Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

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These days a love affair with everything coffee is becoming more and more common. Which is fantastic if you are a fellow coffee lover but may cause some difficulties if you are not. And at least one of those difficulties is that it is more and more likely that either you have or will have to buy a gift for a coffee lover at some point in the near future.

And if you don’t know much about the world of coffee where do you start? What sort of a gift would a coffee lover like? How much should a coffee gift cost? Are there brands you should gravitate towards or avoid at all costs? Needless to say it can feel a bit daunting!

So we have created this article as a simple guide to some safe coffee gifts that almost all coffee lovers will appreciate. As an openly passionate coffee enthusiast I can say that I would be stoked with any of these.

The only thing you will have to keep in mind is making sure your coffee loving friend doesn’t already own the suggested coffee gifts. We will also try and intentionally give a wide range of different priced coffee gifts. 

So without further ado, let’s get into it! 

Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

The Aeropress

coffee gift

This rather iconic and eclectic looking coffee brewer is perhaps one of the best gifts for coffee lovers. It has been around for a number of years now and has acquired something of a cult following. And the reason is that it can make superb tasting coffee, is remarkably enjoyable to use, and is additionally light and durable enough for travel or hiking. There really isn’t much not to love about the Aeropress. And the other reason that this is quite a safe option is that it would be a great coffee gift for either the novice coffee lover or the veteran. If you are wanting to really spoil someone you could throw in the Hario Olive wood server with it- they will love it!

Particular if your friend/spouse/relative is someone who either travels or hikes a lot then you really don’t need to read any further. The Aeropress is right for them and they will come to love it! If you are not convinced then read our article about why we love the Aeropress so much here.

The Baratza Encore

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder

This is a bit more of a pricey coffee gift that perhaps would better suit a spouse or partner situation rather than the common acquaintance. Basically, it is a burr coffee grinder that is of excellent quality for the price point. In fact the Baratza Encore really is the go-to grinder in the specialty coffee world for manual brewing methods (basically everything but espresso; French Press, Aeropress, Pour Over, Moka Pot etc.). It comes with high quality burrs and is just a great wee grinder that your coffee loving friend is sure to appreciate and actually use. 

So especially if your special friend hasn’t yet begun to grind his or her own beans then this is a fantastic coffee gift that will help them to really lift their coffee game. It is by no means the cheapest item on this list however. 

The Hario Drip Scale

Best Gifts for coffee lovers

Another thing you may or may not realise is that an essential part of any coffee lover’s kit is, of all things, a set of scales. Coffee brewing is precise art and so the more consistent and accurate you are the better flavour that you will produce overall. So for us for example, we have owned our Hario Drip Scale for around three years now and we have probably used it for 90% of the coffees we have made during that time. 

It is also worth noting that coffee scales are different from normal kitchen scales. They all have an inbuilt timer which is helpful for coffee brewing and also tend to have a longer time before they automatically switch off. This particular scale again really is the time tested model that is literally owned by thousands of committed coffee lovers all over the world. It is a great scale and one of the best gifts for coffee lovers. 

The Chemex

best gifts for coffee lovers

This elegant looking piece of art is actually a pour over coffee brewer and is widely loved and used in the coffee world. It looks stunning, makes superb tasting coffee, and is particularly well suited to making larger batches of coffee. If they love coffee you can be sure they will love the Chemex. 

In fact interestingly enough, this brewer is unique in that it is actually a part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. A good conversation starter on any bench top. But seriously, it does make fantastic tasting coffee especially if your friend has dabbled into pour over coffee or talks about single origin beans. It is also handy that because it is one piece of blown glass it comes with both the coffee brewer and carafe/server in one. A solid gift for coffee lovers. 

The World Atlas of Coffee by James Hoffman 

Maybe you know that your friend already has all the coffee gear that he or she needs. So what do you get them? Well a somewhat unique gift for a coffee lover can be a coffee book. This book in particular is a ripper. It is kind of like the Encyclopedia of Coffee. It has recipes and tips for almost every coffee brewing method, it explains how coffee is grown and harvested, and then gives a short bio on almost all the different countries that produce coffee. 

Having read this book cover to cover I can attest that your coffee-loving friend will delight in it. It has helpful tips, and is especially useful for looking up different areas where their coffee might have been grown to see what to expect. It also looks stunning and is a great addition to any coffee nook or coffee table. 

The Ember Coffee Mug

Best gift for coffee lovers

What do you buy the friend who already has it all? Well one safe option is this cutting edge smart coffee cup. I can almost guarantee they won’t own it. This rather elegant looking black coffee cup is probably the most advanced cup that you have heard of. Basically the idea is that coffee lovers can be easily distracted and sometimes make a superb brew only to get distracted and come back to the disappointment of a cold cup of coffee. Well with the Ember Mug, no longer. 

This techy cup allows the user to preset the temperature at which he or she would like their coffee kept so that they could even leave for a few hours and come back to find their brew good to go! It allows you to choose your preferred drinking temperature and then it will keep your drink at that heat either for 1.5 hours if away from the charger or all day if on the charger. This is a particularly good coffee gift for those who drink their coffee black. However, be warned that while it is the most advanced coffee cup you have heard of, it may also be the most expensive. This bad boy isn’t cheap! 

Coffee beans

Beanbox Coffee Subscription

If you know anything about coffee lovers we all say that we are not coffee snobs but we totally are! Coffee lovers can tend to be very particular about their coffee which can make buying a gift for them such a pain. So to buy them coffee beans when you don’t know anything about coffee might seem like the height of folly. In fact, maybe they have even given you the talk about the importance of fresh quality beans which convinced you to never talk coffee with them again. 

But to do it well is actually easier than you might think. It will take a little more preparation than some other gifts on this list but is well worth it. In advance you will have to know two things about your friend; whether they grind their own beans or use pre-ground, and what is their preferred coffee maker. From there, simply jump onto google and type in ‘best coffee roasters near me.’  Then you simply pick no. 1 on the list and give them a call telling them whether you need pre-ground or whole beans and for what coffee maker and ask what beans they would recommend. And they will sort you out quickly with some delicious coffee beans. This tends to be a cheaper coffee gift for coffee lovers and will impress them at the same time!

If you really wanted to spoil them, you could buy them a bag of premium Kona Coffee. See our guide to the Best Kona Coffee for some top picks.

The other option is to sign them up for a coffee subscription or sampler box from a company such as Atlas Coffee Club or Trade Coffee. This is a great option to give your friend the chance to try a bunch of coffee from different roasters. The coffee is also only roasted after being ordered to ensure freshness. For more information check out our review of Atlas Coffee Club and Trade Coffee subscription.

Well we hope this has been informative in helping you find the right gift for that blimmin coffee loving friend who is so hard to buy for. Any of these coffee gifts they will be sure to love!

Happy buying!

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