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We have compiled a list of coffee cup SVG ideas to give you some inspo for your next project. If you have a Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine it is very simple to give your favorite coffee cup a facelift or even to design your own personalized coffee mugs.

The first step is to choose your cup. For a guide to the best coffee mugs check out our article here. If you are wanting a new cup for yourself choose one that is the right size, suits your decor and is made of quality material that will last. If you are wanting to make a personalized cup as a gift for that coffee lover in your life you could opt for a travel mug (which always comes in handy) or there are plenty of affordable mugs which would make a great present.

The next step is to choose your coffee cup SVG… With literally thousands of options out there this is probably the hardest step! So here are some ideas for you.

Coffee Cup SVG Ideas

When it comes to personalizing a coffee cup there are plenty of options out there. If you are a coffee lover you could opt for your favorite coffee saying, or if you are making a gift for someone you could personalize the cup with their name, or favorite quote, or even just add some simple clip art. Here are some of our favorite ideas! Click on the images below to take you to the website where we got it!

But First Coffee SVG

Good Morning Sunshine SVG

Coffee and Donut SVG

Instant Mom Just Add Coffee SVG

Free accio coffee SVG on Pineapple Paper Co

Teacher Fuel SVG

Coffee cup svg

I Love you a Whole Latte

Starwars SVG

Starbucks SVG

Funny Dad Coffee Mugs

Coffee SVG

Coffee Cup SVG

Coffee Scrubs and Rubber Gloves SVG

Coffee Cup SVG

Coffee Pot SVG

Hocus Pocus I need coffee to focus SVG


Coffee and Jesus SVG

Wolf SVG

All I need is a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus SVG

Baby Yoda SVG

Flower SVG

Snowflake SVG

Sunflower SVG

Mountain SVG

Cactus SVG


Christmas Tree SVG

Butterfly SVG

These are just a few of the thousands of coffee cup SVGs available. If you are looking for some great sites to find free coffee SVGs check out our article here. If you want to personalize your coffee mug with a favorite quote, coffee saying or name but can’t find an SVG to suit, you can design your own. Font Bundles is a great site to check out with a tonne of Fonts available and a large range of free fonts too.

How to Make a Personalized Coffee Cup Using Cricut

So now that you have your design, how do you get it from the computer onto that hipster coffee mug? Well that is exactly what we intend to explain to you. 

What you will need:

Step 1 – Log into your Cricut Design Space

Step 2 – Upload and customise your design 

Step 3 – Click on the attach button – this ensures that all the letters and elements of the design are cut out together and not individually (and consequently needing to be put back together!)

Step 4 – Click to unlock the design – this means that you can customise its size 

Step 5 – Use the tape measure to measure how big you would like the design to be and then enter the relevant dimensions

Step 6 – Click ‘make it’ 

Step 7 – Weeding – after the Cricut has made it there will be lots of negative space around it so remove any unwanted vinyl (this is called weeding)

Step 8 – Cut out a piece of the transfer tape which is large enough to cover the entire design 

Step 9 – Remove the backing from the transfer tape and place it carefully onto the printed vinyl

Step 10 – Make sure the transfer tape sticks well. Start by using your fingers to remove any obvious air bubbles and then use the scraping tool to remove any additional air bubbles.

Step 11 – Slowly and carefully peel the transfer tape off the vinyl. It will now have the design on the transfer tape. 

Step 12 –  (Optional) Use alcohol to clean the area of the mug where the design will be placed. 

Step 13 – Carefully line up the design with where you want it on the mug and place it onto the mug making sure the tape sticks well to the mug. Use your fingers to carefully smooth it out over the mug.  

Step 14 – Slowly and carefully remove the transfer tape which will leave the design imprinted upon the mug. As a sidenote you can actually reuse this transfer tape for other projects. 

Step 15 – Brew some delicious coffee in your new mug and enjoy!

How do you take care of a SVG coffee cup?

SVG coffee cups are unfortunately not dishwasher safe. This is because some dishwashers use very high heat to dry the dishes which basically melts the vinyl off the cups. If you have an SVG coffee cup it is best to hand wash it in warm, soapy water so it will last longer.

What is the best cutting machine?

We love the Cricut Explore Air 2. It is a compact machine with a beautiful design available in 7 different colors. The machine itself is very simple to use, has powerful cutting blades and Bluetooth capability. This is an excellent machine from a well reputed company.

What is the best vinyl to use?

If you are using your coffee cup svg to personalize your favorite mug you are going to need to use adhesive vinyl (which is basically a sticker vinyl) to apply your design to the cup. Because you are going to need to wash your cup it is best to opt for a permanent adhesive vinyl. Our favorite kind is Oracal 651, which is a glossy, permanent vinyl available in hundreds of colors.

Well we hope this article has give you some inspiration for your next coffee cup SVG. A personalized coffee cup is simple to make and can make a great gift or is an easy way to spruce up your coffee cups. If you have a favorite coffee cup SVG comment below! We would love to hear from you!

Happy crafting!

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