Gourmesso Review

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Many espresso lovers prefer to start their day with a powerful caffeine kick. However, the drink can be more time consuming to brew on busy mornings than a simple cup of coffee. Thankfully, Nespresso machines allow you to enjoy an espresso at the touch of a button. But these Nespresso capsules can quickly become an expensive habit. 

Gourmesso offers a more affordable alternative for espresso lovers seeking a fast option for their morning caffeine fix that doesn’t break the bank. In this Gourmesso review, we’ll help you determine if these Nespresso compatible capsules represent a good option for you.

Long Story Short

Gourmesso offers an affordable alternative to Nespresso Capsules. While their espresso may not be as strong as other alternatives, they have a wide range of blends and flavors to suit every taste. Start enjoying delicious espresso every morning without draining your wallet by using Gourmesso’s Nespresso compatible capsules.

Gourmesso Coffee Review

What is Gourmesso?

Gourmesso emerged as Nespresso machines gained popularity. Espresso drinkers enjoyed the convenience of the devices, but most compatible capsules came with high price tags.

The company responded to the market opportunity for a cheaper alternative. Their primary mission is to produce high-quality capsulized coffee at an affordable price.

Gourmesso’s espresso capsules are compatible for use with Nespresso’s OriginalLine machines. These capsules cost nearly 30% less than the name brand, but still offer exceptional quality and taste.

What are Gourmesso Capsules?

Gourmesso Espresso comes in single-serving capsules for convenience. Consumers can purchase bundles of boxes that contain several capsules of a particular variety.

Inside the box, the capsules look and work in a very similar way to Nespresso capsules. They contain a blend of coffee in a plastic or biodegradable capsule that is sealed for freshness. Gourmesso capsules are marked with a scale determining the strength of the espresso. Ten is the strongest, one the weakest. For an in-depth guide to the equivalent capsules to Nespresso brand see here.

You can use Gourmesso pods the same way you expect to use Nespresso Capsules with the machine.

How to Use Gourmesso Pods with a Nespresso Machine

The Nespresso Original machines use a cylindrical dome-shaped capsule similar to an individually packaged coffee creamer from a restaurant.

Before using your machine, be sure to rinse the water reservoir and fill it with fresh water. Also, make sure to plug in your device before pressing the start button.

The Nespresso’s lights will blink as it warms and come on when it is ready to brew. Before brewing, place a mug in front of the unit. You may wish to run the machine once to rinse it.

Next, lift the lever to access the coffee port and remove the Gourmesso pod from its foil casing. The pod will only fit in the way clearly outlined on the device. Press the lever down after inserting the pod to initiate brewing.

Nespresso machines feature a unit to catch used capsules. Simply lift the lever and lower it again to release the pod. Dispose of the pods when the device is full.

Gourmesso pods work essentially the same as brand name capsules. You may experience slightly more resistance when locking the lever for brewing. However, this does not impact the effectiveness of the machine.

Gourmesso coffee review

Where is Gourmesso Coffee From? 

Gourmesso offers many different blends and sources their beans from several prominent regions known for producing excellent quality coffee beans. The country of origin depends on the mix. However, source countries include Ethiopia, Honduras, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and India.

Most of the roasts by Gourmesso feature blends of Arabica and Robusta. But, there are a few 100% Arabica blends for coffee drinkers to enjoy. Arabica beans may be superior, but the inclusion of Robusta varieties allows Gourmesso to limit their products’ cost.

However, Gourmesso does not compromise sustainability. They offer organic and fair trade blends that prioritize the environment and the communities that grow the coffee beans.

How does Gourmesso Coffee Taste?

Some Gourmesso coffee reviews mention that this brand produces espresso that is less powerful than capsules from Nespresso. Coffee drinkers who prefer a strong espresso may choose the pods rated ’10’ for strength and compare the flavor to similar blends from Nespresso such as the Ethiopia Blend Forte.

We discovered that both taste excellent, but the strong Gourmesso is slightly weaker. However, this could make it more appealing to coffee lovers who prefer less bitterness and a smoother morning drink.

Gourmesso does not offer many flavored coffees, but one of their best-flavored options is Soffio Caramello. This blend adds a subtle caramel undertone to a latte that coffee drinkers with a sweet tooth may appreciate.

Gourmesso Capsule Review

The entire line features over 25 different roasts of varying intensities. You can make a single short with only one pod or use two pods for a double. They even offer decaf espresso options.

Five varieties of lungo espresso allow you to add more water to a larger cup. Additional flavors include vanilla, hazelnut, cookie, almond, coconut, toffee nut, and chocolate.

Gourmesso also has a range of capsules that are organic and fairtrade. They have also recently introduced an Eco line which features a variety of compostable coffee capsules.

Options To Buy

Thankfully, along with the option of buying 10 packs of your favorite blends, there are also many different Gourmesso bundles available for coffee lovers to purchase and discover the variety they like best.

Gourmesso High Intensity Bundle

Gourmesso High Intensity Bundle is the best choice for espresso drinkers who prefer more robust blends. This bundle includes 10 of their Fairtrade blends, perfect for those who love strong coffee.

Gourmesso review

Gourmesso Flavored Espresso Bundle

Gourmesso Flavored Espresso Bundle includes the company’s top flavored espresso blends. These include caramel, chocolate, vanilla, coconut, and hazelnut.

Gourmesso Review

Gourmesso ECO Line Espresso Bundle

Gourmesso ECO Line Espresso Variety Pack features Gourmesso’s compostable line of pods. This pack includes a wide range of flavors and intensities packaged in eco-friendly capsules.

Gourmesso capsule review

Gourmesso Review

Let’s break down our Gourmesso review into what we like and what could use improvement:


  • Affordable price at over 30% less than Nespresso brand capsules
  • Wide variety of blends available in several flavors and intensities
  • Sustainable practices for sourcing and new compostable pods


  • Not as strong as more expensive competitors
  • Sometimes pods are difficult to puncture
  • Not compatible with Vertuo Line machines

The Verdict: Who is Gourmesso For?

Gourmesso demonstrates that quality espresso can be convenient without being expensive. If you have a Nespresso machine and want to find a cheaper alternative to fuel your morning caffeine habit, Gourmesso is the best option for you.

Although their espresso may not be as strong as other alternatives, the company’s wide variety of blends means there is a flavor for every taste. Start enjoying delicious espresso every morning without draining your wallet by using Gourmesso’s Nespresso compatible capsules.

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