Coffee Bros. Review 2024

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In a world of instant coffee and cold coffee cans, it takes something special to qualify as gourmet coffee these days. Because internet coffee drinkers can’t sample new online brews, they rely on reviews to describe the more refined quality of delicious coffee. 

New Yorkers, you have to assume, are very particular about which coffee they wake up to in the morning. So when we heard that Coffee Bros., a new roaster out of New York, was making noise, we were intrigued. 

In this review, we’re going to tell you what to expect from this emerging roaster. 

A Quick Sip of Coffee Bros.

Coffee Bros.

Coffee Bros. is an up-and-coming roaster that focuses on producing high-quality coffee that is fresh and highlights the unique origin flavors. If you are looking for some good tasting brew give Coffee Bros. a try today!


  • Lightly roasted to avoid bitter flavors
  • Sealed for protection and roasted only when you order for freshness
  • Partnered with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every five bags of coffee sold


  • If you love bitter coffee, you may be disappointed
  • Limited options as far as international shipping
  • Only offer whole beans, not pre-ground

About Coffee Bros.

Hey, we like the name! But the real question we had was: What do two brothers out of Queens, NY, know about good coffee? Dan and Nick, the company’s founders, started with four initial offerings: Light, Medium, Dark, and Espresso roasts. 

Right away, they presented a fresh new angle: an ethically sourced and eco-minded approach to coffee roasting. The key to the taste, the brothers claim, is to purchase the green beans at the optimal season and then harvest them in an optimal season as well. After this very precise process, the company sends sealed bags protecting the delicate coffee beans from mold, moisture, and even odors that might contaminate the original flavor. 

It’s cool that the Coffee Bros. care about nature, the planet and even partner with the One Tree Planted charity to do some good for the world. But at the end of the day, coffee lovers want to know, “How does it taste?”

Coffee Bros. Review

The Coffee

Take a quick look at Coffee Bros. website and you will quickly see that this is a company that cares about every aspect of the process of producing coffee. From the start they select their beans from their favorite farms, the beans are then processed and shipped shortly after being harvested to the US in GrainPro bags. GrainPro bags help to ensure the beans do not absorb any harsh smells, moisture, or mold during the journey. The result of this is better-tasting coffee!

Coffee Bros. then roasts its beans to a lighter level than other companies to ensure the origin flavors shine through. If you are a coffee geek and love to know where your coffee comes from, Coffee Bros. has you covered. All the details of the origin, growing, and processing method are detailed on the bags themselves, along with recommendations for brewing techniques.

Coffee Bros. offers a range of different roasts, each of which has a unique taste profile.

Light Roast

Coffee Bros

The light roast has more of a caramel color and sweet flavor, which some tasters compare to honey, citrus fruits, or even floral notes. But in terms of flavor, the Light Roast brings a mild but bright, crisp flavor.

Medium Roast

Coffee Bros

The medium roast tastes much stronger but with a distinct flavor of hazelnut and brown sugar. It’s sweeter than the light roast and yet not as bitter or tart as the darker blends. The beans are from Brazil and Ethiopia and bring your cup a very silky and well-balanced flavor. 

Dark Roast

Coffee Bros

The dark roast is the boldest flavor for sure, but it’s not extremely bitter either. The Arabica beans are deliberately roasted lighter to highlight the distinct and natural taste. The low acidity, along with an almost dark chocolate or maple-like taste, is something to be savored. If you are looking for a full-bodied, dark-roasted coffee give this a go.

Espresso Roast

Coffee Bros

If you love Espresso, this roast makes for a strong and sweet latte. With Arabica beans and a strong note of strawberry and vanilla, the vibrant taste is all about lightly roasting the fine quality, bringing out beans’ nuances from Shara, Yirgacheffe Ethiopia, Narino, and Colombia. 

Cold Brew

Coffee Bros

Did we mention cold brew? Coffee Bros. also offers Arabica green beans from Brazil and Ethiopia, chosen specifically for cold brew. The beans are roasted to a medium level to bring out the bold flavor notes of chocolate, berry, and brown sugar.

Other Brews

Coffee Bros

Coffee Bros. offers special selections for its devoted followers like a Holiday Blend (with notes of Costa Rica wine and cooked berry, devised in the memory of a family favorite, spiced wine from Germany) and then a variety of single-origin beans from around the world like: 

  • Sumatra
  • Columbia
  • Tanzania
  • Kenya

Besides the original catalog, our team only got around to sampling the Sumatra – but it was amazing. Created from the Kayu Aro village, near the Kerinci Volcano (and de-pulped and fermented underwater for many hours), the taste is very savory and yet fruity, almost like chocolate grapefruit. 

The Service

Coffee Bros. is a small company that offers a high level of service. They are very friendly and responsive if you ever have an issue with anything. They are also dedicated to ensuring that you receive only the freshest beans. As such they roast their beans in small batches and only after you have ordered it. As one of their goals is to ensure you get the freshest coffee possible, they also do not have the option of buying pre-ground coffee, only whole bean.

The Packaging

So we got it – this is good-tasting coffee! What about the other odds and ends, like packaging and shipping? 

Coffee Bros. packages their coffee in bright and elegant-looking bags that don’t just look good but can also work to store your beans in. The bags are made from thick material so that the seal can keep the product air-tight and free of moisture. They have a degassing valve and are also resealable which is a handy feature for those who store their beans in the bag.

When shipped, the bags come in a larger box, which is sealed to protect the beans. Even the individual bags are wrapped and taped to ensure your beans are not damaged in any way. Currently, Coffee Bros. does not offer international shipping, so this coffee is only available in the US.

Coffee Bros.

Final Verdict: Coffee Bros.

Overall, we would highly recommend sampling some of Coffee Bros. blends. They have made a successful debut to the coffee scene and are already making a name for themselves for producing high-quality, fresh coffee. These beans are excellent for the specialty coffee lover or make a great gift.

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