working closely with farmers who use natural farming methods, the company ensures sustainable, fair-trade coffee and sets ethical standards. 

The company also aims to give rescue dogs a happy home and a second chance at life. By producing craft Arabica blends, the brand is the perfect fit for those who love coffee and rescuing animals. 

No-kill animal shelters need support, and if you can enjoy quality coffee in the process, we think there’s no reason not to try a cup. 

dog coffee

The Story Behind Grounds and Hounds

Jordan Karcher founded Grounds and Hounds in 2014 in his native California. He was inspired when he unexpectedly came across a dog adoption event in Santa Monica, and a friendly dalmatian caught his attention. It was love at first sight. 

Karcher and the pup, whom he named Molly, became instantly inseparable. He then made it his mission to save more shelter dogs like Molly from euthanasia, and the idea for the company was born. By selling quality organic coffee, Karcher hoped to save a dog one cup at a time. 

The business took off quickly and what began as a personal mission to rescue dogs and produce great coffee soon became an unstoppable force. Today, Grounds and Hounds has made over $1 million in sales and recruited dozens of rescue partners. 

While Karcher had to sell all his furniture to start the company, he has come a long way. The company has risen to prominence in under a decade from humble beginnings.

Coffee Varieties

The company’s coffee beans come from different parts of the world. Among the countries of origin are Colombia, Tanzania, and Peru. In addition, the coffee beans are imported from exotic locations across Asia, Africa, and South America. 

Light Roast Blend

The Morning Walk breakfast blend is an obvious choice for caffeine lovers who prefer their coffee strong. This light-roast coffee is full-bodied with cherry, nuts, and caramel notes. It’s available in both ground coffee and whole bean form. 

Grounds and Hounds Coffee- Morning Walk

Medium Roast Blends

There is a wide selection of medium roast coffee blends from Grounds and Hounds. From the Rescue Roast (for which 100% of profits go toward shelters) to the Ethiopian Foster Fuel blend, each coffee has its unique profile and flavor. 

Medium roast coffees include dessert blends such as the red velvet cupcake. It’s a limited edition sweet blend of vanilla flavors and hints of milk chocolate. In addition, sugar cane and caramel notes form part of their rich flavor. 

The Italian Hazelnut is another highly coveted blend in the medium roast category. With notes of hazelnut and marshmallow, this unique blend is popular among coffee drinkers who like a nutty profile with sweeter hints. 

Dark Roast Blends

Several nutty blends of dark roast coffee are available, each with a unique flavorful profile. The organic Arabica beans in these blends come from Central and South America. However, there is something for everyone, from the silky Alpha Blend to the dark and bitter Snow Day Winter Roast. 

Aside from regular medium roast coffee blends, you can choose from a rich espresso blend and cold brew varieties. In addition, the company makes a steeping version of their tasty medium- roast designed for coffee lovers on the move. 

Alpha Blend


Some people like coffee for its flavor rather than its caffeine. If this sounds like you, one of Grounds and Hounds Coffee’s decaf blends may be a good place to start. The company offers two decaf blends: a light roast and a dark roast. 

Hot Cocoa Mix

You may be surprised to learn that Grounds and Hounds Coffee also makes hot cocoa. This blend is the ideal sweet gift or pick-me-up with real Ecuadorian chocolate and cocoa. 


The company’s best-selling coffee blends are available with adorable coffee mugs and cups with every purchase. 

Lovable Blend

Hounds and Grounds- Loveable Blend

The Lovable Blend coffee beans feature hints of toasted vanilla, toffee, and milk chocolate. They’re sourced from Guatemala, Peru, Colombia, and Ethiopia. This sweet and rich blend is a medium-dark roast with bold flavor. 

Soul Pup

Grounds for Hounds- Soul Pup

Vanilla, walnut, and chocolate-covered strawberries compose the strong flavor profile of this popular coffee blend. It is a medium-dark roast with beans from Mexico, Nicaragua, and Ethiopia. 

