1Zpresso Grinder Comparison

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1Zpresso is now considered in some corners to be the Apple company of manual coffee grinders. 1Zpresso grinders are elegant, effective, and affordable. They are a company that evidently strives for excellence, and continually seeks to improve. Every year they are releasing new hand grinders, updating others, and discontinuing older models. 

For sometime now they have been a company to keep your eye on and that is becoming only more evident. Many of their grinders make it onto the lists for the best manual hand grinders. It can, however, be hard to keep up with and to get your head around which series and which grinder in each series is the actual grinder you are looking for.  

That is why we have written this article. We want to guide you to the best 1Zpresso grinders to buy in 2023. So let’s get into it!

About 1Zpresso

Don’t worry if you aren’t overly familiar with 1Zpresso; this company is relatively new to the coffee scene, established in 2017. They are based in Taiwan and were started by a group of coffee-loving engineers. A good start, right? 

The company focuses on manual coffee grinders and has quickly become a prominent player in the specialty coffee community. Their hand grinders are among some of the best on the market and are mainly known for their speed, precision, grind quality, and affordability. 

Don’t be fooled by the lack of proper English on their website and manuals- this company knows what it is doing when it comes to grinding. You want a 1Zpresso grinder in your coffee kit!

1Zpresso K max

Best 1Zpresso Grinder

The 1Zpresso K Max is the best all-round grinder. It has large 48mm burrs, fast grinding speeds and a simple adjustment system that is easy to use and capable of grinding for both espresso and pour over.

1Zpresso Grinder Comparison

1Zpresso Q-Series: Q2

Best Travel Grinder

1Zpresso Q2 grinder
  • Use for: Pour Over
  • Burrs: 38mm Stainless steel
  • Hopper capacity: 15-20 grams
  • Weight: 425 grams

The 1Zpresso Q2 is the cheapest of the 1Zpresso grinders and is intended for travel. As such, it does have a few quirks that the other grinders don’t have. The Q2 is lightweight and durable, being made from high-grade aluminum. Its compact size means it fits snugly in an Aeropress plunger, which is a handy feature. Being a portable grinder, it does have a smaller 20-gram capacity, making it ideal for single serves of coffee.

The 1Zpresso Q2 has 38mm stainless conical burrs. There are two different burr types available:

  • Pentagonal burr set: very similar to the burrs used on the Helor 101 and Timemore C2 offering better grinding efficiency. This is a limited edition.
  • Heptagonal burr set: popular burrs that offer superb clarity

Unsurprisingly, the 1Zpresso Q2 is the slowest of all the grinders, given the smaller (and less aggressive) burr set. The Q2 offers 90 grind settings, with each step moving the burr by 25 microns. It utilizes an internal grind adjustment system, common to hand grinders, which requires you to remove the catch cup and keep the handle attached to change the grind size. 

The narrow grind range means the Q2 can comfortably grind for most manual brewing methods but doesn’t offer much scope for dialing in espresso. 

Who Is The 1Zpresso Q2 For?

The 1Zpresso Q2 is best suited to someone looking for a lightweight hand grinder for travel.   

1Zpresso J-Series: JX, JX-Pro, J-Max

1Zpresso JX

Best Grinder for Manual Brewing

1Zpresso Jx manual grinder
  • Use for: Pour Over
  • Burrs: 48mm Stainless steel
  • Hopper capacity: 30-35 grams
  • Weight: 650 grams

The 1Zpresso JX is their most popular grinder, and the main reason for this is that it offers superb value for money. The JX out-competes all other grinders in this price range and provides the most affordable way to get into specialty coffee. 

The 1Zpresso JX is a stunning grinder that is well built and offers superb grind consistency. Inside are an impressive set of 48mm steel burrs. The JX shares a similar internal grind adjustment system to the Q2, only with a wider range of settings. The stepped adjustment dial offers 30 clicks per rotation and a total of 120 grind settings covering anything from espresso to French press. Each step moves the burr by 25 microns. While the JX can grind fine enough for espresso, the larger steps mean there is a narrow window of grind settings to dial in.

Another advantage of the 1Zpresso JX is that it is a very fast grinder, thanks to the large burrs. It quickly chews through beans but requires a lot of strength to turn the crank, especially if you grind at the fine end of the spectrum. This grinder is well suited for manual brewing but also capable of grinding for espresso.

Who Is The 1Zpresso JX For?

The 1Zpresso JX is ideal for the brewer looking to get into specialty coffee.  

