1Zpresso J Max Coffee Grinder Review

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1Zpresso is really the go-to name for manual grinders these days. While they may not be the best there is, they probably offer the single best price-to-quality ratio on the market. 

In this article, we consider the 1Zpresso J Max. The 1Zpresso J Max is a premium manual grinder that has gained popularity among coffee enthusiasts for its precise grinding capabilities and affordable price point. Designed as an espresso grinder, the J-Max offers a host of features that make it a standout option in the world of manual coffee grinders. Read on to find out if it is right for you. 

1Zpresso J Max 

1Zpresso J Max


  • Used For: Espresso and Filter Espresso
  • Burrs: 48mm Titanium coated
  • Settings: 400
  • Burr Movement: 8.8 microns
  • Hopper Capacity: 35-40g
  • Weight: 750g

Design and Build Quality

The 1Zpresso J Max exudes a sense of durability and quality craftsmanship from the moment you lay eyes on it. Its aluminum alloy body not only ensures longevity but also gives it a sleek, modern look. The grinder feels substantial in your hand, and the quality of the materials used is evident. The 1Zpresso J Max manual grinder is available in either a stainless steel or iron gray color. 

The latest J-Max S model is decked out with their new foldable handle. The handle is longer giving better leverage and fitted with a wooden ball that is comfortable to grip and smooth to grind. 

The J-Max comes complete with a magnetic catch cup which is easy to detach. The cup has a silicone base keeping it stable on the bench. It also comes with a travel case, cleaning brush, and blower. 

1Zpresso J Max case and accessories

Grinding Performance

One of the standout features of the 1Zpress J Max is its grinding performance. It boasts a large 48mm conical burr set, which is titanium coated. These burrs are known for their ability to produce consistent and uniform coffee grounds, which is crucial for achieving a balanced extraction and flavor. 

The burrs are similar in geometry to the burrs found in the JS and JX-Pro, with a few key differences. The 1Zpresso J Max burrs have updated geometry aimed to focus more on espresso, namely more finishing teeth, which in turn produce more fines. The burrs are also titanium coated to extend the life of the grinder. This is an important feature when grinding for espresso, which is more demanding. Finally, the burrs are held in place by a three-bearing system (rather than two) to keep them stable. 

The 1Zpresso J Max is quick and smooth to grind with, with the large aggressive burrs quickly churning through beans. The J-Max produces a very consistent grind size across the board, but really shines in the espresso grind range. While the J-Max is more than capable of grinding for both pour-over and espresso, the huge number of settings means it is complicated to switch between brew methods. 

Titanium Coated Burrs

Grind Size Adjustment

The 1Zpresso J-Max has a convenient external adjustment system. A dial on the top of the coffee grinder is numbered 0-8 with 10 clicks per number. There are 90 clicks per rotation and 5 rotations possible, offering around 450 settings, catering to everything from Turkish through to French Press. 

Each click moves the burr by a minuscule 8.8 microns, which is the smallest burr movement of all the 1Zpresso grinders. This ultra-fine adjustment is perfect for dialing in espresso. The one downside of this system is that you don’t have all the settings available on a single rotation, but rather multiple rotations, which can make it complicated when switching between brew methods. The J-Max does have an arrow to track which rotation you are on, however, we would not recommend this manual grinder as a multi-purpose grinder.

Grind adjustment on J Max

Ease Of Use

The 1Zpresso J-Max is easy to use, however, grinding at the fine grind setting required for espresso does take longer and requires some strength. The grind adjustment dial is simple to use and clicks as you move through each setting. 1Zpresso has a helpful chart on its website indicating good starting points for the different brew methods. 

The sheer range of grind settings means that you will be able to dial in to the perfect grind setting for your preferred brew method. 


Given that the J-Max is a manual grinder, you do have the option of taking it with you on your travels. The foldable handle makes the coffee grinder more compact and the travel case allows you to easily pack it up for travel. However, we wouldn’t really call it a travel grinder. The J-Max is a decent size and weighs 750 grams!


The J-Max is very simple to clean and maintain. The grinder can be disassembled without the use of any tools and comes with a brush and air blower to keep the burrs clean. The J-Max also has an anti-static burr cap to reduce static. This results in very little mess after grinding.


While the 1Zpresso J-Max is not the most affordable manual grinder on the market, it does offer excellent value for money if you are looking for an espresso grinder. The J-Max outperforms many manual coffee grinders at this price point when it comes to build quality and grinding performance. However, if your budget is tight, there are some other manual grinders in the J series you could consider.

1Zpresso J S vs J-Max vs JX-Pro

1Zpresso J

1Zpresso J grinder size
  • Use for: Pour Over
  • Burrs: 48mm stainless steel 
  • Adjustment: Internal bottom 
  • Settings: 120 with 30 clicks per rotation
  • Burr Movement: 25 microns
  • Capacity: 30-35g

1Zpresso JX Pro

Size of 1Zpresso JX Pro S
  • Use for: Pour Over or Espresso
  • Burrs: 48mm stainless steel 
  • Adjustment: External top
  • Settings: 200+ with 40 clicks per rotation
  • Burr Movement: 12.5 microns
  • Capacity: 30-35g

1Zpresso J Max

1Zpresso J Max grinder size
  • Use for: Espresso
  • Burrs: 48mm titanium coated
  • Adjustment: External 
  • Settings: 450+ with 90 clicks per rotation
  • Burr Movement: 8.8 microns
  • Capacity: 35-40g

If you are weighing up which 1Zpresso grinder to opt for, it really comes down to your situation. If you are on a tight budget and want a manual grinder for pour-over that is also capable of espresso the 1Zpresso J is the best value.

The JX-Pro is a good multi-purpose grinder, however, it is harder to recommend when you can pay an extra $30 and get the J-Max. The J-Max is a better manual grinder for espresso and has a better adjustment system, far more precision, a coated burr, a travel case, and a magnetic catch cup. In our opinion, these extra features are well worth upgrading for. See our guide the 1Zpresso grinders for the full rundown.

Who Is The 1Zpresso J-Max For?

The 1Zpresso J-Max is a manual grinder that is really aimed at espresso. While not a stepless grinder, it comes as close to being stepless as possible, offering the precision required to dial in a shot. While it offers a full range of grind settings for both filter coffee and espresso, the huge number of settings means that switching between brew methods is complicated, involving multiple dial rotations. Because of this, we would recommend the J-Max for someone looking for an espresso grinder with the ability to make an occasional filter coffee. If you are after some more options, check out our guide to the best manual grinders.


  • Precise grind adjustment
  • Huge grinding range
  • Good value for money


  • Adjusting between brew methods complicated

1Zpresso J-Max- The Verdict

In conclusion, the 1Zpresso J-Max is a top-notch manual grinder that excels in both build quality and grinding performance. Its simple adjustment system is easy to use and offers impressive precision. The J-Max is a great value espresso grinder and an excellent choice for espresso enthusiasts who are passionate about extracting the best flavors from their coffee beans.

1Zpresso J Max grinder