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If you’re a coffee fanatic like we are, sometimes you need a little laugh to go with your morning cup of joe. Coffee memes are a fun way to connect with others about our shared love for coffee, and you don’t have to search far and wide to find the best ones. 

If you’ve been looking for funny coffee memes to share with your friends, coworkers, and family, then keep reading this list to find the best ones around. Read them while sipping your morning brew or sharing lunch with friends. We’re sure they’ll have you in a fit of laughter and boost your mood, more than the actual coffee might!

But this is not the day

Coffee Memes

Let’s be honest, every day is a coffee day. A day without coffee is like… well to be honest I have no idea! What I love about this coffee meme is that it frames our love/passion/addiction for the good stuff as an action as heroic and epic as Aragorn riding against the hordes of Mordor.

I hope you feel that epic as you get your morning hit.

Decaf Coffee

Coffee Memes

Wanna hear a joke? Decaf coffee.

As this coffee meme cleverly picks up the very word is an oxymoron. Decaffeinated coffee makes about as much sense as depowered batteries, meat-free sausages, or orange-free orange juice! Coffee lovers beware. 

Before Coffee, After coffee

Coffee Memes

We have all been there. You wake up, go to make the morning brew and there are no beans left. From that point on you know it is going to be a bad day. 

The simple reality for millions of coffee lovers around the globe is that there is a noticeable difference before and after that morning hit. Before coffee we would describe ourselves using words like sluggish, unmotivated, tired. After that morning hit however, life is somehow brighter. If you are a true coffee lover then you know what this coffee meme means…  

My Reaction When Someone Didn’t Like Coffee

Coffee Memes

I once had a friend who didn’t like coffee. I never made that mistake again.

There is no such thing as strong coffee

Coffee Memes

This coffee meme particularly resonates with me. In true Chuck Norris form it diagnoses the root of the issue; weak people.

The Dinosaur

Coffee memes

The logic of this coffee meme is impeccable. If you have ever wondered why coffee fits into the necessity category, then this is your ironclad answer. 

This is your answer to the next time someone asks you why you drink so much coffee, ‘because of the dinosaurs…’

Don’t Look at Me, I Haven’t Had My Coffee Yet!

Coffee Memes

We’ve all been there. You wake up feeling like you got no sleep and all you can think about is that first, fresh cup of coffee to start your day. 

You walk downstairs, only to find your housemates staring at you like you have three heads. With the way your hair looks, it’s probably a fair assumption. You glare at them, saying, “Who has coffee?” 

After you take your first sip, everything starts to seem right with the world. Instantly, your mood brightens, your smile comes out, and your hair seems to magically fall back into place. 

Oh, coffee, at least you don’t judge me!

TFW When One Cup Isn’t Enough

Coffee Memes

Sometimes, that Venti Iced Latte with three shots just still isn’t enough to satisfy your coffee cravings, let alone get your engine revving. 

Drinking two pots of coffee every day might not be advisable, but it’s definitely just what the doctor ordered. When you feel like you need more than one shot, you could feel like Starbucks should sell giant cups like the one in this meme. 

“You’ll be in the bathroom all day,” they say. Do you want to know what I say? Worth it. 

Is Coffee What Makes a Disney Princess?

Coffee Memes

Whenever we watch a Disney movie, I sometimes wonder, how can she be so put together? Yeah, we all know that having a Fairy Godmother doesn’t hurt, but what about the rest of us who put on a pair of Sketchers instead of glass slippers? 

Well, maybe coffee is my fairy godmother. Except, instead of taking me to the ball to meet my prince, she takes me to work to meet my boss. 

Think about it. Coffee is there when we’re having problems at work, in relationships, and with family. And when you think you can’t handle it anymore, coffee casts a spell and magically gets us through the day (and even some late nights). Now, if only I could wave a magic wand to refill my cup, then I’d really be ready to find my Disney match made in heaven. 

Coffee Is the Elixir of Life

Coffee memes

Let’s be honest, science is a bit wacky sometimes. Eggs are good for cholesterol, eggs are bad for your cholesterol. Milk is good for your digestive system, milk is bad for your stomach. Decide already, science!

However, if there’s one thing I and science agree on, it’s the fact that coffee is the secret to a long and happy life. Some people might take a study like the one found in this meme and say, “Great! My one cup a day will let me live a bit longer.” 

I say those people aren’t thinking big enough. If coffee makes you live longer, then why not just drink it all day every day? Immortality via caffeine sounds pretty good to me. 

We All Remember Our First Coffee

Coffee memes

I feel like we all remember the first good cup of coffee we ever had. If you don’t, then do you actually love coffee at all?

Although I couldn’t see my face when I drank my first sip of morning brown, I imagine it looked a lot like the cat in this meme, wide-eyed and astounded at the power of such a simple beverage. 

Am I invincible? Probably not. But it definitely feels like I have nine lives with a good coffee in hand. 

Fabrewlously Punny

Coffee Memes

Dad jokes are in, it’s a fact. There’s rarely a morning that goes by that I don’t greet my barista with a golden nugget of Dad humor, and this meme is definitely a joke that I might crack. 

If Moses were alive today, would he drink coffee? In my opinion, of course! How are you supposed to lead your people to the promised land if you’re still bleary-eyed from the night before? 

All I know is, if I was parting the Red Sea, I’d like to think that I was drinking a red-eye at the same time. 

No Coffee? Here’s Johnny!

Coffee memes

Ideally, coffee would be available at the snap of the fingers no matter where you are or what you’re doing. However, we all know that that’s not really possible. Sometimes, things happen that are out of your control, and you can’t get the shot of espresso that you definitely deserve. 

When you order a coffee at a restaurant and the server gives you the sad, puppy dog eyes, you know what’s coming and you just don’t want to believe it. “So sorry, but we’ve just run out of coffee.” 

Is it just me, or is Jack Nicholson’s actions in The Shining making a lot more sense now? Pretty sure that hotel didn’t have a big enough coffee supply. 

Did You Say You’re Going for Coffee?

Coffee Memes

Looking at the baboon in this meme, I felt personally attacked. Is that how I look when my coworker says they’re going for coffee? I mean, this monkey is definitely cute, but maybe a bit desperate?

In my defense, you mean to tell me that I’m not supposed to peer over the cubicle and invite myself into this coffee party because I look desperate? I agree to disagree, and I’ll do it with a cup of coffee in my hands and a satisfied look on my face, thanks. 

Well we hope you have enjoyed seeing some of our favorite coffee memes and that they will bring some joy and laughter to your day! We would love to hear from you in the comments below! What are your favorite coffee memes? Do you have any coffee habits that are relatable?

Happy Brewing!

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