1Zpresso X-Pro

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The 1Zpresso X-Pro is a recent release from 1Zpresso, and once again the company has outdone itself. The 1Zpresso X-Pro is a more premium version of the popular Q2 grinder, offering incredible bang for buck. With an external adjustment mechanism offering 12.5 microns per click and a wide grinding range, the X-Pro has become the new gold standard for budget grinders. 

Read on to find out if this manual coffee grinder is right for you.


The X-series is a new range of grinders from 1Zpresso offering incredible value for money. There are three grinders in the series; the X-Pro, X-Pro S, and the X-Ultra. They have a slightly larger heptagonal burr set at 40mm than the 1Zpresso Q2 grinder. The X-Pro is the most basic model in the lineup, while the X-Pro S is decked out with the new foldable handle. The X-Ultra is the premium model which is available in a range of colors and includes a magnetic catch cup.

1Zpresso X-Pro Review

1Zpresso X Pro S


  • Use For: Espresso and Pour Over
  • Burrs: 40mm Heptagonal Burr
  • Capacity: 25-30g
  • Grind Settings: 60 clicks per rotation, 12.5 microns per click
  • Weight: 610g

Design and Build Quality

The X-Pro features the same aesthetics as all the 1Zpresso grinders. It has a sturdy build, manufactured from high-grade aluminum alloy with a brushed matte finish. A leather-like grip in the middle of the grinder, embellished with the 1Zpresso logo,  makes it easy to grip. If you opt for the S model, it has an updated handle that folds away making it more compact and travel-friendly. 

The X-Pro is able to be disassembled without any extra tools which makes cleaning a breeze. It also comes with a cleaning brush to maintain the burrs. In addition, the grinder remains calibrated when reassembled which is a helpful feature.

When compared to the Q2, the X-Pro is taller, slimmer, and easier to hold. It has a larger capacity of 25-30g which is more than enough for a pour-over or a double shot of espresso. It weighs 610g making it more lightweight than the J-Series grinders (which weigh almost 100g more) and better suited for travel. 

While the X-Pro has some premium features like a frosted lid and rubber grip on the base of the dosing cup, other features like a magnetic catch cup, and larger burrs have been foregone to keep costs down.

1Zpresso X Pro grinder


The 1Zpresso X-Pro is fitted with an identical burr set to the Q2- a 40mm heptagonal burr. The heptagonal burr is fitted to the axle and held in place by two bearings to keep it stable, producing consistent grinds. While the heptagonal burrs are smooth to grind with, the beans do sometimes get caught with the narrow entry point. The heptagonal burr is well suited for pour-over, producing consistent grinds, particularly at the medium to fine grind size range. 

The only downside with the burr is that the smaller size means it does take longer to grind with when compared to some of the other 1Zpresso grinders. 

1Zpresso X Pro Burrs

Grind Adjustment

The 1Zpresso X-Pro has an external adjustment system which is far more convenient than the traditional internal adjustment system. The dial has 60 grind settings per rotation with four full rotations, offering 240 different grind settings which is impressive for a grinder at this price point. Each click moves the burr by 12.5 microns, which is better than the Q2 (at 25 microns) and the same as the JX-Pro. These incremental adjustments mean you can dial in an espresso grind precisely.

The wide range of grind settings means that the X-Pro is suitable for both pour-over and espresso. The only downside of the system is that there is no reference showing which rotation you are on, so if you forget, you need to return to zero and start again. 

1Zpresso X pro size

Grind Settings

1Zpresso has a helpful chart which we have attached below to use as a reference for grind settings. The grind size is communicated via three numbers. The first number in the sequence indicates the number of rotations, the second number references the number on the grind dial while the third number specifies the number of clicks. 

1Zpresso X pro grind settings

Grinding Quality

The 1Zpresso X-Pro produces very consistent grinds, particularly for Pour Over. The burrs have better alignment than the Q2 burrs, producing a cleaner brew. The grinder works well for light to medium-roasted coffee.

1Zpresso X-Pro vs JX-Pro

The 1Zpresso X-Pro is very similar to the 1Zpresso JX-Pro grinder, with very little price difference, so which one is better? Both grinders are multi-purpose grinders, able to grind coffee for drip or espresso. They both offer a stepped adjustment system with 12.5 microns per click and a large grind range for dialing in. 

The 1Zpresso JX-Pro has a larger 48mm burr which makes it faster to grind with. So if espresso is your mainstay the JX-Pro or its older brother, the J-Max is a better option.

The 1Zpresso X-Pro is a smaller and lighter grinder, making it easier to travel with. In addition, the smaller diameter makes it easier to grip and grind with. The other appealing feature of the X-Pro is the external grind adjustment system which is far more convenient to use. These features all make it a superb manual coffee grinder for pour-over or travel.

Who Is The 1Zpresso X-Pro For?

The 1Zpresso X-Pro is a great manual coffee grinder offering excellent value for money. While there are a few compromises in the design like the smaller burrs and a screw-on catch cup, overall, it is a superb multi-purpose grinder. The external adjustment ring makes it easy to switch between grind sizes and is a point of difference between other grinders at this price point.


  • Lightweight
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Excellent grind consistency for drip coffee
  • External adjustment ring
  • Huge grind range with small 12-micron steps


  • Smaller burrs mean it takes longer to grind
  • No reference on the dial to which rotation you are on

1Zpresso X-Pro- The Verdict

The 1Zpresso X-Pro is a great-value manual coffee grinder. It is lightweight and portable and has an external grind adjustment system and a huge range of grind settings. The small 12.5-micron steps mean this grinder can comfortably be used for manual brewing methods as well as espresso. You will be hard-pressed to find a manual grinder that can beat the X-Pro at this price point. While it is by no means the best manual grinder in the 1Zpresso lineup, if you are looking for a filter grinder on a budget the X-Pro is an excellent choice.

1Zpresso X Pro S handle