Amy Hyslop

I am the designer and content manager of The Coffee Folk. I love going on adventures with the kids, tracking down the best cafes, and coffee at the beach.

Best ground coffee

Best Ground Coffee

Do you enjoy waking up to the smell of coffee every morning? Chances are if you have a coffee maker, you use ground coffee. While more and more coffee enthusiasts are switching to grinding their own coffee beans, pre-ground coffee definitely still holds the majority position.  Maybe you have a favorite ground coffee, and maybe …

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Delonghi Dedica Feature Image

Delonghi Dedica

The Delonghi Dedica is a popular entry-level espresso machine.  Its key selling points include a compact design, easy operation, and a low price point. We will take a deeper look at the Delonghi Dedica to help you see whether it is the right espresso machine for you. Delonghi Dedica Review Specs Dimensions (DxWxH): 13 x …

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Breve Coffee Feature Image

Breve Coffee

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the term Breve Coffee.  If you order a Breve at Starbucks you will likely find yourself the lucky recipient of a cup of steamed half-and-half! Whereas if you order a Cafe Breve you will get a rich, creamy latte with half-and-half instead of milk. So what is the …

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