Airscape Coffee Canister

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A coffee canister is one of those essential pieces of coffee gear you have to invest in at some point. It tidies the kitchen space, keeps the beans fresh for longer, and is typically airtight. However, if you have taken a look on Amazon, you will quickly see that the options which fit these criteria are almost endless.

 The Airscape Coffee Canister is one of the leading contenders to make it into a coffee lover’s arsenal. 

Airscape Coffee Canister

The Airscape coffee canister has a simple but effective design. The patented lid helps to keep coffee fresh by displacing air. The Airscape is well made, with a striking design. It is available in a range of colors, materials, and finishes. The Airscape is a beautiful coffee canister that will fit with any coffee setup.

Why Invest In A Coffee Canister?

Many people question the need for a coffee canister– surely a sealed coffee bag does the job just as well? While this can be true, if you want to store coffee beans for extended periods, a coffee canister is far more effective at keeping it fresh. Coffee’s main adversaries are air, light, moisture, and heat. All of these foes speed up the rate of oxidation, causing coffee to lose all those complex flavors and aromas we love. A coffee canister helps to protect coffee beans from light, air, and moisture.  

About Planetary Design

The seed for Planetary Design was first planted in 1992 by a Montana backpacker, who saw a need for quality coffee storage containers that could be used by hikers, coffee enthusiasts, tea lovers, and foodies alike. And so the idea took root and grew into the BruTrek, Airscape, and ethoz products being developed. All the Planetary Design products have simple but quality designs, lightweight builds, and durability. 

Airscape Coffee Canister Review


The Airscape Coffee Canister has a stunning design. It is available in a stainless steel, ceramic, or glass finish. You can also get the canister in various colors to match your color scheme. The Airscape canister comes in two main sizes; small, which holds 8 oz or 250 grams of whole beans, or medium, which holds 1lb or 500 grams of whole beans. They have also released a large version for coffee consumers, containing a massive 2.5lb or 1kg of beans. 

The Airscape coffee canisters are made of quality materials with a lightweight but durable build. They can be stacked on one another for easy storage. A nice feature they share is a rubber padded bottom to aid grip.

Airscape Patented lid

The Airscape has a simple design. You have the container in your desired material and then two lids. The inner lid is the main event. This lid fits tightly inside the canister and is pressed down like a plunger. Oxygen is forced out via a two-way valve as it is pressed down. Once the inner lid is in place, you flip the handle down to lock it in place.

In addition to the inner lid, a second airtight lid sits on top of the canister. Overall, this system effectively minimizes the air in contact with the beans. 

Airscape Coffee Canister


The Airscape coffee canister is simple to maintain. The Stainless steel and Glass containers, in particular, are resistant to staining and odor retention. Planetary designs recommend hand washing the interior of the container. They should not be put in the dishwasher, or it could ruin the finish of the container. The seals on the lids should be wiped down occasionally to remove any build-up of dust or oils. 


There is a massive range of different coffee canisters, as we mentioned above. For some other options, see our guide to the best coffee canisters.

Fellow Atmos

The Fellow Atmos is the other leading contender in the coffee community. This popular canister has a stunning design and is superbly built. The Fellow Atmos is a vacuum container with a pump integrated into the lid that removes all the air from the container and forms a vacuum seal. The lid also has an indicator to show you when the vacuum is locked, and all the air has been removed. It is generally agreed that the Fellow Atmos does a better job at preserving beans. Having owned both the Fellow Atmos and the Airscape, we would say that the Fellow has a more attractive design and a better build. However, the Airscape is easier to use and is more affordable. 

Fellow Atmos vs Airscape

The Verdict

The Airscape Coffee Canister is a nice-looking container that is well-made, easy to use, and works well to keep coffee beans fresh. If you want to invest in a coffee canister, we highly recommend the Airscape. 


  • Airtight lid to keep beans fresh
  • Available in a large array of colors
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple sizes


  • Paint can chip
  • Requires some force to open or close the inner lid

Airscape Coffee Canister

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