1Zpresso JX Pro

1Zpresso Jx Pro
  • Use for: Pour Over and Espresso
  • Burrs: 48mm Stainless steel
  • Hopper capacity: 30-35 grams
  • Weight: 780 grams

The 1Zpresso JX Pro is very similar to its younger brother, the JX. It shares the same 48mm steel burrs and a very similar build. The main difference between the two grinders is the grind adjustment system. The adjustment dial on the JX Pro is located externally, on the top of the grinder, rather than underneath. This makes it quick and easy to adjust grind settings. 

The top adjustment system is also more precise, with 40 clicks per rotation and over 200 grind settings. Each click moves the burr by 12.5 microns, offering the micro-adjustments required to dial in for espresso. This, combined with the fact that the burrs lend themselves to fine grinds, makes this grinder well suited for espresso and filter brewing.

While the JX Pro is a fast grinder, surprisingly, it is not quite as fast as the JX. This is likely due to slightly different hoppers and a slower feed rate. 

Who Is The 1Zpresso JX Pro For?

The 1Zpresso JX Pro is harder to recommend now that the J Max and K Max have been released. It is a versatile grinder that can perform well for espresso and filter brewing and is a good option if you are looking for a versatile grinder at a more affordable price.  

1Zpresso J Max

Best Espresso Grinder

1Zpresso J Max
  • Use for: Espresso
  • Burrs: 48mm Titanium Coated burr
  • Hopper capacity: 35-40 grams
  • Weight: 775 grams

The J Max is one of the latest releases from 1Zpresso and is a hand grinder that is really aimed at espresso. If you are considering the 1Zpresso JX Pro because of its ability to grind for espresso, IMO it’s worth paying the extra $30 and upgrading to the J Max. So let’s see why.

The J Max has a few premium features that the other J-Series grinders don’t have. Like the other grinders, it is well built with an ergonomic design and a longer handle that is easier to rotate. It also has an anti-static burr cap which helps reduce static and thus coffee retention. The grinder comes with a magnetic catch cup which is easy to attach and detach, improving workflow. Finally, the J Max also comes with a travel case, cleaning brush, and air blower. All of these little features make everyday use simpler and a more pleasing experience.

The J Max has 48mm titanium-coated burrs. This coating extends the lifespan of the burrs, which is helpful if you are constantly grinding fine for espresso. Geometry-wise, the burrs have been slightly updated from the JX and JX Pro burrs. These burrs are supposed to be more espresso focused, producing more fines and thus a complex brew. In reality though, all the J-series grinders produce a similar flavor profile, excellent for those who love traditional dark roast espresso. The J Max grinds at a similar speed to the JX Pro.

The other key difference in the J Max is the external grind adjustment system. This is the same system employed by the K-series grinders. Basically, it is a ring at the top of the grinder with nine numbers for reference and 90 clicks per rotation. Each click moves the burr by a minuscule 8.8 microns. This system gives incredible precision for dialing in espresso and offers a huge range of grind settings- around 400! The downside of this system is that it is difficult to switch between grind settings for different brew methods as it requires several rotations of the dial. 

All in all, the 1Zpresso J Max is easy to use and at the top of its game when it comes to grinding for espresso.

Who Is The 1Zpresso J Max For?

The 1Zpresso J Max is an excellent choice for the espresso enthusiast looking for a budget espresso grinder. Compared to electric grinders, the J Max offers superb value for money.  

1Zpresso K-Series: K Pro, K Max, K Plus

All the K-Series grinders share the same burr set and grind adjustment system, which we will cover below. The models do have some differences in design and build and thus price. 


The K-series grinders all have the same stainless steel 48mm burrs. This K burr is a heptagonal conical burr that performs well over various brewing methods but excels in the medium-fine to medium-coarse range. Given this, the K-series grinders are more pour over focused with excellent grind consistency that produces clean, bright brews. Given that all the grinders share the same burrs, you can expect the same grind quality and flavor profile from all the grinders. 

Grind Adjustment

Like the J Max, the K-series grinders have an external grind adjustment ring. The ring is marked with nine numbers and has 90 clicks per rotation. Each click moves the burr by 22 microns. While it has larger steps, the nice thing about this is that all the available grind settings are on a single rotation, making it simple and intuitive to switch between grind settings. 

While the K-series grinders are geared towards pour-over, they can brew espresso and produce some delicious shots. This is the grinder for you if you like modern espresso, light roasts, and brewing outside the bounds. The grind adjustment system just doesn’t offer the fine precision of the JX Pro or J Max. 