Eight Blend Sample Kit

You can enjoy eight small samples (2.05 oz) of the most popular coffee blends with the Eight Blend Sample Kit. If you’re unsure which blend to try first, or you feel you want to try them all, the sample kit is a fabulous option. The blends include:

  • Morning Walk breakfast blend
  • Paper and Slippers medium roast blend
  • Good Boy Dark Roast blend
  • Alpha Blend dark roast
  • Rescue Roast ground coffee
  • Foster Fuel medium  roast ground coffee
  • Two Tails Espresso blend
  • Lovable medium-dark roast ground coffee

Three Blend Starter Kit

The Three blend Starter Kit is perfect for those who want to try coffee at each roast level: light, medium, and dark. The coffee trio consists of the following 12 oz options:

  • Morning Walk Breakfast Blend: Full body, featuring hints of citrus, cherry, and cocoa
  • Paper & Slippers Medium Roast: Tasting notes include brownies and toasted nuts with hints of blackberry and blueberry 
  • Alpha Blend Dark Roast: This bold full-body flavor profile includes vanilla, cocoa, and nutmeg for a bittersweet cup

Purchasing Options

You can purchase Grounds and Hounds coffee in individual bags or by subscription. In addition, the company offers personal and gift subscriptions. Subscriptions come with free shipping and customizable packages, making them convenient options. 

Signing up requires only four steps. Choose your type of coffee texture first: ground, whole bean, or pod. 

Next, choose the type of blends and flavor profiles you like, or select the surprise option which the company will send you a new blend each month. Lastly, wait for your free shipment to arrive. 

Pricing ranges from $12.99 to $15.99.The coffee blends are quite affordable for organic quality with a commendable mission, especially with a subscription.  

Ordering from Grounds and Hounds


Grounds and Hounds Coffee is certified organic and fair-trade coffee. The company boasts using the best coffee beans from different exotic locations and creating the perfect blends to suit any coffee lover. All coffee is made with 100% Arabica beans. 

The company’s commitment to sourcing quality organic beans means that the process begins by choosing traceable green coffee beans and roasting them in small batches. As a result, it ensures that no flavor is lost and that each blend highlights each unique note. Grounds and Hounds also promise that its beans are altered only minimally. 

The aroma from every bag certainly conjures up images of quality. The scents are rich and range from sweet to woody or nutty. The taste of each blend is complex and denotes purity. 

Lastly, the company guarantees emphasis on a responsible supply chain to produce its eco-friendly coffee blends. Grounds and Hounds Coffee is one of the most eco-conscious coffee companies by working with ethical growers and environmentally-friendly farmers. 

Grounds and Hounds Review

With no brick-and-mortar stores, Grounds and Hounds is a direct-to-consumer company. We love their free shipping and exciting subscription options. The sample packs are also an affordable way to try multiple flavors in one go. 

If you’re into adorable mutts on drinkware and apparel, you will enjoy the gear the company often sells along with their coffee. Of course, you can purchase these items separately as well. 

Not all organic coffees are made the same. And not many coffee companies offer such a large variety either. So whether you’re into woodsy, smoky flavors, fruity notes, or sugary tastes, Grounds and Hounds has something for your palette.  

The textured blends are worthy of praise. With high-end flavor profiles and keto-friendly natural ingredients, Grounds and Hounds Coffee is hands down a quality company with top-notch products. 

We think any coffee drinker will instantly become a fan of this coffee. With several ways to sample variety packs, there’s no reason you can’t give many blends a try at once. If you end up choosing a favorite, consider subscribing to continuously save pups. 

Though you won’t find a physical storefront for Grounds and Hounds, you can find this wonderful coffee at several high-end coffee shops, markets, and dog cafes throughout the country. 

If you’ve already given this coffee a try, don’t hesitate to share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts on Grounds and Hounds and what your favorite blend was. 

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