Best Pour Over Coffee Maker

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If you have found your way to this article then chances are that you are only a small step from beginning to explore the exciting world of pour-over coffee. Pour Over or manual drip is a rediscovered method of coffee brewing that has exploded all over the globe with the so-called Third Wave of Coffee. What sets apart this brewing technique is the comprehensive control the barista or coffee lover is given over every step of the brewing process.

This is probably our favorite method of brewing! This article will outline what we consider to be the best pour-over coffee makers. If you are just starting out exploring pour-over brewing then check out our guide to making pour over coffee.

The Best Pour Over Coffee Maker- Hario V60

Hario v60

If you are pushed for time and just want the conclusion then don’t worry about reading the rest of the article. The Hario V60 is the best pour-over coffee maker for the coffee lover seeking perfection. The v60 is the brewer of choice for most coffee enthusiasts, however, it does have a steep learning curve.

Best Pour Over Coffee Makers In 2024

As pour over coffee has gained traction around the world there has been a huge increase in the number of pour over coffee makers being designed and released. We have compiled a list of the best pour over coffee makers for 2024 to help you find the best pour over to fit your budget, lifestyle, and kitchen aesthetics. 

Hario V60

The Iconic Pour Over Coffee Maker

Hario v60

The Hario V60 is the Porsche or Lamborghini of pour over coffee makers. It is stylish, technical, and the coffee maker of choice among trained baristas around the world. The name V60 originates from the 60-degree angle of its distinctive cone. This pour over coffee cone dripper has spiral interior edges and a large hole at the bottom. The ridges keep the filter from sticking to the walls promoting even water flow and thus a fast drawdown and balanced extraction. The large hole in the dripper effectively means that the speed of extraction is exclusively governed by the method and technique of the brewer, as well as the particle size of the coffee grounds.

This incredibly hipster and elegant pour over coffee maker can either sit on top of your coffee mug or drip directly into a carafe or jug. If you walk into virtually any café that cares about coffee, chances are they will be sporting one of these, along with a barista who can wax eloquent about its benefits and precision. However, the very precision which makes coffee lovers froth about the V60, also makes it relatively unforgiving for beginners when making pour over coffee. 

If you are serious about coffee then the Hario V60 needs to be at the very least the goal toward which you are heading. 

Available In:

  • Size: 1,2,3 (2 Cup, 4 Cup, 7 Cup, most people prefer size 2)
  • Material: Ceramic, Glass, Plastic, Copper, Stainless steel (although not all materials are available for each size)
  • Colors: Red, White, Black, Brown, Pink, Clear (again dependent on the material chosen)
  • Filter Type: Special Hario filters
  • Skill Level: High


  • Preferred by many of the best baristas in the world
  • Makes a superb and clean brew
  • Very easy to clean
  • The single most customizable and precise pour over on the market


  • Takes a high level of skill and a meticulous routine
  • Requires the purchase of paper filters
  • Requires a sizeable amount of additional equipment to optimize the use

Kalita Wave

The Beginners Pour Over

Kalita Wave Dripper

This elegant dripper is the result of the market demand for a pour over that is designed for both optimal extraction and yet beginner friendly. And boy did they nail it! This is unquestionably the coffee maker of choice for the initial explorer into the world of pour over. As opposed to the V60 it is a flat-bottomed coffee dripper with three small triangulated holes in the bottom which regulate the flow rate and create a more stable brew. The name comes from the wave design on the interior walls which again helps to produce perfect brewing conditions. 

The Kalita Wave effectively replicates the strengths of the V60 while requiring less technical precision. This means that it is a far more forgiving coffee maker and a terrific way to start producing quality coffee for the beginner brewer. 

The Kalita Wave comes in a range of different materials, with stainless steel being the most popular. Unfortunately, the stainless steel brewer does tend to clog, resulting in a slower flow rate. There are simple hacks to get around this, such as placing a mesh filter at the bottom of the brewer, but it is worth being aware of.

The Kalita Wave is the best coffee dripper for you if you are one of the many coffee lovers just entering the pour over scene.

Available In:

  • Size: #155, #185 (2 Cup, 4 Cup)- The Kalita Wave 185 is the most popular size
  • Material: Ceramic, Glass, Stainless Steel (only the #185 is available in ceramic – we recommend getting the Kalita Wave in Stainless steel)
  • Colors: White, Clear
  • Filter Type: Kalita filter
  • Skill Level: Low


  • Makes terrific coffee and performs well with a range of coffee beans
  • Less technical and more forgiving than the V60
  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely portable and durable


  • Quite expensive for single serve
  • Requires the purchase of Kalita brand paper filters


Pour Over With Style

Chemex Pour Over Coffee Maker

This stylish pour over is a work of art in its own right. And this is not just a nice accolade – the Chemex coffee maker is part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. And if this wasn’t enough it was also chosen by the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1958 as one of the 100 best-designed products of modern times.