So now, let’s dig into the differences between the three models.

1Zpresso K Pro

1Zpresso K Pro
  • Use for: Pour Over and Espresso
  • Burrs: 48mm Stainless Steel
  • Hopper capacity: 30-35grams
  • Weight: 780 grams

The 1Zpresso K Pro is the cheapest model in the K series and has a more basic design than the others. It has a slightly smaller capacity, 30-35 grams, than the others. The catch cup is also screw-on rather than magnetic.

Who Is The 1Zpresso K Pro For?

The 1Zpresso K Pro is a good option if you are looking to save some money. 

1Zpresso K Max

Best All Round Grinder

1Zpresso K max Grinder
  • Use for: Pour Over and Espresso
  • Burrs: 48mm Stainless Steel
  • Hopper capacity: 35-40grams
  • Weight: 720 grams

The 1Zpresso K Max is the mid-tier model and our favorite in the series. It has a slim and aesthetically pleasing design that tapers in the middle making it easy to grip. The K Max has a larger capacity of 35-40 grams. It also has a few premium features, including a magnetic catch cup with an anti-slip rubber bottom. The K Pro and K Max come with a travel case, brush, and air blower.

Who Is The 1Zpresso K Max For?

The K Max is our favorite grinder in the K-series as it offers the best combination of features. The 1Zpresso K Max is an excellent all-around grinder, capable of grinding for both pour-over and espresso. The simple adjustment system, large burrs, and consistent grind quality make this grinder a pleasure to use.

1Zpresso K Plus

1Zpresso K Plus
  • Use for: Pour Over and Espresso
  • Burrs: 48mm Stainless Steel
  • Hopper capacity: 35-40grams
  • Weight: 790 grams

The K Plus is the premium model in the K series. The key difference is that the K Plus has a blind shaker bottom on the catch cup, allowing you to dose directly into a portafilter. This does mean the catch cup is slightly wider. The K Plus also comes with a more substantial travel case.

Who Is The 1Zpresso K Plus For?

The 1Zpresso K Plus is worth going for if you want the convenience of being able to dose directly into a portafilter.

Discontinued Models

For the sake of simplicity, we will not go into much depth on the discontinued models. But it is worth noting that there are a few gems out there if you are looking for a second-hand grinder. The 1Zpresso JS is a filter coffee focused grinder that is very popular on coffee forums. This grinder was only sold on the Taiwanese market, so it is hard to get your hands on, but it is said to be highly consistent.

Likewise, the 1Zpressp ZP6 was another brew focused model that produced very few fines. It produced a clean, crisp cup of coffee almost comparable to SSP unimodal burrs. Another superb model that has unfortunately been discontinued.

The 1Zpresso JE and JE Plus are other sought-after models. These grinders have espresso-focused Italmill burrs, similar to those found in the Kinu grinders. They produce fantastic espresso, especially if you like a traditional flavor profile. The JE model has a classic internal adjustment system, while the JE-Plus has a top adjustment system like the JX-Pro and a magnetic catch cup. 

1Zpresso Grinders- Summary

Pour Over Grinder

  • 1Zpresso Q2: BEST FOR TRAVEL | lightweight | 38mm stainless steel burrs | 90 grind settings | 25 microns per click
  • 1Zpresso JX: BEST FOR POUR OVER | large 48mm burrs | 120 grind settings | 25 microns per click | internal adjustment system | unbeatable value for money

Espresso Grinder

  • 1Zpresso J Max: BEST ESPRESSO GRINDER | 48mm titanium coated burr | magnetic catch cup | external adjustment system | 400 grind settings | 8.8 microns per click (finest adjustment system)

Multi-purpose Grinder

  • 1Zpresso JX Pro: 48mm burr set | top adjustment system | 200 grind settings |12.5 microns per click
  • 1Zpresso K Max: 48mm K burr | external adjustment system | 22 microns per click | magnetic catch cup

Best 1Zpresso Grinder 2023

As you can see, 1Zpresso has a stack of quality grinders worth considering, and it’s safe to say that any of their grinders will serve you well. 

In our option, the best 1Zpresso grinder of 2023 is the 1Zpresso K Max. The K Max is a versatile grinder capable of grinding for both pour-over and espresso. It offers excellent grind consistency, produces delicious pour-over and espresso, and is simple and intuitive to use.