Various Ways to Enjoy Your Coffee at Home

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If you haven’t noticed, companies like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Doughnuts have made billions from selling coffee to go, but have you ever considered having it at home? Well, if you are one of those people who needs your latte fix, by all means, head to the local shop and get one to-go. But we are here to encourage you to bring it back home and drink it there. In fact we do this all the time.

Our homes have many hidden areas where drinking our coffee can enhance the experience. We’ve listed a few of our favorites below and hope you give each of them a try. 

In The Backyard

Morning coffee is taken to a whole new level when you are fortunate enough to have a yard to enjoy it. No matter how big or small your backyard is, there is likely space where you can put a chair and small table to create the coffee drinking area of your dreams. We suggest taking this time to journal, read, or just sit and meditate on life while sitting in nature. Admittedly this only really works if your backyard gets ample sunlight, and you enjoy being in it. If you happen to have the mix of sunny and beautiful you are away laughing. 

The Front Yard

Another significant area of the home to enjoy your coffee is in the front yard. Whether you live in the city, on a suburban cul-de-sac, or have a farm, the view in front of your home is attractive. You don’t need much more than what we suggested. Sitting in silence is a great way to add to your overall health.

Any Room but the Kitchen

Instead of the kitchen, what if you enjoyed your coffee in the dining room for a change? Maybe you can sit in your kid’s playroom or on your affordable sectional furniture as you look out your front window. The idea is to mix it up and try to see things in a new way. The key is to enjoy the quiet stillness. 

Put on the Music

We’ve been playing up the quiet aspect of enjoying coffee, but there is something to be said about listening to your favorite band while enjoying your cup of Joe. I can attest that classical music is a beautiful morning sound or some jazz. Listen to heavy metal if you prefer but enjoy the tunes and your coffee together. If you are stuck for options just jump on Spotify and type in coffee.  

After Dinner

Coffee is a beverage that you can enjoy at any time of the day. One of the best times to relish in this dark beverage is when you finish a great meal. It’s so satisfying and was always a sign that the meal was over when I was growing up. This leads us to the following way to enjoy the world’s favorite beverage

With Something Sweet

Why do you suppose coffee is served with doughnuts, or why cafe ole is the beverage served with beignets? Coffee is perfect when eating something sweet. The sweetness of the dessert paired with the bitterness of the coffee is unmistakably unique and pleasurable on more levels than we can describe here. 

Enjoying coffee at home

Made by Someone You Love

Sometimes it’s not about the place but more about the hands that took the time to create it for you. When you wake up to a steaming pot of hot coffee and know that someone in your household cared enough to make that happen for you, it has a feeling that you’ll never find in a coffee shop. This is why you should make coffee for the people you love. 

When You Make It Yourself

It’s a fast-paced world, and when you’re on the go constantly, cutting out specific chores like making coffee and doing dishes is not only attractive, it can be essential. 

We’re here to say we understand that you can’t make coffee for yourself every day. But you must take one day to rest. When you find time, give it a try, and you’ll see how the process makes the beverage all the more pleasurable. It become a ritual you won’t want to miss. 

Try Different Methods

If you use a drip maker, get a pour-over filter and give it a try. There are French presses, Turkish pots, and espresso makers. In summer, you could try cold brew or iced coffee. There are so many different types of coffee in the world. Suppose you are a true lover, then you must have tried more than a drip machine. Don’t get us wrong, the drip is excellent, and we love it, but mix it up and try something new. 

Without Your Device

We are all guilty of having our morning coffee while staring at our phone, tablet, or computer screen. This is typical of many lives, and it’s understandable. The internet made the world so much smaller and everything today seems like it’s rushed. Take one morning a week at the least to put your virtual connections aside and enjoy the real ones sitting with you.

Enjoying coffee at home

Don’t Forget

It’s not where you have your coffee or who makes it for you, but who you are with when you’re drinking it. Enjoy that person’s company and if you find that you’re alone, enjoy your own company and do something you love while drinking your java.

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