The Chemex is made of a single piece of blown glass and combines a pour over filter with a beautiful decanter. What distinguishes this piece of art from other brewers is the unique thickness of the filter it uses producing a delicious and very clean brew. The thickness of the filter keeps the bitter oils out of the dripped coffee and prevents the water from flowing through the ground coffee too quickly. In short, it makes a very clean and textured cup of coffee that can easily compete with any of the other pour overs on this list.

The Chemex is made of non-porous borosilicate glass which means that it won’t absorb flavors and is also heat-resistant. The advantage of this is that you can actually keep your brew warm by putting this pour over on a glass stove top or gas element over low heat. The Chemex can come either with a wooden collar or a handle but most people prefer no handle for stylistic reasons. And style matters. This is the pour over of choice to leave on your bench as part of the home décor and impress friends and family.

The other advantage of the Chemex is that it has a larger capacity than the other brewers on this list. The largest Chemex can brew 10 cups of coffee. This makes it the brewer of choice for larger batches of coffee.

So all in all this is the perfect pour over coffee maker for settings like the office where you are looking to brew multiple cups of sophisticated coffee. Or if you simply love coffee and art…

Available In:

  • Size: 3, 6, 8, or 10 Cup
  •  Material: Glass
  • Color: Clear
  • Filter Type: Chemex filter
  • Skill level: High


  • Makes a very clean and flavorful cup of coffee
  • Is the pour over of choice for making larger batches of coffee
  • Is easy to clean and durable
  • Is a piece of world-class art to grace your benchtop


  • Not portable 
  • Chemex filters are on the more expensive end

Fellow Pour Over

The New Contender

Fellow Stagg Pour Over Coffee Maker

The Fellow pour over dripper is a new contender in the pour over market. Like everything by Fellow, it has gentle curves and an understated elegance to it. The Fellow Pour Over comes in two sizes X and XF. However, unlike most of the sizes on the other pour over coffee makers, your choice of size here does make a significant difference. The X is around the size of a V60 or Kalita Wave, while the XF is tall and narrow, almost like an Aeropress, and allows for a ‘fill and go’ brew where you add all the water over the coffee grounds and then can walk away.

The main distinctives of the Fellow are its unique shape with almost vertical walls, and the vacuum-sealed walls to maintain optimal temperature. It is a flat-bottomed coffee dripper with 10 anti-clogging holes on the bottom. 

Overall, the Fellow Pour Over has been well received in the coffee community even by leading baristas such as Matt Perger. There is no doubt that the Fellow Pour Over Dripper can make a superb and delicious cup of coffee. 

Available In:

  •  Size: X, XF
  • Material: Stainless steel 
  • Colors: Black 
  • Filter Type: Special Stagg Filters
  • Skill level: Low


  • Can make a superb cup of coffee
  • Relatively easy to use
  • Looks beautiful
  • Comes well recommended


  • The narrow shape can make careful pouring harder (Like doing a pour over in an Aeropress)

Hario Woodneck

The Best Flavor

Hario Woodneck

The Hario Woodneck is a unique brewer that originated in Japan and in many senses is a different beast from the other pour over coffee makers on this list. What sets it apart is that instead of using a paper filter it uses a cloth filter which eliminates any paper residue or taste and ensures a thorough filtration of the coffee grounds. Basically, it produces superb coffee with a real depth of flavor. In fact, some coffee fanatics even contend that this pour over is capable of brewing some of the best cups of coffee you will ever drink. Because of the thickness of the cloth, the flavor is similar to that of the French press, producing a full-bodied coffee.

This is a great option if you are already immersed in the world of pour over coffee and are interested in contrasting tastes and techniques.

Available In:

  •  Size: 1, 2 Cup
  •  Material: Glass carafe with wooden handle
  • Colors: Handle can be either Dark Wood or Olive Wood
  • Filter required: Cloth filter
  • Skill level: High


  • Depth of flavor due to cloth filter
  • Value for money
  • No need to buy paper filters


  • The cloth filter requires special maintenance
  • Lovers of brighter coffee may struggle with the flavor

Clever Coffee Dripper

The Versatile Coffee Dripper

Clever Dripper

The Clever Coffee Dripper is often described as being a hybrid between a French press and a pour over coffee maker that retains the best of both worlds. Basically, the way that it works is that you put in your paper filter, add your ground coffee, fill the cone with water, and let it ‘steep’ for some time. Then release the valve to let the coffee drain into the cup or server below.

The unique valve is really what sets the Clever Coffee Dripper apart from every other pour over on this list. It means that you can make heavier, richer coffee as well as the lighter cleaner brews more often associated with pour over. With the valve open it basically functions as a pour over, while with the valve closed it allows for full immersion and a full-bodied, rich brew.

Another great thing about the Clever Coffee Dripper is that it is great for both beginners and more advanced brewers. So if you are just starting you will be able to make some delicious brews with this, and it can also cater to the more demanding needs of the experienced brewer.

