Atlas Coffee Club

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Atlas Coffee Club, as the name would suggest, is a unique coffee subscription that delivers coffee beans from around the world to your door each month. Atlas coffee presents a fun and exciting way to expand your horizons and sample different types of beans. The Atlas Coffee Club is also an excellent option if you are looking for a gift for that coffee lover in your life. Each month the coffee arrives in beautiful packaging, complete with a postcard from the new country detailing the tasting notes of the beans and brewing tips. 

So read this Atlas Coffee Club review as we explore this coffee subscription to see if it is right for you.

Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club is an excellent choice for the coffee lover who wants to explore the world of coffee. Atlas coffee curates and roasts beans from different countries and delivers them to your door each month, along with brewing tips. Sign up for a coffee subscription today and get your first bag free with the code COFFEE50

Atlas Coffee Club Review


Atlas coffee is based in Austin, Texas. It was founded by two coffee lovers, Michael Shewmake and Jon Miller. Together they built the company which procures and curates micro-lot coffee from around the world. Each month coffee from a different country is delivered to your door, allowing you to sample and experience the unique flavor profiles of coffee grown in different regions. 

Atlas Coffee sources coffee from a different county or region each month. Past coffee journeys include Costa Rica, Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia, and Kenya, to name a few. They are a company committed to ethically sourcing their coffee beans and sustainability. They pay above fair-trade prices to support coffee farmers and ensure quality coffee is produced year after year.

The Coffee

Unlike other coffee subscriptions, Atlas Coffee Club delivers different coffee to your door each month. Their coffee of the month is constantly changing, particularly in regards to origin. This can be a pro or con, depending on your personality. If you are adventurous and think variety is the spice of life, this subscription will likely appeal to you. If you, on the other hand, like routines and have already established some favorite coffees, it may not be your cup of tea (or coffee).

Atlas coffee uses the top 1% of the world’s coffee in their coffee subscription. All the coffee sourced is specialty grade coffee, the highest quality coffee on the market. The beans are hand-picked at peak ripeness, ensuring only the best quality beans make it to your cup. 

The beans are all single origin, so they are sourced from a single farm, producer, or region in a country. Single origin beans are typically brighter in flavor with floral, fruity, or citrusy notes. These types of coffees are usually brewed using pour-over or drip brewing methods as these tend to highlight the unique origin flavors. 

Finally, all the beans are roasted fresh to order and shipped within 24 hours of roasting. 

Atlas Coffee Club

How Atlas Coffee Club Works

Signing up for Atlas Coffee Club is straightforward. Because they curate the coffee for you each month, there are very few decisions to make upfront. After signing up, you select:

  1. What type of coffee you want: Whole bean, Ground, or Ground for pods. 
  2. Your roast preference: light to medium, medium to dark, all roast types or espresso roast.
  3. The quantity of beans: Atlas Coffee Club offers three different size options: 6 oz (making around 15 cups of coffee), 12 oz (making approximately 30 cups of coffee), or 24 oz (making around 60 cups of coffee).
  4. The shipping frequency: you can either have coffee delivered every two weeks or once a month. 

Finally, you enter your payment information and wait for the coffee to be delivered to your door. 

Coffee Subscription

Subscriber Options

Because Atlas Coffee is a coffee of the month subscription, subscribers have limited options. But this is part of the experience; when you sign up to Atlas Coffee, you pay for their expertise to find and deliver quality coffee. Subscribers have the option of choosing between a caffeinated or decaf coffee subscription.   

The choices then come down to what type of coffee you want. If you have a coffee grinder at home, you can opt for whole beans, allowing you to grind for any brewing method. If you don’t, not to worry- Atlas coffee has you covered! They offer two options for ground coffee. Their standard ground coffee is a medium grind suitable for drip machines. They also provide ground coffee for pods which is suitable for use with Keurig coffee makers. 

The final option subscribers have is to select the quantity of beans delivered each month. Atlas offers three sizes; 6, 12, or 24 oz bags of coffee. And this can be delivered every 2 or 4 weeks. Bear in mind that because the coffee only changes once a month, you will receive the same beans twice if you have it delivered fortnightly.


It is worth mentioning that Atlas Coffee comes in beautiful packaging. Each month’s coffee comes with vibrant patterns printed on the sides that reflect the bean’s origins. Asides from the packaging, each delivery comes with a postcard from the coffee’s origin country, detailing tasting notes and brewing tips. The packaging truly is a work of art and delivers a finessed experience.

The coffee bags do not have a degassing valve or resealing features, so it is worth investing in an airtight container to store the coffee once it arrives. 

Umboxing Atlas Coffee Club

Coffee Subscription Gifts

Atlas Coffee Club is a popular and unique gift option for the coffee lover in your life. They offer a 3, 6, or 12-month coffee world tour gift subscription. This is an excellent way to allow your loved one to explore the world of coffee. And in case you are not a coffee connoisseur yourself, the recipient can make changes to their roast, grind type, or shipping preferences.

Shipping Options and Pricing

One of the downsides of Atlas Coffee Club is that it doesn’t offer free shipping. Shipping typically costs around $5 within the US; however, international shipping is a fair bit more. If you are interested in signing up, Atlas coffee frequently runs promotions or offers discounts for first-time subscribers. 

Atlas Coffee Club ships within the US and Canada. US orders are usually delivered within 3-6 business days, while Canada orders are delivered within 5-12 business days.  

So, is Atlas coffee worth it? Obviously, Atlas Coffee Club is more expensive than buying coffee from the local grocery store. But we think the price is fair considering you are getting high-quality, fresh, single-origin beans. When you subscribe to Atlas Coffee, you sign up for a global coffee experience. Part of the cost goes into the quality beans and the rest into the research, travel, and expertise in sourcing beans. 

Atlas Coffee Club also offers a rewards program where you receive points each time you order coffee, a gift subscription, or refer friends. The points go towards free shipping or store credit.

Who is Atlas Coffee Club for?

Given the changing nature of Atlas Coffee, this subscription is really for someone who wants to sample coffee from different regions and explore different tasting notes. It is an excellent entry point into specialty coffee. While the beans are available in an espresso roast, this subscription is better suited to manual brewing methods than espresso. 


  • High-quality, single-origin coffee
  • Easy way to explore the world of coffee
  • Choice of three bag sizes
  • Beautiful packaging


  • Must pay for shipping
  • Expensive


Atlas Coffee Club is not for everyone, especially if you are already well versed in specialty coffee and know your preferences. Here are some other alternative coffee subscriptions.

Trade Coffee

Trade Coffee Feature Image

Trade Coffee is an excellent alternative if you want to sample coffee from some top roasters. They offer a vast selection of coffees- over 450 different types from America’s best roasters. After completing a quiz, they curate a selection of coffees they think you will love. You then customize your quantity, delivery frequency, and grind setting. A different bag of freshly roasted coffee is then delivered to your door each time, allowing you to sample coffee from all over the US.

Angels’ Cup

Angels' Cup

If you like exploring coffee, Angel’s cup is another great way to do this. Like Atlas Coffee Club, they curate coffees from around the world and send them out for you to try. What makes them unique is that they offer blind tastings, allowing subscribers to learn to taste coffee and grow in their coffee knowledge. 

Atlas Coffee Club- The Verdict

Atlas Coffee Club is a unique coffee subscription that curates different coffees from around the world and delivers them to your door, allowing you to explore the world of coffee. We think this coffee subscription is an excellent way to sample different beans and get introduced to the world of specialty coffee. Sign up for a coffee subscription today and get your first bag free with the code COFFEE50.