Available In:


  • Easy to use
  • Very versatile brewer
  • Can make a delicious coffee
  • Very clean to use


  • Plastic can wear down over time

Origami Dripper

The Insta-Worthy Dripper

Origami Pour Over Coffee Maker

The Origami dripper is a stunning coffee dripper that deserves to be photographed. Designed in Japan, this conical brewer has 20 deep vertical grooves that allow an unobstructed flow of water through the coffee bed. The design ensures space is created between the filter and dripper to regulate brew time and produce perfect extractions. The Origami dripper has a large hole at the bottom, resulting in a faster flow rate than other drippers. 

The unique design of the Origami dripper also serves to make it a versatile brewer. The Origami can be used with a range of paper filters, both flat-bottomed or conical. It is compatible with the origami conical filters, v60, or Kalita filters. This makes it a good option for beginners, allowing you to play around with different styles of filters and flavor profiles. 

The Origami dripper is made from Mino porcelain, one of Japan’s most esteemed potteries, renowned for their unmatched quality and durability. The dripper comes in a huge range of beautiful colors, complete with a wooden holder. 

The Origami dripper is a beautiful pour over coffee maker that would be good for a beginner wanting a brewer that is simple to use and offers versatility.

Available In:

  •  Size: Small (1-2 cups) and Medium (2-4 cups)
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Color: huge range of colors
  • Filter type: Origami, v60, or Kalita filters
  • Skill level: low


  • Stunning design
  • Made from durable porcelain
  • Compatible with a range of paper filters


  • Can be hard to place the dripper level on the holder

Melitta Ready Set Joe

The Best Bang For Buck

Melitta Pour Over Coffee Maker

Finally, we have the Melitta Ready Set Joe. This manual drip coffee maker is literally cheap as chips, highly beginner friendly, and produces a consistent cup of coffee. There are no special features to get particularly excited about but it is so cheap you don’t even have to check with the Missus before buying it. It makes nice coffee, can use virtually any standard filter, is easy to clean, and is hard to stuff up. Basically, you put in your filter, put in the coffee grounds, pour the correct ratio of water and you are away laughing. And as a bonus, it is dishwasher safe so you don’t even need to clean it by hand when you are done.

So if you are just beginning to explore this method of brewing and are keen to give it a shot without breaking the bank then this pour over coffee maker is a fantastic option.

Available In:

  •  Size: 1 Cup
  • Material: Plastic 
  • Color: Black, Red 
  • Filter type: standard filter
  • Skill level: low


  • Cheap as Chips
  • Light and portable
  • Beginner friendly
  • Makes a consistent and enjoyable coffee


  • Doesn’t look much
  • Allows less control over the coffee brewing process
  • Lacks the depth of flavor of some of the more advanced coffee drippers

Best Pour Over Coffee Maker- The Verdict

After comparing the above products we recommend the Kalita Wave for the beginning brewer and the Hario V60 for the skilled coffee enthusiast.

We believe that either one of these coffee drippers will give you a superb and balanced cup of coffee and take your enjoyment and appreciation of coffee to a whole new level.

Happy Buying!

What To Look For In A Pour Over Coffee Maker

Imagine for a moment that you have decided you need to buy a new car. So you wander down to the car sales yard and say to the sales rep “I want to buy a car.” The very first thing the rep will say to you (or should say to you anyway!) is “well, what are you looking for? What is your price range? Two wheel drive or four? Manual or automatic? Are there any particular features you would like?” The point being that you can’t find the right choice for you unless you know what you are looking for. And it is exactly the same with finding the right pour over coffee maker, you need to know what you are looking for. So with that in mind, we have compiled a list of different factors that are worth considering in picking your coffee dripper:

  • Portability: Is this a coffee dripper to sit on your bench or to take on your business trip? This will affect not only the type of pour over coffee maker you choose but the material you opt for (if you want a coffee dripper for that hiking trip then glass or ceramic is probably not a good option!).
  • Technical Skill required: Is this your first exploration into the world of pour over coffee or do you already have extensive brewing experience? It can be pretty discouraging to have a shiny new pour over coffee dripper which is simply above your skill level and so producing average coffee. If you are looking to brew pour over coffee without the effort you could also consider opting for an automatic pour over coffee maker instead of a manual one.
  • Effort required: Are you looking for a quick fix that is a step above instant coffee or are you willing to spend time and effort perfecting the pour over technique and skills? A coffee brewer such as the V60 or the Chemex makes a superb cup of coffee but does take diligence and effort to master.
  • Budget: How much money are you willing to put into this coffee maker? The pour over coffee makers in our list vary in price from as cheap as chips to a real investment. In addition, for the majority of these coffee makers you will need to buy specific paper filters and extra equipment (a quality grinder, coffee scales, and a gooseneck kettle are prerequisites for the more technical coffee drippers).
  • Single Cup vs Multi-Cup: How much coffee are you wanting to brew? Is this purchase about a single morning coffee before the kids have risen or about a jug of quality coffee to last the day or cover all the workmates? The majority of pour over coffee makers have options of various sizes but ones like the Chemex are optimized for multi-serve use.
  • Material: Do you care about what material your pour over comes in? Most of the coffee makers we review are available in various materials but ones like the Chemex and Woodneck are only available in glass.